While my true passion is helping people make their lives easier, decrease stress, improve relationships and grow businesses that allow you to do what you love most with the people you love most… if you stumbled upon my site because you’re looking for a great workout, I can help you with that, too! It is my hope that you’ll love working out with me and want to improve your life in other ways, too…and that you’ll sign up for my email list or one of my free get-on-track, organize-your-life type programs like the 30 Day Push Challenge in the process. Here are my workouts! Don’t forget to join my email list before you go!


A workout that carves an intensely defined physiqueβ€”without jumps, without weights, and without straining your joints. Using your body weight, you’ll perform fluid, low-impact, high-intensity movements inspired by Pilates and yoga. With PiYo, you’ll work every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen every inch of your body. 60-day program. Workouts 25-45 minutes. Click here for PiYo.



turbofire-workoutTurbo Fire
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts ignite your metabolism and help your body burn calories for up to 48 hours after your workout. Cardio based program focused on burning up to 9x more fat and calories than with traditional cardio. 90-day program. Workouts 15-55 minutes. Click here for Turbo Fire.




chalean-extreme-workout-dvd-reviewChaLEAN Extreme
Circuit training program that develops lean, sexy muscle to help you burn body fat for an overall body transformation. By using weights or resistance bands, you’ll build lean muscle and ramp up your metabolism. 90-day program. Workouts 30-45 minutes. Click here for ChaLEAN Extreme.




img_chaleneglovesTurbo Jam
Turbocharge your weight loss and have a blast kickboxing, dancing, and body sculpting to the hottest music. Workouts 20-45 minutes. Click here for Turbo Jam.

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156 thoughts on “Fitness

  1. I just love you. That is all. You are amazing, kind, intelligent and just so real. Anything I read from you in any of the social media sites I follow you on: facebook (joined again for CCC and MIA that I am currently a member of both—moving slowly through them both) is just right on how I feel and you just get people. I especially love how you share your faith. That’s amazing! You are being blessed because of it and I am a Christian too!I’m
    a lifer that is for sure and I hope one day I
    can meet your awesomeness in person! Have a blessed day and continued success to you!!

  2. PiYo saved me. It is the most perfect program for me and I am in love with it. Chalene, you are the best trainer and motivator. I want to thank you and PiYo creators for this program. I know I will be using PiYo for the rest of my life. I am so grateful.

  3. Hi Chalene,
    I have been using all of your DVD’ series since 2005, from Turbo Jam, Chalene Extreme,Turbo Fire & Piyo. I actually joined the Courageous Confidence Club , I like learning new ideas !!!! I just turned 60 yrs. young in December! I have been eating healthy & excercising for 30 years ( I eat from all food groups,. I love chocolate & ice cream and indulge a small amount daily)
    I look & feel very good and I am always looking to change up my excercise routines . I do use other series to change things up & I play lots of golf!!!
    I was hoping you would put out a new series of DVD’s , using a lot of what u post on Facebook & more…….
    I pr efer having an organized system to workout with, instead of trying to put little bits & pieces together from u tube videos…no time or patience for that.!!!!! If you do put out a new series , could you put a modifier upfront, that has always been an aspect that seemed lacking in all of your series……I am fit, but i can’t do a lot of jumping & I like to see the modifier & the full moves together, so I don’t have to guess! You have a great on screen personality & a great motivator …….I always feel a great sense of accomplishment when I get thru your workouts….let me know what you might have I the works for a new workout series…….Thanks for putting all your energy out There!!!
    Best Regrds , Terri Walters

  4. Just wanted to tell you I own all of your workout DVD’s and love all the programs. I’m currently doing the Chalean Extreme program. Next I plan to go back and do Turbo Fire since I ended up finding out I was pregnant shortly after I started the program before. Absolutely love your energy. It’s contagious. Love your workouts and hope you continue to put some out. Would especially love a 30 minute program since that’s all I have time for when I get home. Luckily I’m in a place right now where I get to work out at lunch time too.

  5. I’ve always enjoyed Chalene’s workouts. They’re a fun, positive, and ANYONE can do them. I can’t wait to see what she come up with next!! Thank you Chalene!

  6. I love your Piyo workout! I lost 68 lbs prior to starting your program due to needing a knee replacement. With the weigh loss I still needed to strengthen my thighs to offload the knee pain. Now after reaching the last week of your 60 day program, my thighs are so strong and no need to have the replacement anytime soon per my Ortho surgeon! Goal achieved at 50 so this good news! Side benefit, my backside is looking good and I have triceps!
    You and your team motivate me with each workout. I need the low impact and I hope you’ll add more to the Piyo series in the future. I am addicted to this! No longer a couch potato! I am following the diet plan as maintence as I continue to eat healthy. You are awesome Chalene!

  7. I really enjoy taking a Turbo Kick class at my local 24 Hour Fitness. It’s my favorite workout ever!! It’s so much fun and I burn a ton of calories! I really hope you come up with an updated Turbo Fire edition that is similar to the current Turbo Kick classes we have at the gym. I love Turbo Fire but Turbo Kick is constantly changing and updating.

  8. Hi, I was just wondering if there is another program that I should do along with the new PIYO. Thanks,

  9. I LOVE and own every single one of these programs listed! WHEN ARE YOU COMING OUT WITH ANOTHER VERSION OF TURBO!?!?! OMGGG I CANNOT WAIT! I dream of it!!! xoxoxoxo THANK YOUUUUUUU!

  10. I really love your program PiYo and how motivational and inspirational you are Chalene.!!!!! I am currently a PiYo Live instructor and I am looking to purchase some yoga mats that have PiYo printed on them for my students. Where can I get them?

    Thank you…..


    • Hi Victoria! its my understanding that those can’t be purchased, but I agree with you. I think they should be available for purchase. I will let the higher ups know!! πŸ™‚ its a great idea!

  11. As far as a regular workout, do you do something different everyday? What is your every day program for yourself.
    I have really enjoyed PiYo. After 4 children I’ve struggled with hip and back issues. With your program I’ve improved a great deal! Thanks so much for all you do =)

  12. Hi Chalene,
    I just wanted to thank for your passion of fitness. I started following you after Turbo Jam and continued with that. I love Chalene Extreme. The results that happened with this work out were more than expected. I love the kickboxing in Turbo Jam. I’m a cardio kickboxer at heart. The HIIT workouts are killer. Somehow you find a to push me every day even though your not even there.

  13. Hi Chalene,

    So I’m a newby, first time doing any of your programs. I recently ordered your Piyo program and will be starting tomorrow. I have read some of the post from people and seems like it really works which I hope, because I have done everything & then after a couple weeks I loose interest. I just want to get tone!! Well any advice or motivation will be helpful.

    • I agree – all workouts are wonderful. However, isn’t almost time to do another one? πŸ™‚ I was thinking a 30-minute series called Fire Jam making it a combo of Turbo Fire and Turbo Jam! Just a thought!

  14. Just want to tell you how much I love Chalean Extreme. Just finishing up the first 30 days. I look forward to working out every morning. I have mixed it up a bit with some PiYo, they are great as well. Thank you!

  15. I really enjoyed the webinar on Monday about Instagram. I signed up for the Impact Academy. I am now following you on Instagram to learn from you and I also follow Jenelle Summers (sisters right?!) who I too connect with. I am wanting to follow like-minded people like you both to learn how to attract the same to me. I am fiercely committed to building my business as a Beachbody coach, but still trying to balance my current job as a high school counselor in Michigan. I so badly want to take the leap and quit my job and go for it so I can devote all my time to growing my business but I have to prove I can make a living doing it so I have to work more efficiently, which is why I joined your webinar and academy! I’m ready to learn and begin living my days helping others reach their fitness and nutrition goals! I CAN and I WILL! Thank you for being so real. Kim

  16. I want to set myself up for success, not just in one area of my life, but in all areas of my life. Exercise is one area I am lacking, and I have realized from working with a counselor that from the abuse I have suffered from my past that I have put some of my mis-beliefs and pain in not taking care of myself emotionally and physically. I am working on the emotional and it is time I work on the physical. I refuse to except this behavior anymore! So how can I set myself up for success and move beyond this “old” person and into the new Angela?

  17. I started with Turbo Jam full Set at a time when i really needed it i was lost with diet and never really had a workout program. It helped me find a love for fitness and living healthy. From there i went to Turbo Fire i still do this program on the regular. I purchased PiYO after taken a year off from fitness to get me started again I love all your products and can’t wait to add Chalean Extreme. Right now I am working out with my step daughter for the first time we are mixing Turbo Fire and Piyo every other week. Hope to see many more programs from you love love love what you have created so far.

  18. I used to be a group x director for 24 hour fitness bsck in the day – now I want to start a pt business and help people choose a fitness lifestyle forever!!!

  19. Hi chalene!! I just wanted to thank you for all that you do. Because of you for the first time in my life I am at peace with my body. I have always wanted to be “skinny” and have “the perfect body” and no matter how good I may have looked I would still pick myself apart. Because of turbofire I feel healthy and strong and that is what is important. When I finish your 45 min turbofire workout I feel so awesome. To know that I can kill it for 45 min makes me appreciate that my body is a machine and awesome even if I don’t look perfect like the women on TV or in magazines. That doesn’t matter to me anymore and I have your workouts to thank for that. Thank you!!! It truly is a blessing to be able to work that hard!!!

  20. Chalene, I just wanted to thank you for being you. A little over two years ago I purchased ChaLEAN Extreme and it changed my life. You helped me change me. I just wanted you to know that while that program may not have been the most popular of your products it started me on a journey to achieve and accomplish things I never thought were possible. Turbo Fire was my soul program. I love, love, love every morsel of the workouts. PIYO was not something I ever wanted to try. Like you, I feel it challenging to remain still. The thought of PIYO did not speak to me. Then I started to appreciate Yoga and while waiting for Hammer and Chisel I decided to try the PIYO program. WOW! Can I say WOW! I am a believer. I am just finishing week 5 and my eyelashes have built muscles. LOL…. I LOVE YOU CHALENE! Keep being you! Oh and for the record, since starting my BB journey I have lost 125 pounds and over all I have lost 160 pounds. My ultimate goal is to make it to the 200 club.

  21. I was introduced to turbo jam last month and loved it. Even though it was made a while ago, the moves and music was extremely fun and I get a good work out in without realizing it. Will you create another Turbo Jam that is more recent for 2k?

  22. Hi Chalene!

    You are my Woman Crush! LOL!! I have recently purchased your PUSH book and LOVE it. I’m not going to say it has been easy for me to get time everyday to read it…but it’s so worth it. I bought PIYO several months ago and loved it – but I was in an auto accident that really injured my thumb and wrist – sooo…I bought TurboFire and it is amazing. Its tough but awesome and fun!! My 21 year old daughter can’t keep up with me! I am about to purchase your ChaLEAN Extreme because it will still give me a muscle work out but it is easier for me to hold weights right now than to put my hands flat on the floor due to my injury. The coolest thing is – that you have made products for every person, every condition, that can be used successfully. I’m 39 and plan on being in the BEST shape of my life before I am 40. Thank you!!!!

  23. Your best comment is “If exercise is not fun you won’t do it!” I am an RPM instructor and I could not agree more.. I quote you quite often on that! Thank you for your awesome energy.

  24. I have always had great success with your programs! Thanks for all you do! You’re Awesome! I was just curious if you have any other programs in the works that may be coming out soon? I’m just hopeful!!

  25. Good morning Chalene. I have finished my first month of Piyo and LOVE it. Thank you so much for ALL the hard work you and the crew have put into developing it and making it work for us!!! Looking forward to seeing how the next 5 months go. My husband took a picture of me January 01, 2016 and will take another one June 30, 2016-I am sure it will be amazing. Again, thank you all so much for what you do!!! Love, Barbie Mills Fort Walton Beach, FL

  26. Hi Chalene,

    I have just finished the strength calendar of your Piyo workouts and I love it ! But now I am wondering what to do to continue my Piyo workout . I like having the calendar to follow , it keeps me in check better than if I just choose what to do on my own . Do you have any suggestions on a routine I should follow with these videos to keep it non monotnous? Or do you have a suggestion of what program would be best for me to do next ?

  27. I am ready to get into more of a workout routine and have used your workouts before. I am going to also get the PiYo and I am really looking forward to it . I am almost 60 years old, or young, I should say! I love your energy and your encouragement!

    Thank you,

    Mary Beth

  28. I just want to thank you for taking the “work” out of working out! I started consistently exercising 6 yrs ago after having my second baby. A group of ladies from my church got together in the mornings to work out. Charlene extreme was one of the programs they used. I fell in love with the routine! I now have all your programs. I now have six children and though I’m not quite where I want to be I’ m still in great shape for having had a baby 9 months ago! Thank you for all you do!!!


  29. Love doing turbo fire,chalean extreme and PiYo program. When is your next fitness program coming out, would love to see weight training and alternate day a HITT program.

  30. I am in love with your plyo dvds. I do alot of weight lifting, but realized that my flexibility stinks. I am currently 60 days in an can notice the changes. I am 44 yrs old an the struggle is real in my weight loss journey. However I refuse to stop tring. This is the first time working out to your dvds an just love your positivity. I am greatful! Thank you!

  31. I mix up your piyo turbo fire and extreme workouts to help me lose weight and get fitter. So far I’ve lost 128 pounds and another 30 or so to go. I can’t say enough how much I love the exercises how you always get me into it (especially when I can’t be bothered) . I just wish turbo jam was available in U.K. from beach body but it’s not.aaawww..
    Anyway thanks for keeping me going.

  32. I am in my fourth week of PiYo and I have found my soul mate workout! I love it! It is motivating me to do even more and I recently became a Beachbody coach. Thanks for making things real and manageable.

  33. I love you Chalene!!

    I purchased Turbo jam almost 7 years ago I think and still love it, I purchase PIYO and fell in love all over again and am suppose to receive Turbofire today. I believe you have a world class personality, I have been looking into becoming an instructor here in Clagary Alberta, Canada. I just started up with a martial artist, so everything is in transition, one day I hope to be running your classes at the gyms and becoming a person of influence. You inspire me everyday

  34. I’ve always loved your workouts (for the last zillion years; have them all) but wondering when you will be coming out with something new and fun. Turbo Fire was by far the best and the most fun. No offense to PiYo but anything yoga related makes me want to punch something. Really hoping for something as much fun as Turbo Fire. Nothing online works for me. Internet and cable options in my area not the best. I’m 68 years old and still going strong (unlike the technology around here). Please help!

  35. I love your workouts, truly inspiring and keeps me going. I’m looking for a workout calendar that incorporates Piyo and Turbo Jam as well as Piyo and ChaLEAN Extreme. Any help would be apreciated!

  36. I LOVE YOU Charlene! Not just for your workouts but also your webcasts I find and watch on Facebook. I still have the original Turbo Jam and still workout to it (love the music and your enthusiasm). My dream is to meet you in person one day and take one of your classes.

    Can you give some suggestions on some key exercises for thighs (without making them bigger) and that problem waist area just above the rear but below waist? I have a bad lower back and right knee – so it would need to be something low impact. Thank You.

  37. I am halfway through piyo and absolutely loving it. I have not been able to stick to a workout program for a long time. This program is fantastic!

  38. LOVE PiYo. Can’t wait to try another of your workouts. Love working out with you, something about you makes me push myself and I feel empowered. Thank You!

  39. You are such a positive and uplifting person. A true inspiration to others. I have succeeded in my goals in part because your energy and enthusiasm for what you do. It’s contagious! Thank you

  40. Charlene i love your turbofire program, i’m on my 3rd week. We are going to Disneyworld in Dec – so i’ve started Fit for Florida and it started with Turbofire. I bought turbo jam probably about 10yrs ago, and loved you then.

    You are so uplifting and motivating and I hope i can look as good as you do when i get to 47, 50 and beyond.

    Thank you for awesome workout videos!!

  41. I LOVE the energy and enthusiasm that you bring to your workouts.
    You kick my butt and motivate me while doing it in a fun & empowering way.
    <3 <3 <3

  42. hi chalene! I am a 59 year old life-long exerciser. I discovered piyo last march through an infomercial. I ordered your 90 piyo program and have been using it (almost) daily ever since. piyo has become a part of my life. it encompasses all the things I should be focusing on at my age – balance, flexibility and strength. I know i’ll use piyo for many years to come.

    would you consider creating additional piyo DVD workouts? i’d love more options of 30 minutes workouts.

    please please please come out with additional 30 minute piyo workouts!!! i’m ready to purchase.

    thanks so much!
    anne turner

  43. Chalene, I have purchased all of your work-outs since Turbo Jam (loved it), I am now attempting to conquer PIYO. I love all of your workouts. I recently was told I have spinal stenosis and I’m not sure which exercises I should concentrate on. Will you be selling your clothing line also? I am looking forward to purchasing them.

  44. I just want to say a huge thank you for motivating me to change my life. Turbo fire helped me to lose 30 kgs and has made me happier and healthier. Your podcasts have really helped me with my dreams of starting a business, and my studies towards doing so. I am more positive and I am happier thanks in part to you inspiring me. I hope piyo will be available in New Zealand soon, that looks like it could be my new favourite workout.

  45. Hi Chalene. I just wanted to let you know that although I do not love working out, I thoroughly enjoy watching and working out to your PiYO dvd’s. For someone who lives with a husband who lifts and is hardcore into his workouts, it can be challenging to keep up and feel as though I am doing enough for “his idea” of what a woman should look like. Although I am happy in my own skin, I find that there is improvement to be had and I just wanted to tell you that you are wonderfully motivating and a delight to watch on my screen so that I meet goals with greater ease. I always giggle at the part where you say that you are thinking of installing cameras in my house. (Lol). Thank you so much for the motivation and the excitement you put into each video. I appreciate you.

  46. I started with turbo jam. I have done turbo fire for years and now I am doing chalene extreme. I can’t even listen to another trainer. I am so spoiled with chalene. I feel like I know her. Love it!!

  47. I’m 59 with an artificial hip but prior to that, I played a lot of high level soccer (contract to play in Spain, professional try out offers in the US, etc). I was looking for something to maintain my love for working out. PIYO Hardcore on the Floor is it for me. This is a fantastic low-impact and challenging workout and allows me to continue doing what I enjoy. Thank you

  48. Chalene, I have all, and I do mean all of your dvd’s with the exception of Turbo Kick. Where can I find it? I would love to purchase it.

    Donna Butler

  49. When are you going to do another PIYO edition??? Love PIYO so much I’m ready for the next round! PIYO Squared? PIYO2? Just not PIYO Extreme!

  50. I have been doing PiYo on and off for a year now, just curious if there will be another release soon? I love the workouts, would just nice to incorporate some new moves.

  51. I just listened to your podcast about body types. Which one of your workouts would you recommend for an endomorph body type?

    Thanks for the response!

  52. You are a phenomenal woman , The discipline , energy & passion you exude in your craft is
    on full display for your piyo series. You have elevated my workout regimen to the next level.
    I am eternally grateful & so looking forward to ordering my next series. Peace , love , growth & elevation.

    48 y/o Grandad
    Brooklyn NY

    • Hi Diane, I just checked all the links and they’re working. Maybe try a different browser πŸ™‚ or make sure your browser it up to date.

  53. Hi. I am 45, workout regularly but cannot loose 10 pounds I gained over the last year. I’ve tried Piyo which kept me in shape las year but is not really working now. I don’t want to do a workout with a lot of jumping because my knees hurt after a while. What do you remcommend

  54. I love love love!!! your interval workouts in the extreme series. I have been using On Demand through beachbody since April of this year, once I found your workouts it truly made a difference. I would love if you would make more interval workouts for us!!!

  55. I have them all and I love them all. I did the Turbo Jam 1st then I got the Chalene Extreme and then turbo fire. I just got Piyo and look forward to it. I lost 32 lbs on Turbo Fire. I lost my motivation when my son was killed in a car accident. It has been 1.5 years and it feels like yesterday. I have since had bad cholesterol, high BP, and a Heart Attach with no permanant damage to my heart.

    I am trying to get my motivation back and it is so difficult. The strength to move on without my son. I suffer in silence and no one in my family knows about this pain. This is the very first time that I am talking about it. I gained about 40 lbs and I feel terrible. My diabetic numbers are ok 8.1 A1C, Cholersterol from 243 to 107 and triglycerides from 300+ to 87. I did that by eating differently and lost 15 lbs immediately of the 40 lbs. I am currently 207.6 lbs and I am aiming for 150 lbs of mostly muscle. You have always motivated me and I have since pulled your DVD’s out again. I am probably going to have to go into robot mode and just do it until it becames part of my life again. I have never wanted to meet anyone famous in my life. Meeting you would probably be the ultimate high for me. Love your motivating words and your sincerity. Keep giving us that beautiful smile.

  56. So, I was walking past the mirror the other day and did a double-take – was that a dirt smudge on my lower arm? Not dirt, but muscle definition! Then I noticed a new line a few days later – this time on my tricep, then yesterday a divot in my shoulder? More muscle definition!

    I am 49 years young, 5’1″, and have been 118 lbs my whole adult life. I have exercised for, well, forever. But I am floored by these muscles found two months into Chalean Extreme. I’ve done PiYo (loved it) and based on the comments here think I might try Turbo Fire next. But first month 3 of Chalean Extreme and I am stoked to see what other divots and lines appear exposing muscles that have been hidden all these years. Most effective workout EVER in my experience. And I do push play every day πŸ™‚

  57. Hello from Sunny Scotland. I thought I’d send a message to thank you for your workouts. I’ve tried going to classes at gyms over the last few years and haven’t found any instructors that are as inspiring in the workouts as yourself, aftering doing your workouts not only do i feel amazing but i feel really positive about myself. Your attitude and the the way you encourage us to keep going is refreshing. Look forward to finishing Turbofire and do PiYo!!

  58. About 7 years ago, I borrowed TJ Live! Cardio Party Remix 3 from my library just to try out a new workout. What I got was my first dose of Chalene Johnson, the most motivating instructor I’ve every come across. I usually find DVD instructors annoying eventually, but I just never did with Chalene.

    After renewing the DVD 3-4 times, I finally ordered my own copy, and other TJ videos. Fast forward to 2 years ago, I bought PiYo and struggled to stick to the program for more than 3 days because my upper body strength is pitiful compared to my lower body. But! I’ve now almost completed 3 WEEKS (making occasional adjustments to fit my schedule) and slowly but surely am seeing improvements in my upper body strengtand endurance. I’m determined to stick with it.

    Also, thanks to the TurboFIRE Low HIIT 20 that is included with PiYo, now I REALLY REALLY want TurboFire! (It’s going to be my reward/birthday present after I finish PiYo.)

    So, Chalene, if you see this, THANK YOU for being you, and having such varied workouts and programs. You are so motivating, and I just started listening to your podcasts, which also rock. πŸ™‚

  59. Hi Chalene,

    I did Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire and I tried PIYo, but PIYo was not for me. I love all your workout and would love to have a new one if you are coming out with one. You are an amazing trainer.

  60. I used turbo jam three years ago and lost 40 lbs in 3 months. I loved being healthy and fit. Unfortunately I gained it all back and more due to divorce and life changing day by day. However I have just ordered my missing DVD set that I lost when moving. I look forward to getting back to my old weight. Love all of your workout energy and can’t wait to start my routine.

  61. I am a BeachBody Coach and I LOVE PiYo! I’m considering becoming certified to teach PiYo Live in my hometown!! Thanks for having such a great positive attitude and making such fun workouts!

    • That’s awesome Heather! GO FOR IT! It is such an incredible way to help and inspire others πŸ™‚ and getting paid to workout is pretty much the best job ever!

  62. My wife really liked your turbo jam work out and I have been trying to find another copy of it is there any stores that sell it or do I have to get it off of Amazon or such now.

  63. I love doing all chaleans workouts , she is so motivating and such a beautiful person inside and out, my birthday just passed feb 3 and noticed we are same age born 1968 , and at 49 its not that easy to do some workouts, but hers I love love love

  64. Hi Chalene, I just joined the party and ordered Piyo yesterday. Now I’m nervous. I am very much over weight and fear some of the moves. I am 52 years young, 5″3″ and clock in at 210 lbs. I know I should be about 135-140. I know you offer a modifier with this program and I plan to follow her to start with. Please tell me I can do this program with so much weight to lose.

    I have always been active/athletic until life and responsibilities needed my attention. Now I need to turn the attention back to myself, … in a good way. πŸ™‚ Any words of wisdom would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Tina! Yes! Follow the modifier and listen to your body πŸ™‚ I think you’re going to find that PiYo is the perfect program for your weight loss journey! Keep me posted on how you’re doing!

      • Thank you for responding Chalene. I am also aware that diet/intake is key. I will journal my journey and let you know how I’m doing.

  65. Is there any hope ever of creating a new set of turbo jam workouts? Nothing crazy, just like the originals with new music? I loved those. So much . I’ve tried the others and it’s just not the same. Please go old school and do another set of them!

  66. Chalene,

    Thank you for creating PIYO. I had a partial knee replacement in 2012 and found it difficult to motivate myself to work out after my recovery. I had just finished P 9oX and loved that type of workout. I gave up working out for a couple of years as did not find anything I liked ( I was pouting, “if i can’t work out how i want to then i won’t work out at all”) I took a chance on ordering PIYO as it looked like something I might like.
    I LOVED IT! I just finished round 1 and will begin second round of it.
    You are an inspiration to many people. I also ordered Chalean extreme with plans to do that after this round of PIYO.
    I am only one person but I sure many feel the same that you have helped in some way.

    thank you,


  67. I love all your workouts and you. Thank you! Do you have a workout plan that combines all your workouts? I’d love to know how to mix them up to get the most effective results. Thx!

  68. I have all of your programs and love them. I was just wondering if you have created a hybrid for PiYo and Turbo Jam? I would love to combine them somehow.

  69. Hello Chalene!

    I am a 24 year old mother to a 1 year old. Before I had my baby I was so content with myself and after I had her, my self esteem has decreased, majorly. Until recently. I have seen your programs all over the place and you as a person are so encouraging. You make me feel so much better and help me to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. I have faith in myself and I know that I can become healthier for one, and for two I can have the body I have been trying to get back. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do! You have motivated me and inspired me. Once I can afford it, I plan to get your PiYo.

    You are an amazing person! God bless.

  70. I adore you and Turbo Fire- will you be doing any more of these or another similar program? I really really wish you would! Thanks!

  71. I’ve been using the ChaLEAN Extreme workout series and love it. Muscle does burn fat!!! Now just purchased PiYo and about to start that. How do you combine the two workouts? Don’t want to lose the benefit of the weight training. Went on Beachbody and couldn’t find a fitness chart combine the two programs. HELP.

  72. I started PiYo a month ago and love it more than any other exercise I’ve ever done! Love your site now too!

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  74. I am a beginner in excercising so which type is suitable for me to get a perfect shape is it piyo or turbo jam or anything else

  75. I bought PiYo and 4 months later became certified as an instructor in the UK. I love teaching it! Any chance of you coming to the UK in 2017? I see Shaun T is having his second UK appearance this summer but I feel the UK needs a bit of Chalene!

  76. I just completed my first 4 weeks of piyo. I think your awesome. Love all the encouragement! What do I do after the second month?

  77. Hi,

    firstly, i’m a huge fan and find you incredibly motivating and inspiring to workout with, even if it is from the comfort of my own lounge in not so sunny England!!

    I’m 42 and love working to your various workouts, they keep me sane!!

    I have tried many other Beachbody programmes but just don’t seem to enjoy them as much as I enjoy Turbo fire, Chalene Extreme or Turbo Jam. i’m looking for a hybrid workout for Chalene Extreme and Turbofire, does one exist?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Marie! How funny that you and someone else with a few days of each other asked about hybrid workouts!! So unfortunately one does not exist at this moment. But I will definitely relay that to Beachbody!

  78. HI Chalene! I was wondering though if there is a hybrid workout for Turbofire & Piyo? If so do you know where I could find it? Ive done Piyo, then tried Turbo Jam & just finished Turbofire. I love all your workouts! I started Turbofire after I quit smoking & it helped to whip me back into shape! Thank you sooo much for the encouragement & helping me to get in the best shape I’ve been in even after having kids!!! I can’t thank you enough πŸ€—

    • Jamie it is SO great to meet you! Unfortunately there is not a Hybrid workout of the two… however, that is a GREAT idea! πŸ™‚ And SO PROUD of you for quitting smoking! that is so amazing!

  79. I Love You n your Workouts !!!! Ready for a New Workout ! Do You have any New Workouts Yet ! And I just want to say thank You for all your great advise with fitness and food ! Please I really want to keep on challenging my body so if there is a new workout I hope you will let us no ! Thank you so much !

  80. Please come out with more Turbo fire videos, its my go to workout for the last few years and the only workout that gets results. You Rock

  81. Thank you for creating PiYo, it has changed how I look at exercise. Your motivating personality has kept me going and I have lost over 28 pounds. I have completed the PiYo dvds and now do a hybrid schedule, I have ordered ChaLEAN Extreme and look forward to it. I have suffered from chronic Lymes disease for over 15 years and almost lost my life due to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever but I fought back with the help of a holistic doctor and won the battle but not without some damage. PiYo was perfect for me and still is on some of the tougher days. I can’t wait to start ChaLEAN Extreme. Thank you for the programs that you have created and I can’t believe that I look forward to exercising with your programs.

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  84. Chalene Johnson, God bless you! I live in Mexico City, my husband is an American that works for the Army, we were both widowers and met at We married two years ago and we’ll be together this year. He brought me your PiYo CDs two months ago. I had a yoga mat and a chair and started using them. Next month, my husband was surprised of my appearance. I carried my yoga mat to a Congress in the USA. Every morning, I had my appointment with Charlene and Michelle and Steve and all the team before the sessions.

    You can’t imagine how grateful I’m with you. I follow Michelle for the modified version of many exercises and sweat like a cascade everyday. Someday I’ll do the routines like you do. I’m not dieting particularly and I lost 9 pounds, I’m going back to the clothes I love, I’m toned, with energy. I tried many things the last years and nothing worked. My menopause metabolism was stuck. I feel I’m back. Thank you, I’m your biggest fan.

  85. I have all of your workouts at this point and love them all. But I just found out that I have Bursitis in both of my hips and they hurt very much. Which of your workouts do you think might be ok to do maybe not every day but a few times a week. I miss not working out.

    • Hi Erika! Well, I have to preface this by saying that I’m not a doctor πŸ™‚ so this is just a suggestion… But in my opinion, PIYO would be your best option. For the time being, do the modified versions of exercises and don’t push your ROM (range of motion) too far. Hope that’s helpful.

  86. I’m 60 and just started your PiYo program. I feel stronger after one week and really feel like I’m on the right track. I have a long way to go to even keep up with your videos non stop, but it’s going to happen! I was in a car accident 30 years ago that left me with a crushed ankle/heel. Back then, they didn’t do PT like they do now. The balancing exercises are really strengthening that ankle. Thank you!

  87. I really love your Turbo Jam workout system. I have been working out with this system for a very long time, off and on, I would love some new routines. Turbo Fire is awesome as well just very intense at times. Would there be a chance that you would make some more Turbo Jam like a, “Back to Basics” system, where it began? I really like it and my body responds well to this type of workout. Thank you.

  88. I completed PiYo 15 days ago and what amazing results – lost 20 pounds. Love that are truly blessed and I thankyou for sharing it. Since PiYo I ordered Chalene Extreme and began 2 days ago. It’s challenging but worth it. It doesn’t matter what age you are to get the results because I am over 60. Years ago used to teach aerobics and NEVER got the results that I got from PiYo. I look forward to these workouts not only based on the results that can be achieved but your motivation and personality.

  89. You inspire me so much. I’ve been doing turbo jam for 6 years and never get bored from it. I am 58 yeaea old and this excercise makes me feel so good afterward. Thank you and God bless you

  90. Hello,

    As a Flight Attendant I want to take the Piyo away on trips with me.

    Is there a way I can download from an App onto my IPad?

  91. Charlene, After completing Sweat this morning (my second time using your PiYo video, which my wife had recently purchased), I began to cry. I think that was the result of pushing myself to work hard, as well as your encouraging words throughout the video. What really got me, though, was when you said, “See you tomorrow.” It felt good that you seem to care, and want to help me get into and maintain a high level of fitness. Thanks!
    PS I am a 57 year old male who runs and lifts, but you give me a push that I do not give myself.

    • Two months later… All done crying. This is serious business–I do PiYo twice/week. I am more toned, more flexible, better posture, and my time/mile dropped about 90 seconds!
      See YOU tomorrow!

    • Yes of course! As long as you’ve been cleared by your physician πŸ™‚ There are modifications for pretty much every move.

  92. This summer I have rotated Piyo, Turbofire, and Chaleane Extreme. I did a workout of each of these for three days, then rested a day, then did another three days. I loved it and never got bored! Please create another program soon!!!

  93. I have completed my third week of Piyo define yourself. I’m really enjoying it, but wondering when I will start seeing a change in defining my body?

  94. Chalene, you are AMAZING. PiYo is AMAZING. But…. would you please pass on to whoever chooses the music that those of us who teach live in churches would really, really, really appreciate appropriate lyrics for those situations? I already messaged Michele about this. Seriously, I can’t use a track that says curse words or talks about smoking spliffs. Our pastor would probably fire me!

    • Hi Sarah! thank you for your comment! I totally get it… But unfortunately there’s not much I can do. I’m happy you reached out to Michelle πŸ™‚