Don’t Like Working Out?

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If you don’t like working out, it might just be because you haven’t found your soul mate workout yet! The best workout is the one you love to do!  Regular exercise enhances absolutely every aspect of your life.  So, if you’re ambivalent about exercise or even if you’ve had negative experiences in the past, don’t […]

Motivation to Stop Fear from Controlling Your Life

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We all have fears.  Every single person is afraid of something.  Most of us are terrified of many things.  But these fears, these anxieties can be blessings.  When we overcome what gives us anxiety, we prove our strength. We weren’t meant to live in fear. But we’re human and we’re susceptible to anxiety both real […]

How to Keep Yourself Accountable


We all have trouble keeping ourselves accountable, especially when it comes to working out.  So here are my 10 go to accountability tools! 1.) Find a Workout Buddy People that take on a fitness goal with a friend or family member have nearly double the success rate. Try it for a short period of time […]