The Common Habits of a Stress Inducing Person and How to Handle Them

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What is a Stress Inducing Person or SIP? SIP is my abbreviation for stress-inducing people. When you’re around these people they give you a stressed out feeling. People like this are typically labeled as toxic, but if you know me you know that I don’t think people can be toxic. They can’t kill you by […]

What Your Phone is Doing to Your Brain

Crossing the street while typing messages. Danger!

Cell phones are everywhere. Everyone has one and they rarely leave our sight let alone our hands. Do you sleep with your phone on your nightstand, or in your bed? Many people use their phones for everything, from an alarm clock to a television, but all this time with our phones is wrecking our focus […]

How to Create a More Positive Mindset

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Today I wanted to send you a quick message about mindset. It is unbelievable how much power you have over your life, your attitude, the outcome of things just by changing your mindset, just by really concentrating on whatever it is you want to have happen.   Brian Tracy says, “The law of concentration states […]