Snapshot | How To Live More And Work Less

Plus, Measuring Customer Satisfaction, Optimizing Productivity While Exercising, & Why You Need To Move Your Body Every Day!

March has arrived and, according to the meteorological calendar, winter has come to an end. Warmer (and longer) days are just weeks away! This rise in temperature and wider stretch of daily sunlight is scientifically proven to have numerous health benefits, including: more physical activities (exercising outside is an option again), improving your sleep cycle (light during early hours reboots your circadian clock), and happier moods (serotonin is released). And while we’re on the subject of better moods, I’m guessing THAT is exactly what would happen if you found yourself putting in fewer hours at the office. Yes? Well, you’ve come to the right Snapshot because we’re focusing on how to live (and make) more while working less! In other news, you’ll find chats on the importance of measuring the satisfaction of your customers, why you should move your body every day, and some ideas on what you can do – while exercising – to optimize productivity! It’s still a bit chilly outside, so throw on a cute scarf and let the motivation begin!

Personal Development Chat – How To Live More And Work Less

The notion that we, as citizens, might have the capacity to work less and STILL obtain the ability to relish life more… literally flies in the face of conventional thought. I mean, everyday thinking is that we are to extol the honor and practices of hard work. Your undying commitment to the job – the argument goes – is the finest path to success.

TRUTH: the above philosophy is rooted in fiction! Hard work, almost always, doesn’t provide freedom (and, if so, not for decades) nor the foundation for a content life.

This ideology – working less but living more – took me years to grasp and, eventually, implement in my own life. Now, it’s what I teach. And, hey, people tend not to believe my current reality because all they see are results. They think I work around the clock!

If you’re curious to find what 3 critical components to enlist every day to make it look like you slave 24/7 – but, in actuality, you’re probably putting in less hours at the office than anyone you know… then click on the vid below!

No woman is an island, or so they (something like that!) – which is why I called upon some of my bff entrepreneur buddies to share with you their hacks on how to focus… so you can live the dream, too! Check out “Focus Hacks from Top Entrepreneurs” on Build Your Tribe HERE or wherever you listen to Podcasts!


Business Chat – The Importance Of Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Picture it: you finally swiped right on that app enough times to score a blind date (well, you did see 6 headshots) with the guy of your dreams. And the date is a huge success! It just feels right, you know? But, it’s not a done deal! You must (both) put in time and effort to secure a longterm relationship.

Relationships with your customers are just the same. Knowing how to keep your base satisfied, through ups & downs & challenges & good times & ever-changing surroundings is analogous to maintaining a long term relationship with your significant other.

Offering value over and over again is required if you want to hold the interest of the other party.

This, ultimately, is rewarded with devotion that can’t be bought. It’s years of authenticity; honing in on understanding the desires of your customers and/or audience. And delivering.

But even after said devotion has been established, a smart business leader should take inventory once in a while to know how she is doing. Is her message getting across? Is her product serving the community?

Well, if I may, dear Lifer, today is one such time where I’d love to take an opportunity to check in and do just that. If you oblige, you may just get a little notoriety for it. Just sayin’! All the info is in the video! What are you waiting for? Your 15 minutes of fame awaits…

As discussed in the video, I’m dying to know whether or not the following 3 tools have significantly impacted your day to day life for the better. That is why they were designed, after all. 

1) SmartLife PUSH Journalget your life right by creating systems / planning every day

2) 131h20drink your required amount of water with this daily hydration set

3) ONE3ONE Methodunderstand your health from the inside out & radiate like never before


Health Chat – Why You Should Move Your Body Every Day

Shocking statistic alert: Did you know that in under 2 generations physical activity has declined by 32% in America!? The biggest culprit being technology and all that entails, no doubt. Like: vehicles, smartphones, and entertainment… vis-a-vis tv/movies/video games, etc. It’s like those characters who are, essentially, blobs in Pixar’s animated movie, Wall-E. Remember? It shows mankind in the future, and their reality is to just sit around all day – literally immobile – watching ads on whatever device lay before them. And they get big. Like, really plump!

Now, I’m not saying that’s in the cards for humanity. But I will say that being sedentary is becoming the new normal. It’s far too easy, in this day and age, to go week after week barely moving our bodies. Getting lost in our busy daily routine…

Home / Car / Office / Car / Pick up kids / Car / Errands / Car / Home

So, here’s a quick motivating clip reminding you to get MOVING and WHY!



Personal Development Chat – What You Can Do WHILE Working Out To Optimize Productivity

Speaking of moving our bodies, I want to call attention to the fact that this can be accomplished while performing other tasks simultaneously. Talk about maximizing productivity! Let me tell you, this is totally doable!

Maybe you’re stressing because you have too many emails to respond to, meetings to schedule, podcast learning to catch up on, and phone calls / texts to return. Look, I’m here to tell you that when you’re in a pinch, and a full-on intense workout is just not going to happen, there are certainly ways you can get creative, Lifers! Let’s take office meetings, for example:

  • Tell the team you’d prefer to have a stroll around the neighborhood. I mean, why can’t you walk and talk at the same time?
  • If you have to make long phone calls for the job, why not schedule out a block of time for that AND a hike
  • Get a standing desk! You’ll burn more calories and strengthen more muscles than just sitting there!

Anyway, one such scenario featuring a mashup of low impact cardio with business productivity is in the video below! I think you’re going to be inspired, so hit that play!



Now I’m not about multi-tasking all the time. Actually, there’s no such thing as our brains haven’t evolved with technology in that way. We’re really multi-toggling when we’re trying to do more than one thing at a time. I digress! The point is, if you can do something physical (e.g., clean the closet, lift weights) while challenging your brain (listen to an audiobook or podcast, watch a documentary), why not?

Life is short and my goal is to get you living better! You’re only here once as YOU. Make the most of it!

And thanks for taking me along on your ride.




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2 thoughts on “Snapshot | How To Live More And Work Less

  1. Thank you for today’s devotion it strikes so so close to my heart today. I lost my mother three weeks ago and it feels so unnatural to not have her here and part of my everyday. I have been walking around in a fog and state of disconnect and I’m not sure how to push thru this. In the last six years I have lost both my parents and my husband very unexpectedly and in an odd twist my husband and mother passed on the same date six years apart..February 13th, not a great day for sure. I have trusted and seen how God has walked with me each step but this latest loss feels like a big wave crashing over me ,saying here we go again. Prayer I know never returns void but oh how I wish I could escape from this grief. Thank you for the wonderful words in your devotion that reminded me of my great refuge.