Snapshot | The Secret Sauce To Weight Loss

Plus, The Best Health App, Stop Dieting & Start Phasing, and How To Get Inspired Quickly!

According to a recent study by Gallup, under 3% of Americans meet the core qualifications for a healthy lifestyle. Factors included in this research are: exercise, nutrition, body fat percentage, and smoking. This is some serious stuff right here, Lifers! Because these findings are obviously alarming – and you mean so much to me – I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Snapshot to YOUR health! Included, is everything from the secret sauce to weight loss (that rhymes!) to the best health app to diet phasing! And thrown into the mix is a touch of motivation with a chat on how to get inspired quickly. Why? Well, who couldn’t use a boost to make positive changes in their lives, right!?

Health Chat – The Secret Sauce To Weight Loss

Health issues are often influenced by stress, family history, and environment. Not to mention, a list of poor daily habits – ranging from sleep to exercise to nutrition. On the other hand, there is an equally important contributing factor to our well-being that is frequently neglected. The secret sauce, if you will, to an overall healthy life. It’s why you’re successful in your weight loss goals or not. What is that MAIN ingredient? Hit that play to find out!

I’m not giving away any spoilers here because I want to make sure you watched the illuminating video! But I will say that 131 Method deconstructs this secret sauce like no other health program today. It dives deep not just into nutrition, meal plans, science, and community, but, also… mindset. It preps you with every tool needed to get your body and mind healthy from the inside out! Are you ready to live your most productive life? Next cycle begins on Monday, the 30th! I’m so excited for you!


Health Chat – The Best Health App

While it seems there has been an overabundance of technology that has sprouted up in recent years all about keeping your health on point (e.g., exercise tracking watches, body-fat scales, blood pressure monitors, etc.), apps have easily become THE most popular technological tool people use to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

It’s no wonder 93% of physicians hold the belief that health apps can improve your, ummm… health!

I mean, it’s not hard to imagine why. Wherever you happen to be, with the assistance of your smartphone (i.e., third arm), you can work on your getting healthy mission! For that reason, we at 131 Method have been making it our daily goal to bring you the most user friendly health app on the market! We are constantly streamlining… making it clean, simple, and easy to navigate. At the same time, providing you with clear, day by day, direction. This all but guarantees you reach your personal health goals as the web app guides and motivates you through 131!

Up until now, only those participating in 131 Method have had the ability to see what’s up inside the app! That’s why the following behind-the-scenes exclusive is extra special! Come along, as I take you through so many of the fun (and original!) features!

How cool, right?! To be a part of this exclusive community – and experience the amazing detail (and a ridiculous amount more!) you just saw in the vid above – you’re going to want to join the movement over at 131 Method TODAY!


Health Chat – Stop Dieting And Start Phasing

There are a myriad of reasons to strive for feeling better that have NOTHING to do with weight loss. I’m curious what they might be for you? Tell me in the comments below. I’m listening. Here are some common matters:

  • brain fog
  • digestive problems
  • mood swings
  • skin breakouts
  • depression
  • low energy

Unfortunately, though, there’s no such thing as a captivating “before and after” of someone who no longer has any of the above issues. Because of which, I can’t show you thousands of unbelievable results of 131-ers who claim there lives are forever changed for the better. 

As I mentioned in a recent Snapshot, shedding pounds should be thought of as the cherry on top to all the other benefits that result when you fix your health from the inside out. If you’re looking for an answer to general health concerns you’re having at this time, do yourself a favor and watch…



Life Hack – How To Get Inspired Quickly!

Sometimes we just need a burst of enthusiasm to get us over our silly stumps! When joy fills us, a positive attitude adjustment kicks in. And that is when you’ll find yourself ready to jump in and do something a little scary. Like, finally commit to that thing you’ve been putting off. Whether it be 131 Method, launching your podcast, getting back to the gym, writing your book, taking an online business class, re-kindling an old friendship, or whatever it is for you!

So, I’d like to finish things off here with a different kind of secret sauce! It’s a life hack that I continue to bring into my life because it really helps the inspiration flow! And because this week’s Snapshot is dedicated to your health, I thought it would be wise to leave you with this next trick. It’s easy, quick, all-natural, and good for the soul! Is the suspense killing you!?


It would legit make my day if you left a comment telling me your thoughts on this Snapshot dedicated to your health! I hope it struck a chord with you!

We all have a reason God put us here. And it’s to serve Him by serving others in some way.

What can I say, I truly feel in my heart of hearts that it’s my life’s purpose to get you feeling your best!

You deserve it.



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6 thoughts on “Snapshot | The Secret Sauce To Weight Loss

  1. Love everything you do! Workouts, 131, podcasts… get me motivated and I alway get results on your programs!

  2. I am signed up for the one3one but very nervous because I am a very picky eater. Seeing some of the recipes makes me feel like yep, I’m going to fail this badly. But, I am going to try my best and see what happens!

    • You got this, Gina! 🙂 The great thing about 131 is that it’s catered to you, individually! A study of one, as we say. So, you can’t fail. And if you don’t love the ingredients in whatever meal, there will be options to modify! Not to mention, the recipes included are simply recommended and to help get you thinking about food/mind/body in a whole new way. There’s no law that says you have to try any or all of them! Glad to have you on board!

  3. I thought this post was well organized, easy on the eyes, simple readable language, clear separation between topics, and the mini videos were short enough to keep my attention. I read the whole thing, thank you.

  4. Chalene you ROCK and literally ROLL haha! Your inspiration, knowledge, beautiful smile and authenticity ALWAYS helps me to believe I can continually make positive changes in my life, so I can live my best life! I’m a student in your impact marketing program and 131. Best investment I’ve made in years! I truly believe your passion for us, for people, for the universe. That takes s ton of energy, hard work and renewed commitment. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please never stop shining your light so bright! I put my roller blades away 10 yrs ago. Never would I have thought to get back in them again. Cant wait to have that experience again!
    You’re full of awesomeness Chalene 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍