Weekend Weight Loss Tips

9 Tips To Shed Pounds Over The Weekend

While a healthy lifestyle is something many people try to adhere to seven days a week, it seems there’s one time, specifically, they let it all go. The dedication, the plan, the consistency… gone! And that, Lifers, is on the weekend! Can you relate? It seems the majority of society simply decides to give themselves […]

Snapshot | Should You Exercise Every Day?

Plus, Why You Shouldn’t Multitask, How To Handle Uncomfortable Situations, and How To Manifest Your Dreams!

As the spring brings in warmer and longer days, it seems everyone starts to fantasize about the summer and all that entails. A big part of this daydreaming is sure to include lounging – with those you love most – by the pool, ocean, lake, or patio. And just what do these particular activities often […]

Blog: How To Promote Your Blog

9 Tips To Help Give Your Blog The Attention It Deserves

Promoting one’s blog is crucial if you want to ensure you’re building your brand and establishing more and more lifelong followers. Wherever you’re currently at in the process – experienced or novice – I’m guessing you could use some assistance in growing exposure in the blogosphere. Here are 9 tips to help give your blog […]