How To Shut Off Work Mode

There’s a glaring problem if your significant other suggests a vacation in your not so distant future, but – instead of thoughts swirling with exciting possibilities – your brain starts panicking over how you will ever shut off from work mode! You can’t help but think of all the things you might have to sacrifice […]

What Resilience Means And Why It Matters

What does it mean to be resilient? In short, resilience is a quality which allows people who’ve been knocked down to come back stronger than ever. Psychologists have identified some of the factors that make a person resilient. Here’s what they include: Having a positive attitude; optimism. The ability to know you can control your […]

Snapshot | How To Break Free Of Diet Cults

Plus! How A Mom’s Self Confidence Affects Her Daughter, #1 Trick To Increase Productivity, and Why You Should Set Ambitious Goals!

Saint Patrick’s Day, tomorrow, ranks #4 on the list of biggest drinking holidays (behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas, & the Fourth of July). And while it’s often a fun night out with friends, it’s usually followed by hangovers, bloat, dehydration, and… well, you know the rest. Look, if you’re still suffering from all the partying when at […]

How To Identify Customer Needs

4 Questions To Understand Your Customers

Being unable to identify customer needs accurately is analogous to an olympic figure skater performing a triple axle on thin ice at the neighborhood lake. Why, on God’s green earth, would anyone attempt such a thing? A smart skater will asses their surroundings and move forward accordingly. And so must a skilled business owner. Listen, […]

How To Recover From Setbacks

6 Steps To Help With Life’s Disappointments

Today I want to share with you six tips to help you recover from life’s setbacks. Surely, there are more – but this particular list is my go-to as it has really guided me through the years.  Number ONE: It’s not personal. You can’t take whatever happened personally, so stop feeling sorry for yourself. There’s zero […]