90 Day Goal Challenge

5 Steps To See Your Goals Come To Life

Take a pen and a piece of paper and simply answer this goal challenge: Where would you like to be in the next 90 days? Maybe you’ve got an idea for a business — but you aren’t even sure if in fact it’s a viable business. What’s not realistic? To say that in 90 days […]

Why You Should Focus On One Thing

It can get too distracting (but exciting!) to learn all the newest things! Every day, there’s something else. An amazing expert everyone is talking about who seems to have JUST arrived on the scene. Your BFF is talking about the next book you NEED to read. And your 3rd cousin once removed begs you to […]

SNAPshot | Dealing With Negativity On Social Media, Lashes, Holiday Decorating & Staying Healthy While Traveling

Plus: How To Track Health / Weight Progress, and PUSH Journals Ship TOMORROW!

We covered a little bit of everything this week. So whether you’re here for the social media tips, organization, life hacks or just a good laugh, you’ll find something for you this week! Were there tips for you on tracking weight loss? Sure. Thoughts on how you can stay healthy while traveling? You know it. […]

How To Get A Money Mindset

Your money mindset might be holding you back in your business, in your life, in your relationships. For most people, unbeknownst to them, their experiences from childhood will lead them to associate money with negativity. Perhaps relating it to a time in life where their parents struggled financially. Movies tell us that money: Leads to […]

Why Flexibility Is Important In Exercising

Flexibility is the third biggest component when we talk about our overall health and fitness. Most people, I think, know they need 1) cardiovascular strength and 2) muscular or resistance type strength. Of course nutrition is a separate entity, but if we’re just focusing on exercising… flexibility is right behind cardio and strength. And people […]