Fitness: Finding Your Soulmate Workout

Find your Soul Mate Workout

Most people see exercise as a punishment. It’s usually something they have to do in order to lose weight and be healthy. But what if exercise was like your soul mate? Something you wanted to do every day, something that made you happy and felt good. It can be done and I think the key to finding a soul mate workout is remembering what it’s like to be in love, because that’s what you’ll be doing when you find the right workout for you. Here’s my break down of what it takes to find your soul mate workout.


What it’s like to fall in love

Remember what it felt like to fall in love for the first time? Maybe you had a crush in middle school or met your partner in college, whenever it happened it probably happened. Think back on that time and remember how you felt. It was exciting and you probably day dreamed about that person whenever you could. You couldn’t stop thinking about them, got butterflies whenever you saw them, and time flew when you spent time together.

You can feel this way about exercise too, so it’s good to reflect on that time and really remember those feelings. Wouldn’t it be great if you couldn’t wait to get out of bed in the morning to get your exercise in? I think the next key to finding it is from your childhood.


Movement in childhood

When you were a kid you probably weren’t told to exercise. Okay maybe you were but think back to a time when it was more about playing than it was about exercise. Did you run outside or ride a bike? Did you kick or throw a ball with your friends? Think back to a time in your childhood when you had a good memory of being active. Maybe you were on the cheerleading squad, played football or tennis, or even just swam in the neighbor’s pool. Whatever that activity was it’s important because that is the key to your soul mate workout.

Whatever movement you enjoyed as a child you’ll probably enjoy as an adult. I loved being in cheer and dancing, so that’s why I created Turbo Kick. It had all my favorite movements from being a kid in one adult workout.


Movement in adulthood

Now that you remember what it’s like to be in love and remember your favorite fun movements from childhood we need to put them together to make your soul mate workout. If you liked swimming and diving in the neighbor’s pool why not try getting in the pool again. If you liked dancing then dance around the living room to your favorite tunes both new and old. I’ve found that often you have to create your soul mate workout because it doesn’t exist as one already. Once you know what your favorite movements are you’ll be able to get back into exercise and find the fun again. Just think of it as movement, not work, and keep your focus on the fun not the calories burned. Once you start and keep showing up, soon it will be something you’ll want to do every day.


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One thought on “Fitness: Finding Your Soulmate Workout

  1. I’m so glad I read this article and your pod cast!
    For years I’ll go on and off of exercising. My weight fluctuates every year because I’m not consistent. I’ll work out for 6 months to a year straight doing 2 hrs a day and get down to my goal weight and then I’ll stop exercising.
    So having said work out and exercise because how it made me feel not because of the scale, and when I am exercising, I love myself and I’m happy and positive!
    So thanks for opening my eyes and now I’m changing my goals around exercise, I’m doing it for my mental health and happiness!