SNAPshot | The Gnarly Truth, Why I Can’t Motivate You

I am super excited to share this weeks SNAP’s with you! There’s everything from motivation, to workout tips, me cooking in the kitchen, and social media tips to not lose followers.  And, HEY!! Where have you been!?  I haven’t been hearing from you as much, so leave me a comment below so that I know […]

SNAPshot | Cooking, Dancing, Podcasts, Tips to Build Your Following, and More!

Last week was insanely busy, but also incredibly fulfilling. A lot went down on my Snap, but don’t sweat, because I got you! Here are the top moments from last week, in all their glory!! Oh, and HEY…. don’t forget to connect with me below this post by leaving me a comment!   Food Chat: […]

How a Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency is Causing Weight Gain

Today you will learn if you need to be taking a supplement, and what the link is between being vitamin/mineral deficiencies and weight loss. Recent research published in the College of Nutrition, suggests that there is an intricate relationship between weight gain and our deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Research has also shown that overweight […]