Snapshot | How Many Friends Should You Have?

Plus, How To Heal Faster After An Injury & Why Bodyweight Workouts Are Important!

Memorial Day is upon us and we Americans, no doubt, will be celebrating a well deserved long weekend with friends, family, food, drinks, and good times. It’s quite convenient, then, that your headlining chat in this week’s Snapshot is all about friendship! To be exact, we’re going to explore how many friends should be in […]

Snapshot | How To Wake Up With Fresh Breath

Plus, How To Get Stronger At The Gym, How To Balance Your Hormones After The Pill, & How To Create Perfect Selfie Lighting!

Last week’s Snapshot was dedicated to your health. Which is, as you know, an ongoing passion project of mine! You simply can’t live your dream life without feeling your best – inside and out. So, this week, we’re staying the course with more chats centered around your overall well-being! Game changing How-To’s await you, like: […]

Cardio vs. Weight Training: Which Is Best For Weight Loss?

Cardio training vs. weight training: Which is the best exercise for weight loss, in general? This question continues to be an ongoing war between health science professionals, everyday fitness bloggers, and your gym class clique. And, to be frank, it’s a trick question. Because if we’re talking about longevity, the best is a combination of […]

Snapshot | Should You Exercise Every Day?

Plus, Why You Shouldn’t Multitask, How To Handle Uncomfortable Situations, and How To Manifest Your Dreams!

As the spring brings in warmer and longer days, it seems everyone starts to fantasize about the summer and all that entails. A big part of this daydreaming is sure to include lounging – with those you love most – by the pool, ocean, lake, or patio. And just what do these particular activities often […]

Snapshot | The Best Time Of Day To Exercise

Plus, Why You Should Track Your Food, The Wrong Definition Of Success, & A Healthy / Delicious Peanut Butter "Cheesecake" Recipe!

Inquiring minds always seem to want to know: Is there actually a best time of day to exercise? On the list of main excuses people give for not working out on the regular… the #1 reason continues to be: SHORT ON TIME. Hence, for the majority of us, the ideal hour to exercise is going […]