Snapshot | Shocking New Way To Boost Energy

Plus, Tips To Becoming A Better Public Speaker & How To Keep Your Voice Healthy

If you’ve ever attended a weekend (or longer) conference before, then you know the amount of energy needed to survive! Well, this past week saw one of my biggest seminars of the year come to life, Marketing Impact Live. We’re talking days’ worth of insane motivation and serving others in all their entrepreneurial needs. But […]

What To Do When You’ve Hurt Someone

There’s really no way to deny someone’s feelings about an issue they have with you, but yet we do this all the time. It’s very dangerous and will always hurt the offended party. A person’s perception of what’s going on is always accurate to them. All of this would just be handled and resolved so […]

How To Lose Bloat And Detox, Naturally!

Plus! Dangers Of A Keto Diet & Making Healthy Habits Stick!

Studies show that approximately 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by the second week of February. And, hello? That’s exactly where we are! Ouch. Hence, this is the ideal time to dedicate your Snapshot entirely to the subject of health! I don’t want you losing any momentum on what is the most fundamental aspect of […]

How To Find The Perfect Customer

7 Questions To Help Attract Your Ideal Customer

What we know about the laws of the universe is that when we think about what it is we want – when we clarify that – it magnetically attracts to us. But too often, people in business think, “Well, I just want customers! I need traffic! Pay attention to my product!” They don’t consider, specifically, […]