Are Our Grandparents Healthier Than Us?

Let’s turn back the clock to a healthier time… 1975. The last year we Americans had simplicity on our plate.

Simplicity = natural. As God intended.

I’m not about throwing out crazy facts without backing them up, so get this: In 1975 we had a rate of 1 in 5000 children born with autism. If we fast forward to now, we’re looking at a rate of 1 in 68. I repeat, 1 in 68 kids with autism! 

We DO know that environmental factors – including exposure to certain toxic substances during pregnancy – can increase the risk of autism.

What happened then in 1976 that changed everything? The Vietnam War had just ended. I’m going to Chalene-ify this history lesson for you. You’re welcome.

It all started with this super clever company that had been involved in the production of CHEMICALS that were used to destroy the jungles of Vietnam. That chemical is infamously known as AgentOrange. You’ve probably heard of it, right?

These toxins take away what enzymes on plants are meant to do! And THAT is to produce the nutrients in your food that actually treat disease. You read that right. All the health benefits plants give to us humans are stripped away when attacked by said chemicals.

The reasoning behind this during the war was that if we kill the foliage in the rainforest – by dumping these chemicals from planes flying above – then we would actually spot the Vietcong in the jungle easier.

Makes sense. And that was a war in a foreign place a long, long time ago. So, we’re good. Right?

Not so much.

Thing is, we suddenly had an excess amount of these chemicals laying around and for whatever tragic reason it was deemed necessary to find new ways to use them. Ugh! Some genius thought that the logical transition from war use was… to household use (e.g., weed killer). WHAT.

Farming practices worldwide were then forced to radically change how they grow plants so crops won’t die from these products. This resulted in genetic modification of these plants.

Yep, we’re talking about GMO’s here.

It gets worse. After decades of this chemical trauma, toxins have seeped into our environment in all kinds of sick ways. 70 – 75% of the air YOU BREATHE is contaminated and 70 – 75% of the rainfall is contaminated. This molecule is all over the freakin’ place.

I mean, wow. Even if you live on this nice little ranch, raising your own livestock, growing your own vegetables and everything’s organic… you’re STILL being exposed to these toxins through the environment!

Here we are in the first two generations of human bodies that have to deal with a food chain that is depleted of all of its medicinal qualities! I can’t.

Don’t we all have parents or know someone of an older generation that totally laugh at how we are with our food?

Look at your Uncle Jimmy! He lived to be 94 and all he did was smoke cigarettes, drink bourbon, and eat bacon EVERY day. God rest his soul!

Well, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, their food was different. Because of which, they had gut intelligence we simply don’t have anymore.

It’s not that we turned into health freaks. We just realized we’re dying.

And… this would be the part of the movie, somewhere in the final act, where it seems all is lost. Will Jack survive the sinking of the Titanic!? Wait, bad example.


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From plants to animals to soil to atmosphere. Not all is lost, I promise! Besides, you know I got you, boo!

I’d LOVE to hear you in the comments on all this down below! Can you eat what your grandparents ate? Do you know anyone with autism? What do you think of weed killers? Tell me everything!

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