Simplify Desktop Organization | How to Minimize Desktop Clutter and Increase Productivity

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In this video I’m going to talk to you about the importance of having a clutter free space. I’m going to teach you how to removing desktop clutter, minimize distraction, and boost productivity. You and I both know that when you are surrounded by clutter, it’s pretty much impossible to be productive. This doesn’t just […]

When is the Best Time to Get on the Scale

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The scale can be a great tool when it comes to tracking progress.  However the relationship with the number can become an unhealthy one.  Regardless of how often or when you weigh yourself, if your relationship with the scales starts to take an unhealthy turn, don’t get discouraged. It’s common to start relating your happiness […]

An Effective Habit | Your Life will Dramatically Change if you Implement this

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Having the discipline to create an effective habit will take your life in the direction YOU want and not in the direction others are telling you. What are your dreams worth? What would it take for you to really, truly go after what you want?  If you knew you couldn’t fail… would you approach your […]