What is a Push Goal?

When setting goals for the year, oftentimes, people can easily create a list of things they want to accomplish, but they struggle in figuring out where to start first.  If you randomly select one goal at a time to check off your list, it’s likely that you’ll lose motivation, and you won’t reach all of your goals for the year.  However, there’s a secret to making big things happen and checking everything off your list – it’s called a PUSH Goal.


Don’t Crush Your Mojo

In working with many ambitious individuals over the years, here’s what I’ve found…  After making their list, most people can’t decide where to start; so, they choose to tackle the easiest goal first.


Unfortunately, the easiest goal typically has the least rewarding outcome.  Because the reward is small, many people lose their mojo and motivation to tackle the rest of their list.


But there’s good news!  I noticed another pattern, too.  On each person’s list, there emerged what I call a “Push Goal.”  I realized that by focusing on their Push Goal first, people could keep their mojo and achieve ALL of the goals on their list.


What is a PUSH Goal?

A Push Goal is the one goal on your list that if achieved would make all (or most) of the others possible.  Let’s say you made a list of 10 goals for the year (in fact, I recommend making a list of 10).  Looking at that list, what ONE goal would help you achieve all of the others?


Your Push Goal isn’t necessarily the goal that’s most important to you, but it IS the one that makes the others possible.  It’s like a domino effect.  Achieving that one goal will help you “push through” the others.


So, take a look at your list.  Evaluate each of your goals one at a time.  Decide how many other goals that one goal would make possible if it were achieved.  This is your Push Goal, and this is where you need to focus your attention.  You’ll be amazed by how quickly you knock the other goals off your list, when you focus on your Push Goal first.


For more information on setting goals and choosing a PUSH Goal, check out Chalene’s book PUSH.

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5 thoughts on “What is a Push Goal?

  1. I just made my list. 8 things but my push goal is to become a Beachbody coach. If I can do this it will help me achieve everything else because I know that I’ll be encouraging others.

  2. Hi Chalene: Your workouts are by far the best!! They keep me in shape and feeling great about being me. I am on Week 5 of Turbo Fire and will be ordering the advanced workouts soon. This was one of my goals. I am confused about the direction and priority of my GOALS. My priority, of course, is my family, and I go above and beyond for them (perhaps too much). Having had a great career but quitting to raise my wonderful three boys was very rewarding. However, I need something else that is stimulating and financially very rewarding! I get my son to school, then walk the dog which includes my socialiing (two birds with one stone). I am lost on the other tasks or goals for the day. Where do I start with wanting to figure out where to go from here? Read booksor listen to cd programs to try and figure out where to go, or do I just get a job? I am quite confused and seem to get more so each day and feel like between laundry, exercising, cooking, cleaning, errands, etc., I am going very fast and getting nowhere. What am I doing wrong? I really want to figure out which direction to go in, and I cannot seem to get any answers. Any suggestions? Thank you so much for empowering us. It is so appreciated. You are absolutely amazing.

    • I just finished ranideg all about The Box, and I love that idea. We seem to have a lot in common. I love all kinds of charts, checklists, and plans, and I love a clean house….but with 5 kids at home 24/7 plus 3 dogs and 3 cats….I feel like I stay behind! I may try your box system. I have chores that we do on each day, but I cannot decide when I like best doing them. I like to do things in the same order each day, but with piano on Mondays, and cross country practice in the fall 3 days a week and one day a week in the spring, plus just life, it seems that the older my kids get, the less “routine” we have in our days. And that drives me crazy! This is my 10th year of homeschooling, and it gets harder every year! I am so glad I found your blog. I am glad to meet you, and look forward to getting to know you.Have a great day, and I am off to read my Bible! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing! My first three also came so close toeehtgr that I never lost the baby weight before getting pregnant again. Add to that the fact that I gain A LOT of weight when I’m pregnant (50+ pounds each time) and I was very over weight after the birth of our third. About a size 16 which is too big for my frame.My husband bought me a treadmill that Christmas and it changed everything for me, suddenly I could work out consistently six days a week with no excuses! I had tried to work out before but with three young children I had a hard time leaving the house to go to the gym or classes and even just taking a walk with the jogging stroller was often out of the question because of sick kids, too hot, too cold, etc, etc.Within about six months or so I was down to a size eight, actually just under what I was when I got married! I feel so much better and even though I gained quite a bit when pregnant with number 4 I was able to use the treadmill the entire nine months (even delivery day :o) so losing the baby weight was nearly as big a deal.PS I’ve gained about 10 pounds since Thankgiving and the holidays so your post is a great reminder to not let myself go…get back on that treadmill!

  4. Hi Chalene (Chalene team 😉 )
    I found you through the podcast
    I appriciate all that you do for us out there
    I really want to get a push goal journal
    I reeeally do.
    notebooks feel overwhelming to me
    the only thing they are good for are things that dont need to be looked at for more than 24 hours
    I have a hard time going back to them to look what i decided,written etc’
    to many different things writen and scribled
    its a mess
    Sadly the journal is too expensive for me now
    (I even looked for a second hand one)
    Im from another country and 36 dollars = 200+ here where i live
    I hope to treat myself to one when I get a financial goal done which is believe in my ability and worthiness to get a better job (aka more income = more money = ability to treat myself with things I want and need)
    I hope you can help me with something for the time being :/

    thank you and may you see and exprience only good