The Honest Truth About Cellulite

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Let’s dive in to the nitty gritty of cellulite With the popularity of social media and the selfie, it seems like everyone is hyper-focused on their looks and their bodies. A hot topic in this area is cellulite. Women have been talking about cellulite for decades and trying to avoid it at all costs. Young […]

Your Guide to Periscope: How to Create a Freemium

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Tips on how to Create Freemium from Periscope Creating freemium to help launch your new website or business is a great way to extend your reach and grow your community. Freemium is a free series of videos, blog posts, or printables, to entice new subscribers to join your email list and get to know you. […]

Part 1: 10 Goals to Push your Business Forward

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10 Goals to Push Your Business Forward These ten goals will help you grow your business and move forward by focusing your attention on multiple aspects of your business. Ideally these should be set for a 90 day or three month time frame. Three months may seem short but you need that early deadline to […]