Why the Image of Success Doesn’t Actually Mean Success

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Ever since we were little we’ve been shown and told what success looks like. Usually it’s visual success, seeing what other people achieved and trying to get that in your life. When I think of visual success I think of the house, the car, the life, but more often than not what I see isn’t […]

How to Find Happiness in All Areas of Your Life

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In a perfect world everyone would be happy all the time, right? Every day we are trying to achieve happiness and some days it works out, other days it doesn’t. Finding happiness in daily activities takes time, patience, and practice. One way to find happiness is to use your feelings to help you set your […]

Four Tips for How to Become More Consistent

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Being consistent is how we make progress in achieving our goals and having the life we want. Sometimes being consistent can be difficult because we know we want to make progress but have no clue how to set goals and hold ourselves accountable. These 4 tips will start you on your way to setting and […]

How do I know if I’m Sleep Deprived?

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I’d always heard that adults were supposed to get eight hours of sleep on average, but when it came to me actually getting sleep it was a different story. Between work and family it seemed like there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I’d work during the day, then want to spend time with […]

The Four Places Kids Need Confidence in their Lives

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Kids are always learning, and while parents attempt to do their best every day, parents are always learning too. If you want to do your best for your kids, you have to work on boosting their confidence because it’s only going to set them up for how they behave, react, and think as adults. It’s […]