Get Your Life Organized & On Track

Date:January 20, 2015 | By : admin

A great life takes planning. I should know. My husband and I were once half a million dollars in debt, stressed, unorganized and on the brink of a break down. I had to learn how to get my life organized and on track. I had to learn the skills it took to see, design

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Perfection Paralysis

Date:January 16, 2015 | By : admin

Today’s post is all about overcoming paralysis, the paralysis that we create by worrying about perfection. So, many of us stop ourselves from doing things because we feel like, “It’s not right yet. I don’t know enough yet. It’s not perfect, I need to fix it. I need to fix myself. I need to

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The Couple That Works Out Together, Stays Together

Date:January 13, 2015 | By : admin

Nothing is more important to our health and happiness than the health of our relationships! They take work. Nothing worth having comes without effort. Please comment if you agree! Research shows that couples who exercise together have a deeper emotional connection. Don’t be discouraged if your partner doesn’t love working out with you or

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Don’t be Afraid to Dream Big

Date:January 12, 2015 | By : admin

DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO DREAM BIG Summon up the courage it takes to dream a little bit bigger – it’s easy to live a safe life, but you’ll influence more, help more, and LIVE more if you dare to do the impossible. What desire, dream, goal is on your heart? Think back

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How Changing Your Mindset Will Change Your Life

Date:January 08, 2015 | By : admin

Today I wanted to send you a quick message about mindset. It is unbelievable how much power you have over your life, your attitude, the outcome of things just by changing your mindset, just by really concentrating on whatever it is you want to have happen. Brian Tracy says, “The law of concentration states

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