How To Write A Love Letter

I’m going to share with you the ultimate template to write the perfect love letter. Valentine’s Day is next week, after all! Look, I don’t think there’s a better way for you to express deep gratitude, sincere appreciation, or love for someone. And, did you know, they are one of the best gifts you can […]

Snapshot | Super Bowl Healthy Eating Tips

Plus! Reasons To Have A Workout Buddy, Caring About What Others Think, Prioritizing Your Life, and The Importance Of An Apology!

In just a few days, Americans will come together and perform a ritual that happens once a year, every year. We’re talking… Super Bowl Sunday! And if last year’s game (the third-most-watched broadcast in U.S. TV history) is any indication, the vast majority of you will be tempted to ditch any and all of your […]

How To Focus In Your Business

Three Questions That Can Change Your Finances

Years after I graduated from college, I began to wonder why my hard work wasn’t paying off. I just wasn’t getting ahead nor moving anywhere near the direction I wanted to be at in my life. It was the same arduous routine, day after day. So tired hours before bedtime. And not at all inspired […]

How To Give Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism (or feedback or complaint) is, simply, offering solutions in such a way that is very productive. When done correctly, it should never hurt the subject. You’re hoping to solve an issue, not denigrate. Ultimately, you’re just trying to make things easier for everyone! Welcome to this 3-Part Series on COMPLAINING!  Okay, here’s the […]

Snapshot | When It’s Time To Leave Your Facebook Group

Plus! Eating Healthy But Still Bloated, Misleading Labels At The Grocery Store, Food Styling For Pics, & New Workout!

If the 20th century were thought of as a movie, the self-help movement would’ve made its appearance in the last act. And what a scene stealer it became! Motivational books have been a giant in the publishing world ever since. And now, inspiring quotes have taken over Social Media! I mean, how many posts a […]