Snapshot | My Crazy Before and After Pics & More

This week, I had a life-changing experience I know you or someone you love will relate to…

I’m talking specifically about this week’s “Get Smart” Snapshot, but I think you’ll find all of these Snapchat highlights helpful!

Get Smart Chat: How Your Gut Health Affects Your Brain
I HAVE to show you my before and after photos…of my brain! This is why I’m so crazy passionate about what I’m doing right now with diet and healing your gut. It’s about so much more than weight loss. You’ve got to see my Facebook live on how I healed my brain (a brain that was headed for Alzheimer’s…AND my ADD) by healing my gut, and why your gut health is so much more important than you probably ever realized.

Food Chat: How to Wash Your Produce
I was amazed by the number of requests I got to share how I wash and prep my produce again…so here you go! We talk about should you buy organic and a must-follow process to ensure your food is safe to consume whether you choose to buy organic or not. Here’s my favorite fruit and veggie wash. USE CODE >> CHALENE << FOR 15% OFF.

Podcast Chat: Supplements & Scams – How to Determine if Your Supplements Are Legit
This week’s podcast was a jaw-dropper! I interviewed the founder of a company called Lab Door. They do independent testing on all of the popular supplements, protein bars, shakes, etc. out there – what’s in them, the good, the bad, and what you need to know. So many products are falsely labeled! This is a must listen to determine if your supplements are legit and if you even need them in the first place.


Beauty/Fashion Chat:
I love off-the-shoulder shirts, and you may have noticed I wear them often. I’m always asked how I keep the shoulders from riding up. Here’s one of my favorite styling hacks you’ll definitely want to use this summer! All you need is a hair band and two safety pins! Check out this video.

Fitness Chat: How to Make Your Workouts Shorter & More Effective
What workout gives you the most bang for your buck when you’re short on time? Tabata! It’s a term that describes a type of workout that alternates 20 seconds of intense exercise with 10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 minutes. (I typically do 2-3 sets of 4 minutes.) The key term here being “intense.” If your goal is to get better results in a shorter amount of time, focus on intensity. One a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being sitting on the couch and 10 running away from a lion), try to hit a 10 for those 20 second intervals for greater success. I think so many people hold back on intensity because they’re afraid to fail. It’s ok to go so hard you can’t finish! I’m giving you permission to fail. Give it a try, and you’ll see better results with shorter workouts.

I’ve been geeking out over this stuff, and I’d love to know if you’re enjoying these weekly highlights, too.

Leave me a comment at the bottom with your thoughts.

I’m excited to hear from you!

~ Chalene

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164 thoughts on “Snapshot | My Crazy Before and After Pics & More

  1. I am excited about the beta test knowledge. I do not follow your Build a Tribe stuff as I am happily retired. However, I am not sure about my purpose and how I am making the world a better place. I am curious about the beta test certification program and helping our country with its obesity crisis. I learn more when I teach. Thank you.

  2. Absolutely! Please keep them coming .. for me is better a recap if I don’t have time to watch/read/listen each one at the time they get posted.
    Thank you

  3. Yes, I ❤️ The information you are posting! It helps a ton! I ❤️ Learning about gut health, nutrition & fitness, etc.

  4. Yes please keep doing these types of snaps. I’m loving all the info about guy health. I also love your business snaps/videos.

  5. Chalene – I absolutely love these jewels, these tidbits of useful information, these gems of amazingness that you share with us! Keep them coming!

  6. Chalene, thanks for the very informative podcast on supplements, GREAT episode. Never knew Lab Dood exsisted. Also, I think you should lead the crusade to challenge AMAZON’s referral process. I take those star ratings, as you did, as the real deal and make your purchase based on what I thought was real feedback. Sad to know it’s not 😠 Thanks for all you do and bringing such great content to us!!

    P.S. I’m a podcast subscriber/lifer and not on Snap Chat so these weekly recaps are a great way to recap! Love it. Thank you!

  7. YES Yes Y E SSSSSSS!!! Keep them coming. I am just soaking everything up. The photos of your brain was mind blowing. My grandfather and Mother suffered from Alzheimer’s. I am petrified ! Ready to learn so much more. Thank you for you vision, purpose and giving so much back. You ROCK!!

  8. Yes these weekly recaps are great! I might hear something in the middle of the week, but at the end of the week, I can remember when I have time to put some of those things to action! 🙂

  9. Love the highlights! I usually don’t miss but if I do this gives me the important stuff. Also good reminders! I’m totally loving these topics! I’ve been working on gut health for 7-8 years and you are helping me fine tune it!

  10. This has been life changing for me! I have shared so much with other people this is life-changing for me! I cannot believe how I feel, how I look and how other people see the change in me.

  11. Loving these! My Dad passed away just as we were starting the Beta test, so I was out of town for well over a month, so I missed it all. I’m just now trying to catch up with everything (trying being the key word here!!). I like this recap because it shows me the things that have happened with you this week, & makes it easier for me to see which things I really want to focus on.

  12. Yes! Please keep them coming, I love all the information I am learning. I may even consider taking some classes in the area of health and nutrition. My mindset on exercise and eating healthy has changed and that’s because of you and this program! Thank You!!!

  13. Chalene this is awesome! I’m a teen and have been an fan of your podcast for 2 or so years now. This information is so helpful, and I’ve been doing a gluten/dairy detoxing for the past few days and hope to continue to day 30 or so and have been feeling amazing! I’ve cheated a bit, but because I have, I’ve realized how much these products have been affecting my gut health. IF has also been a huge asset to me. Though I’ve struggled with body image a few years ago (while somewhat denying it), I feel like I’m in a much better place now largely thank you to you and want to be inspiring my friends to look and feel great at the same time! Thank you x1000! I am so grateful for all that you do!!!

  14. Yesss I am very interested in learning about the brain gut connection. Maybe an interview with Dr. Pearlmutter? 🙂 thank you so much!

  15. Ironically this is the first time I have been lucky enough to get a recap in a while. But I absolutely love getting them because I don’t always get to see your snaps.

  16. I love hearing about the workouts, the foods you talk about and cook(I found Jackfruit!!!!). I think what you talk about is SO interesting. Please keep on teaching me!

  17. Yes, please keep these topics coming!!! I have LIVED for your Snaps this past week. Would love more info on if we should still take a probiotic. From your podcast it sounds like we shouldnt but seems like we should take something. Also would like to know the audio book quotes you listen to.
    Thank you for sharing all this info with us!

  18. Please don’t STOP! This life that I live and love is super busy ( and Ive set a goal to not be so much of a phone junkie) so I miss a lot of your snaps but with these weekly updates are purrrrrrrr-fect. Then I can check what fab tips and topics you’ve hit!!
    Thanks so much! I love that your investing the time to research this information and pass it on to us. You’re a great and “most excellent” (name that movie) MENTOR!
    Keep em a commin sistah!

  19. I appreciated the interview with Zach Bush so much, I shared it with all my kids and their significants. Thank you and please keep educating us. Your interview Q’s are right on.

  20. Love this!! Sums up all I need to go back and catch up on without having to search and get forever lost in social media along the way!!! You really are the most awesome mentor ever!!

  21. I feel you touch on what every woman is intrigued with. What it is you don’t leave anything out, so what is fascinating by someone may spark in interest in someone else. But I’ll take some help on effective glute workouts!!

  22. Love the weekly highlights! Really helps when I don’t have time to check during the week. I know I’m not going to miss anything!

  23. Yes!! I love them! Thank you for spreading the word. I have learned so much these past two months and I owe it to you. Not only have you taught me, but you opened the door for me to continue researching and looking further into gut health. Thank you!

  24. Love how you recap everything and the knowledge you have given soo many people to better themselves in everyway!!! Xo!

  25. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love all of th gut intelligence, brain health, workout info etc. you’ve been discussing lately. I can’t get enough of this stuff. You’ve inspired me to do my own research and between listening to you and the experts you’ve recommended I feel more confident making decisions for my own nutrition and fitness. Thank you!!!👏🏻

  26. We are always one the same track of discovery! I have been checking into the brain scans with the Amen clinic. (Can’t wait to see the supplement pod cast where your expert ranks things. It is so confusing.) I love that your a step ahead. Just know God is using you to give all of us like minded people a little nudge in the right direction. Thanks Chalene!
    Deneia – MIA student

  27. Hi Chalene
    I so love your weekly updates! Personally, you are like my personal life coach! Love the inspiration and learnings! Keep up the awesome work. You are loved and are a blessing to so many, including me!❤️

  28. I love these weekly recaps, Chalene! I don’t always catch everything on Snapchat, Instagram or FB (hey, I have a corporate job, a biz, two kids and a home to run). I’m really glad I saw the supplements podcast which I will listen to today. This is something I’m very interested in making sure that my supplements are quality and I’m not paying for false advertising (& fillers and garbage). And I am looking forward to checking out your brain scans too! Thanks for doing these recaps!

  29. I Absolutely love these weekly highlights! I think you are such an amazing inspirational person! I love reading your blog and listening to all of your informative podcasts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and providing a platform for us all to expand our knowledge on health and nutrition.

  30. YES! Please keep the SNAPshot of the week coming! It is so helpful to be able to go back and watch/listen to everything again.

  31. Yes, please keep sharing anything and everything you can with us Chalene.


  32. Yes! Please keep doing these summaries! I mostly watch the chats, but when I miss them – or want to be reminded of something I enjoyed/found helpful – these are great. Thanks, Chalene!

  33. These snapshots are FABULOUS!! While I subscribe to your podcast and follow you on…well everything, it’s great to have a weekly highlight/wrap up. Fantastic idea!! Thank you.

  34. LOVE the recaps! Sometimes my schedule gets to packed full I miss your info and these are great reminders of the important things to check out! Always informative and useful 🙂 THANK YOU!

  35. I love the weekly recaps! I also love the mix of information from the science to fashion to workouts. Thank you for sharing with us, Chalene!

  36. Please keep posting!! I don’t use Snapchat so I feel like I miss a lot of your great info. I really appreciate all the knowledge you are sharing here!!

  37. I loved the LABDOOR info. I live inthe middle of nowhere and order from Amazon a couple times a week. I have ordered many supplements from there. I will not order anything without a LABDOOR stop first.

  38. YES!! Your research along with the expert guests make for an awesome podcast.
    Here’s to all our health and wellness.

  39. Love love love them! I enjoy your emails and if I need some guidance or advice about social media or online business I always check out your blog. I guess I’m a little old school but plan on using your exper advice to try out all the other social media places. I do have a Facebook and Pinterest account which I follow you on. I haven’t figured out how to use Instagram using my computer instead of a phone yet. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!
    Thanks bunches!

    PS…. I’m ordering PIYO!

  40. Hi there, I am a 38 year old mother of 4 children. I have struggled with severe anxiety symptoms for about 13 years. I also have struggled with minor ADD and processing issues. I have been on an SSRI medication for it and it has helped tremendously. I am an outgoing person and find this has really interfered with my life. I love to learn,but struggle to do so often too. I recently have doubled my workouts in order to come down off my medicine. It is helping, but I would truly love to be medicine free. I am a very healthy eater but I know there is much more I can do to heal my brain issues. This runs in my family. Hearing you speak on a healthy brain and your outcome is wonderful.

  41. Yesss!!! I love that you/your staff made categories!!! Now we can go straight to what we’re most interested in!

  42. I absolutely love this! Very helpful because sometimes I’ll think “What was that she was talking about again?” or “How did she do that again?” blah blah blah. So yes, I think this is a great idea and would definitely utilize this.

  43. I love the summary just in case I miss some of your informative snaps! Thank you! Keep those summaries coming.

  44. I love this recap of the week! Especially things I might have missed or want to look at again!! Thank you for taking the time and energy to do this! I know it takes a lot of work

  45. This is such a great idea. I was so pleasantly surprised and excited when I got this in my inbox! I try to watch your snaps daily but there have been times when I’ve missed a day here or there. So informative and entertaining. “Meeting” you has been a game changer.

  46. I must say that everything you do is helpful! You are one person I look forward to listening to on Snapchat!!!!

  47. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being able to read and process things at my leisure. I’m the geek who goes to The Chalene Show and prints off the transcripts. I like having paper in hand, I know OLD SCHOOL, but that’s how I roll! I’m hoping when Diet Beta rolls out live that it could be print and audio/video……just saying…LOVE YOU!

  48. So helpful! There are days where I forget to screen shot or I’m out and didn’t write a tip down so YEEESSSS!!! Sorry for the work #notsorry keep it up. ❤️ You

  49. These recaps are SO helpful!! I love your snaps but this is just a great reference if I was watching your snaps in between meetings or appointments and didn’t take a screenshot or make an iPhone note of something you said/recommended (like the Jackfruit beef alternative brand)! Keep these reminders coming! Your snap fam appreciates it!

  50. I don’t miss your snapchats very often, except for the other day! 🙁 Soo glad you have summaries! Thank u for ALL the info! Keep it coming. :)))
    Looking forward to Cycle 2 of Beta test!

  51. Yes! The reality is, you’re too stinkin’ funny & entertaining for all of it to go to waste after 24hrs. Not to mention, it’s all while being super imformative. Lol I’d love a place to send friends whenever I find myself referencing something I learned last week or month on Chalene’s snap. Eek, also sometimes I take a social media break but dread missing Chalene’s helpful snaps!

  52. Love love love the weekly summary of things covered on snap chat. Please don’t stop, it’s so helpful. Thank you Chalene for trying to make our lives easier and assist us in becoming more educated about these thing. You’re simply amazing!

    Thanks girl,

  53. I love this addition to the blog. I have missed a few Snaps and knowing they are here is amazing. Much appreciated content.

  54. Yes, LOVE snapshot of the week!! It’s really helpful for those days when I don’t get a chance to watch your snaps. Thank you!

  55. I love the highlights of the week even when I watch all your snaps! This week you snapped your hair products. I wrote down the hairspray, but not the shampoo. Since you said you switched from Wen which I currently use, I am very interested in what it was.

  56. I just love your videos! Your humor, honesty and fun loving style of delivery has me hooked!! And you are a joy to share with others!!

  57. Yes, please keep doing these! I can’t always watch you on snapchat, so I like being able to view snippets from the week!