SNAPshot | The Gnarly Truth, Why I Can’t Motivate You

I am super excited to share this weeks SNAP’s with you! There’s everything from motivation, to workout tips, me cooking in the kitchen, and social media tips to not lose followers.  And, HEY!! Where have you been!?  I haven’t been hearing from you as much, so leave me a comment below so that I know you’re still enjoying these SNAPshots!  My goal is to give you my best tips, tricks, and motivation all in one slam dunk post! So are you still loving these?? Leave me a “Heck ya!” in the comments so that I know you made it here and are still loving these SNAPshots!

Workout Chat: How to Guarantee You Get Your Workout Done

If you want to be consistent in getting something done, you’ve got to put it on your schedule… even your workouts. You must be specific, too. Here’s a few tips to help you make sure you get your workout done every day inspired by a recent experience I had.

#1 – Schedule your workouts – exactly what you’re going to do every day for the next 5 days.

#2 – Schedule the time at which your workouts will begin

#3 – Set an alarm and don’t hit snooze – your workouts are most likely to happen when you schedule them at a time when no one else needs you…that’s early morning.

I recently noticed that I wasn’t scheduling my workouts… and by that I mean, I wasn’t setting an exact start time in my calendar. This was a mistake because it gave me way too much flexibility. Even though I was getting up with my alarm and heading down to gym once I was ready, I wasn’t actually scheduling a time. The result? My workouts were getting pushed farther and farther back… which meant my workouts were getting shorter and shorter. I was feeling rushed and like I wasn’t able to get through what I wanted to get through.

So this week, I decided to make a change. My wake up is set, along with a second alarm to indicate my workout time.


Food Chat: A Delicious Probiotic-Rich Meal Idea

Food stylists beware. Look away! This isn’t pretty, but it tastes fantastic…and it’s easy…. I didn’t even use a knife!

– Sauerkraut
– Asparagus
– Spinach
– Ground beef
– Unsweetened almond milk yogurt
– Seasoning of your choice

This isn’t meant to be a recipe; merely an inspiration for a new way to get more probiotic rich foods in your diet.


Social Media Chat: The Top 20 Most Annoying Things People Post on Snapchat

As voted on by you, my Snapchat fam, here are the top 20 most annoying things people post on snapchat!

Ironically, I’m guilty of many of these, but apparently, these are the things most people find very annoying. So definitely be aware of the below so that you can avoid losing followers and continue growing your following.

1. Concert or perfomances
2. Life casting with no opinion, advice, tips or entertainment
3. Voice filters
4. Solely using the dog filter
5. Selfie snaps with no purpose
6. Fake personality
7. Too many snaps
8. Rarely showing face
9. Snapping the song playing on the radio
10. Constant complaining
11. Daily pet snaps
12. 100 snaps on one subject
13. Too many kid snaps
14. Too few snaps when you do snap
15. Partying or restaurant scene
16. Camera roll photos
17. Snapping while driving
18. Watching while driving
19. Watching yourself while snapping
20. Not letting people really know who you are

For more Snapchat tips to grow your business check out my son’s new podcast: Social Media Money Makers


Personal Development Chat: No One Can GIVE You Motivation… But Here’s How To Get What You Want

If no one’s told you this lately… you look so good when you smile. You should smile more. And yes, you do have a lot to be happy about and grateful for.

If you’re struggling to come up with the things you’re grateful for, take out a pen and piece of paper and jot down a few things that if you didn’t have them right now, you’d be devastated. Those are the things to be grateful for.

I get so many messages from people on Snapchat who say “Chalene, you’ve got to give me motivation. I don’t feel like working on my business. I don’t feel like working on my marriage. I don’t feel like working out. I don’t feel like eating right, etc. You have to give me motivation.”

I hate to break it to you…I can’t give that to you, and no one else can either.

Here’s what can be motivational: a song, a movie, following someone on social media… these can all be motivational drives in your life. But no one can GIVE you motivation. So if you’re waiting for someone to give it to you or to just magically find it, you’re looking in the wrong places.

If you want a certain result, you need to take a certain action.
I am not motivated to brush my teeth, but I want clean teeth, and I don’t want to repel people with my bad breath, so I take the action of brushing my teeth. If you want a certain outcome, think about what actions are required and just DO them.

If you’re not happy with your weight, your finances, your business, your relationships…
You know what excuses you’re making. You know what to do. Stop waiting around for the motivation or searching for it or hoping someone else will give it to you.

The question is “Do you want it or not?” Because you know what to do, so you either go for it, or don’t.


Health Chat: Why You Should NEVER Stop Exercising Cold Turkey

This video is just another testament to why you need to workout…not just for weight loss, but for your health…especially your brain. There are so many chemical processes that happen in the brain when we exercise. We used to think the positive benefit of exercise for the brain was endorphins (what we feel when we feel excitement). What’s even more exciting than endorphins is the BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor) in our brain.

When people talk about clarity after they exercise it’s because BDNF literally resets your brain. When we exercise, we produce human growth hormone at a much higher rate than when we’re sedentary. HGH is responsible for: repairing tissues, making new hair and nails, repairing cells, and improving mitochondrial function… So if you want to live longer, feel happier, feel younger, heal faster…you definitely want more HGH.

And you don’t have to get injected with it or pay for it. Your body produces it when you exercise. That’s pretty freaking awesome, RIGHT!?

So the bad news is, when you stop working out, the chemical processes that happen in your brain stop…check out this video to find out why you should never stop cold turkey and no matter what your situation, you should always find SOMETHING you can do to stay active.


Podcast Chat: What Happened to My Business?!

Guess what? There’s a new episode of Build Your Tribe this week!

That’s my business podcast. A LOT has been going on at Team Johnson lately, and change is on the horizon! If you’re curious what’s been going on in my business in the last 6 months to a year and how Bret and I started working with a strategist, the changes we’ve made and the changes we anticipate in the next couple of years, if that’s interesting to you and you want the inside scoop, download this latest episode!


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34 thoughts on “SNAPshot | The Gnarly Truth, Why I Can’t Motivate You

  1. No one can give you motivation – it comes from within.
    I don’t understand being unmotivated…and it has taken me a while to finally learn that if I am PULLING someone along, I’m not motivating THEM, I am simply exhausting ME.

    I start each day with a gratitude exercise with my cousin.

    Game changer.

    There is always something to be grateful for – and from there the motivation to live life to the fullest grows by leaps and bounds.

    And P.S. – your PUSH journals. Also a game changer.

    Can’t wait to meet you in Long Beach, CA at the SUCCESS LIVE event. Platinum tickets – because you teach in VBA to go big…

    See you soon!

  2. There’s nothing like watching you live on Snap but I LOVE, LOVE these Snapshots! Perfect for when I can’t catch a snap or want to revisit a topic. Thanks for doing this!! <3

  3. I needed this today. I’ve been looking for motivation and you are right. No one can give it to me. You either DO IT or you DON’T. Thank you.

  4. I appreciate and LOVE these SNAPshots..It is easier to see it all in one place. After reading it all I get focused for fast action and just forget to comment!

  5. Thanks so much! I needed to read this email today! Just what I needed to hear to get me moving back in the right direction with my business!

  6. Chalene, thank you so much for being the “mom I never had”! My life has changed so much because of you. After suffering from severe depression all throughout my 20’s, my journey to health started with Chalean Extreme, then Turbo Fire and on and on. Your snapchats are awesome and I’m glad I’ve made them a daily habit. I’ve been using the Push journals religioiusly for 5 months now, every day. Within the first 2 Push journal months, my husband and I paid off $12k in debt!!! As I raise my 2 young kids, I use the journal to “up my mom game” and it keeps me from feeling like my life is just being a mom. I can focus on a few other things a day that give my life more meaning and make me a BETTER mom. THANK you and thank God that you have changed my life and so many through following your priorities and passions. I now can do the same, I believe it now!

    A grateful Lifer,

    Jessica Welch

  7. I love the snapshots! If I check out the stories everyday, I very sucked into a social media pit that I can’t seem to crawl out of… and then I’ve lost precious minutes and often hours I can’t get back, that I could have used on my business or my family. This concise summary allows me to keep up with you, and hear the topics I find interesting/ motivating/ entertaining.

    Excited to see what’s next!

  8. I definitely love these Snapshots! I am not finding the time to watch Snapchat these days but don’t want to miss your roundups! Thank you for writing them.

  9. Chalene – I am learning so much from you and have passed on your podcast to, at least, three friends just in the last few days. You have inspired me to stick with getting my weight off and being more disciplined in my life instead of doing those things “tomorrow”. I enjoy you frankness in this crazy world. Also, went back and listened to your story (episode 10) and really respect and commend you for putting your vows and family first. We need more of us to stand up for that so thanks for being such a positive influence/speaker about that. Love the snapchats and am listening to your podcasts as I am out in my car doing my job. Have also signed up for BUILD YOUR TRIBE as I am hoping to start a business soon! Thanks for all your encouragement and, especially, for sharing the knowledge that you have to help make our lives better!!!!

  10. Heck Ya! and so much truth in exercise!! I recently went through chemo/rad and couldn’t do much but found I could walk thru the Country Heat program with several breaks. But now I’m back to being able to do some Turbo Jam 20 (my fave go to when short on time and the best 20 minutes of my day =) ) and even a few of the easier Turbo Fires!! Thank you for such awesome programs!!

  11. I love the podcasts! I wanted to suggest having Gary Taubes on one soon. I just read his book “The Case Against Sugar” and also have read “Why We Get Fat” and I think it would be interesting to hear you interview him!

  12. Thank you so much for the tips on getting exercise in! I tend to do the same thing! It seems like I’m up early enough however, I always seems to find 1 more tasks to do before I hit my exercise room – and then, like you said, I feel rushed because now it’s almost time to head out the door! I’m going to try NOT to hit the snooze and to try setting an alarm to START my exercise.

    Seems so simple!

    P.S. I just ordered my Push Journals today also! 🙂

  13. I’m here! I’ve been looking forward to the motivation chat ever since you posted it. Thank you for doing all this work to keep us up – it’s totally worth it, even if we don’t get to the snaps when you post them. And thanks for a snap about *motivation* – I need this!!