How to Acheive Any Goal – Reverse Engineering

chalene johnson reverse engineering goalsAnyone can set goals, but achieving them requires more than wishing…it requires WORK. And so many people never even start working on their goals simply because they don’t know WHERE to start.  The goal seems so overwhelming that they procrastinate on taking that first step and eventually give up all together.  But that doesn’t have to happen!  You can achieve any goal you set just by mastering one simple process: Reverse Engineering.  This means breaking down your goal into bite-sized pieces that you can tackle on day at a time.  Once you reverse engineer your goal, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to achieve it…and you will!

Answer these questions and follow the steps below to create a solid plan to tackle whatever it is you want to achieve!


 Reverse Engineering: Breaking Down Your Goals


It all starts with research.  Research what it takes to accomplish your goal…and then research some more!  You need to know the answers to the following questions…

  • What do you need to do to accomplish your goal?
  • What do you need to know?
  • What does it take?
  • What skills do you need?
  • What experts can you talk to that will give you some insight?  Who can you talk to who has done it before?


chalene johnson reverse engineering goalsBRAINSTORM/BRAIN DUMP

After you research, write down absolutely everything you learned.  Now, what you need to do?  What action steps must you take?  Brainstorm these tasks and make a list of every possible little thing you must do to achieve your goal.  Then, break those tasks into even smaller steps.  Bite-sized pieces work best!



This is the most important part!  With your research and brainstorm complete, investigate a little more.  Take a closer look at the steps you’ll need to take to make this goal happen.  Do each of these steps and does achieving this goal match with your priorities?  What must you compromise to achieve your goal, and does it affect your number one priority?  If it does, you may want to consider finding another goal.  When our goals don’t align with our priorities, that’s when we find ourselves “successful” yet still unhappy and unsatisfied.  When your goals match your priorities, then you can truly feel successful on our own terms and can enjoy your success.


chalene johnson reverse engineering goalsSTART

If your goal matches your priorities, well then, it’s time to START!  This is often the most difficult step for people.  They get caught up worrying that they’ll mess up or thinking that things need to be perfect for them to start.  The truth is, the perfect circumstances will never come along. Have you ever heard the quote, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you must start to be great.”?  Don’t delay your greatness any longer!  If you keep plucking 2-3 tasks off your brainstorm list each day, you’ll be there before you know it! Just START!


If you believe in yourself and follow this process, anything is possible!

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One thought on “How to Acheive Any Goal – Reverse Engineering

  1. Great post! the most important thing is to start. I dont know but for my case, thinking too much causes me to delay things. I would love to improve on this and just write down my priorities as fast as possible and act as soon as I can. Actions matter in achieving real results.