Healthy Recipe for the Whole Family | Easy, Simple and Quick Chicken Quinoa Salad

chicken quinoa recipe healthy quick simple

This recipe is one of my absolute favorite!  I could literally eat this everyday…and to be honest sometimes I do!  As I’ve recommended before, make a large batch on Sunday and portion it out for the week.  Add grilled chicken breast and you have a delicious lunch or dinner…or both!  I think you’re going to […]

Take Back Control and Power in your Life with the Right Mindset

Cheerful woman on a seaside

A positive mindset is so important and so powerful.  How you approach your day has the impact to change your entire life.  How you view challenges is how you handle challenges.  When a challenge comes your way, and you see it as an obstacle that’s going to defeat you, then you’re setting yourself up for […]

The Ultimate Guide to Periscope

Everything you need to know about the hot platform Periscope

Woman doing paperwork on the desk

Have you been wondering what the heck this Periscope thing is that everyones talking about? Periscope is a social media app that allows you to live broadcast video to all of your followers. The catch is that the videos are only available for 24 hours after the broadcast. There is a feature that lets you save your videos to […]