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Plus! Reasons To Have A Workout Buddy, Caring About What Others Think, Prioritizing Your Life, and The Importance Of An Apology!

In just a few days, Americans will come together and perform a ritual that happens once a year, every year. We’re talking… Super Bowl Sunday! And if last year’s game (the third-most-watched broadcast in U.S. TV history) is any indication, the vast majority of you will be tempted to ditch any and all of your healthy eating habits for all the high processed goodies at the party! But, don’t worry. You know I got you, boo. This week’s Snapshot is serving up some tips to help hold yourself accountable to your health during the Big Game! Speaking of accountability, you’ll find a chat explaining the benefits of having a workout buddy! In addition, we’ve got talks on why you shouldn’t care about what others think, how to prioritize your life, and the importance of apologizing. Wait! Looks like the referee is about to blow the whistle… so let’s get started!


Health Chat – How To Stay Healthy At Your Super Bowl Party

There are few things as fun in life as gatherings centered around some kind of celebration! Maybe it’s a holiday (4th of July, Christmas) or entertainment ceremony (Academy Awards, Grammy’s) or sporting event (Olympics, World Series). Aside from showing up for the socialization and meaning behind whatever occurrence is taking place, we all know that a huge draw is… the munchies! Oh, how it’s so easy to find yourself lost in a world of finger foods! Then, all of a sudden, you’ve consumed a ton more calories than you ever could’ve imagined.

If you, though, head to your party with focus, the right mentality, and a strategy… I promise it won’t be a challenge for you to enjoy what the festivities have to offer without feeling a tiny bit guilty the next day. Some considerations to help you plan for such occasions:

  • Bring your own dish
  • Go for the veggies, salads, and fruit first
  • Sub better alternatives: baked potato instead of fries
  • Pour “light” drinks
  • Limit your yourself to one plate, no seconds or fifths (yeah, we’ve all been there)
  • Have an accountability person (date) you trust who’ll make sure you don’t exceed your limit
  • Enjoy good-for-you dips, like hummus and guacamole – and ignore the ranch!

Speaking of dips, ONE3ONE Method went live with an amazing recipe for Super Bowl Sunday that somehow meets the criteria of being ridiculously delicious, vegan / nut-free / gluten-free, and healthy! Mind blown. You need to watch Erin, our Media Chef, take you through this easy recipe, step by step. And she’ll explain how this dip is NOT just a dip! Follow her lead and you’re guaranteed to be the hit of your Super Bowl party! Plus, I don’t think you’ll want to miss her super cute Sous Chef…

Look, at the end of the day, I’m all about moderation and doing what serves you and your body best. That is, at its core, what ONE3ONE Method is all about. A study of one. Have you joined the movement yet? Next cycle begins this Monday, February 5th! When will you invest in you?


Relationship Chat – Why You Shouldn’t Care About What Others Think

It’s in our nature, as humans, to crave acceptance from people. Whether we know them personally (family, friends, co-workers) or not (social media much?). Be that as it may, this will most certainly guarantee you stressing out over what others think about you. Resulting, ultimately, in your inability to ever truly feel comfortable with yourself – and around others.

Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” – Lao Tzu

Whose life are you living, anyway? But listen, this isn’t just about YOU. It’s often really important to consider how you’re affecting others. Be mindful of the energy you’re putting out there… because, guess what? If you’re always concerned about what others think, they will sense it. Check out this video for the down low on HOW your energy affects others. I’m hoping it’ll serve as a reality check and get you out of your head and back into the real world. DO YOU.


Personal Development Chat – How To Prioritize Your Life

Learning how to block out time for what matters most to you in life (i.e., PRIORITIZE) is critical for long term happiness. Staying on the ball, planning ahead for time, and maintaining drive can seem legit impossible when you’re introducing new things into your business and/or personal life. And, during such times, it can be so easy to let go of your highest values (loved ones, eating right, exercise, etc.). You can relate, right?

I mean, most people do prioritize in some capacity. But, unfortunately, they’re doing it wrong by only considering things they think are most paramount – like what’s on their agenda at work or planning for that fun vacation. Sadly, only a tiny minority take the serious time required to prioritize their lives as a whole.

So, just HOW do you prioritize when you want to add something to your already full calendar? Well, it’s something I teach (Smart Success) and had to put into action recently. A huge sacrifice had to be made in my career. Allow me to explain in the following video! It’s time to show EGO the door and get you on track for living the quality life you deserve…

Hey, now that my crazy exciting revolutionary major endeavor, ONE3ONE Method, has left the nest and is flying high on its own… I’m freaking out because I finally have room on my plate again for what YOU request most, my Podcasts: The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe. And, dude! They released TODAY! My Podcast Lifers, I always say, have a very special place in my heart. We get each other in a way I can’t quite articulate. Get your listening on and make sure you’re subscribed for all the new episodes!


Relationship Chat – Why It’s Important To Apologize

When you’re “sorry” is not coming from a genuine place, your dependability – with those you love most – goes down the drain. Maybe you did something wrong? Perhaps you feel misunderstood? Regardless of the reason that propels you to ask for atonement, putting aside your pride is key. And, yeah, not exactly the easiest thing to do!

Admitting your blunders is the primary step on the way to self-improvement and a higher quality relationship with all those in your life.

Apologizing is crucial as it serves to benefit whatever clash you might have with someone and, eventually, restore the connection in your relationship. It would be wise of you to try and practice the skill of apologizing, Lifers! Stress in your relationships will be lessoned, and the ability to skip conflicts altogether… becomes your new norm. Yes!

And while the snap below, featuring Bret and I, is really just a cute and harmless disagreement, it could easily have escalated into something else. What happened and who, eventually, took accountability for their wrongdoing and apologized? Watch and find out!



Health Chat – Reasons To Have A Workout Buddy

We’ve all had those days when we’re not in the mood to do anything. Even a quick walk around the block just seems like too much energy spent. But deep down inside, we know that overcoming the laziness – at least a little bit – will make us feel better when we go to bed at night.

It’s during these particular times in our life when having someone around to push us… can make all the difference! So hey, if you’ve been wondering how you can make significant (and fast) changes to your health, finding a workout buddy may just be the solution.

Some reasons why:

  • Time goes by quicker: working out with a friend is fun!
  • You won’t flake: This is your accountability fitness partner, after all. You’re going to show up because she is counting on you.
  • You’ll actually like the experience: The gym somehow turns into a coffee house with exercise machines and weights when you’re catching up on life stuff with your BFF.
  • Less prone to getting hurt: That workout date is checking your posture / form, making sure you’re lifting correctly.
  • Cheerlead your growth: Sometimes we can’t see when we’re making improvements – hence, the eyes of our partner will come in handy!
  • Competition is healthy – While it’s never about who is better than whom at whatever exercise, there is definitely such a thing as friendly rivalry to get you progressing like you never imagined. If your gym partner is lifting heavier or running faster or able to do more reps, it’s quite likely to force you to step up your game!
  • You’ll achieve your goals faster – When you’re showing up to your workouts and staying consistent, how much more likely are you to reach your goals in record time!? And! Your buddy can spot you for particularly challenging reps you couldn’t make on your own.
  • Keeping it fresh: Working out solo tends to find us falling into the same old routine, over and over. A friend might have ideas for keeping things new and exciting! Plus, it’s highly recommended to switch things up every 6 – 8 weeks for optimum gains, anyway! Bonus!

I’m guessing, now, you might have an inkling as to why I schedule workouts with friends all the time. Not to mention, my staff! Proof: check out this LIVE workout with my teammates. The reaction to this was huge, so it might become a weekly thing! Why don’t you RIGHT NOW put it in your calendar and schedule a time to do it with us? I’m holding you accountable!



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