Why Flexibility Is Important In Exercising

Flexibility is the third biggest component when we talk about our overall health and fitness. Most people, I think, know they need 1) cardiovascular strength and 2) muscular or resistance type strength. Of course nutrition is a separate entity, but if we’re just focusing on exercising… flexibility is right behind cardio and strength. And people […]

Body Language Of A Narcissist

Can You Tell The Difference Between a Narcissist And a Shy Person?

Can you remember a situation where you encountered someone who appeared to be a narcissist? Think about this! Maybe you know this person only from a distance. They hang out in the periphery of your circle of friends. You’ve seen them a couple of times and you’re not exactly fond of their body language and […]

Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert?

Okay, quick! Don’t think. How would you answer this question: Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Would you consider yourself shy, outgoing, or does it kind of depend on the situation? I used to label myself as an extrovert because I’m outgoing. I like to talk to people and I’m not nervous around others. […]

How To Change Your Story

3 Simple Steps To Take Control Of Negative Thoughts

Not too many years after I moved from Michigan to California, I was teaching fitness classes before and after work. By day, I worked as a paralegal for a Southern California law firm. Before and after my job that paid the bills, though, I was teaching fitness classes at any gym that would hire me. […]