How to Stop your Sugar Cravings

Have you ever had an awesome day in regards to your nutrition? You’re denying junk food left and right! You’re making all the right choices! You’re feeling motivated! You’re feeling strong! You’re putting all the right things into your body… then all of a sudden 8 pm rolls around. Panic sets in as the irresistible […]

Boost your Metabolism with Lemon Ginger Water

Your hydration directly effects your metabolism.  If you want to rev up your metabolism, then you should be drinking an optimal amount of water every day.  Water is involved in pretty much every function in the body, so if you’re dehydrated, it’s no wonder your metabolism is going to be effected.  Almost 80% of your […]

Weekend Weight Loss Tips

How to lose weight over the weekend while not feeling restricted

Weekend fun and weight loss don’t typically go hand in hand.  Hopefully these tips will help keep you on track so that you can carry the healthy momentum into the following week. The weekend is a great time to relax and regroup before the next work week, but often weekends are seen as a time […]