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Show Notes from My Most Recent Podcasts

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September 25, 2015
Too Scared to Try

Are you overcome with perfection paralysis? Many times our fears hold us back and keep us from moving forward with something. Fear of criticism, fear of being over analyzed, fear of failing at something in someone else’s eyes. Did you know I used to be in a punk rock band!? Yep! I got a guitar […]

EVENT copy
September 24, 2015
Time Saving Systems – Less Stress, Better Results

(Timecode 0:33) What does it mean to productive? I think productivity means getting the desired result in an efficient way. (Timecode 1:16) I’ve been reading this amazing book calledThe Organized Mind. (Timecode 1:51) What I love about The Organized Mind are the success principles. Success principles are found all the way back to the times […]

September 24, 2015
One Step Goal Mastery | Never Before Revealed Personal Push Goal Formula

I created my 30 Day PUSH Program to teach people how to live their life by their priorities, work more efficiently, and create goals that are in line with their priorities. One of the key concepts to the program is creating a PUSH goal, which I was noticing a lot of people getting stuck on. People […]

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September 24, 2015
Productivity Hacks

Lets make this the most productive week ever! Being productive is not about managing time; it’s about managing ourselves. In this podcast, I’m going to give you the tips you need to become more productive. I want to help you learn to manage your life so that at the end of the day you can […]

overcome overwhelm
September 23, 2015
Overcome Overwhelm | How to do Less, Live More, Earn More and Pursue the Things that Matter

Bret and I asked you guys if we should make the first video of our 4 part mini series into a podcast, and the response was crazy!! So here it is… This is the LIVE broadcast of Bret and I sharing our story.  How just 5 years ago I hit a breaking point and almost […]

September 23, 2015
Top 5 Millionaire Mantras

In this episode I talk to you about my top 5 million dollar mantras. I feel like my education didn’t start until after college. I started studying successful people, looking at those that were stressed success and those that were secure success. The people that fascinated me were the ones that were able to be […]

September 22, 2015
How to Not Worry What Others Think

This episode is all about a mental reset!  How to stop worrying about what other people think.  It’s all about not allowing what other people think to rob you of your own dreams and instill fear in you. What I’m going to tell you, you already know deep down. But, I’m also going teach you […]

Infomercial-style Launch Formula
September 22, 2015
What No One Tells You About How to Get Discovered, Go Viral or Catch that Big Break

This episode is all about how to get a mentor to actually mentor you! We dive into my personal story in investing in Brian Tracy and how some amazing SMART Success grads have gotten on my radar because of their approach to me.   The thing is, you have to be willing to invest in yourself. […]

September 11, 2015
How to be Instantly Happy – 11 Quick Happy Hacks to Boost Your Mood Today

In this episode I want to talk to you about how to turn on the Happy! This isn’t about forcing happiness when you’re suffering from depression or something is seriously off. I’m am ALL for therapy. Trust me! I regularly go and so does my husband Bret. We are big advocates of keeping the mind […]

EVENT copy
September 02, 2015
How to Fall Asleep in 60 Seconds | Calm Your Body and Your Mind Today

This particular episode is all about sleep.  I actually recorded this episode in the sleep center at Hoag Hospital! I was there doing a sleep study, so I thought I would be a great time to talk to you about sleep.  I am taking my brain health very serious this year because after a brain […]

August 26, 2015
Reset Your Time Management Button and Get Focused

In this episode we talk about a total reset of your time management. So what does it mean to reset your time management? We always seems to struggle with not having enough time in our day, even when we are organized. I actually find that those who are the most organized tend to struggle with […]

August 20, 2015
Give Yourself Permission to Rest | Seasons of Success

This episode is all about rest. Rest is so vital to our body, mind and soul. Rest is so important and we just don’t talk about it enough. I grew up in household with a father who was an entrepreneur. Because of this, we never really experienced a season of rest. It was always, create […]

August 18, 2015
Gary Vaynerchuk | The Work Family Debate

Gary Vaynerchuk built a business that he acquired from his family, which he turned into a 60 million dollar empire that is still going strong today. He is the author of several New York Times best selling books, the most popular being Crush It. He is a self-proclaimed hustler and he and I go head […]

August 13, 2015
The Most Important App You Will Ever Download

As you know, my accounts were hacked a few months ago and it I learned so much from that experience. I could of avoided the entire situation by doing a few simple steps. One of which is to use a secure password management system. The one I use, is 1Password and that’s why I wanted […]

August 10, 2015
Sleep Deprivation Equals Brain Damage

This habit is more detrimental to our health then almost anything else you do… even more than smoking! It’s time for me to be real… to be honest. I want to bring awareness to this issue because it has such a dramatic effect on your health. It’s sleep. We’ve heard it a million times that […]

Self sufficient kids
August 06, 2015
How to Raise Confident Adults and Self Sufficient Kids

In this episode I want to talk to you about how impactful our relationship is with our kids. We love our kids more than life itself, and even though we typically have their best interest at heart, we sometimes make mistakes. So today I want to talk to you about the common mistakes we makes […]

make your mark with periscope
August 04, 2015
How To Make Your Mark and Educate with Periscope

My goal in life is to share idea that will make your life easier – because I love when people share ideas with me. And, I can honestly tell you that I haven’t been this excited about a social media platform since Instagram. Periscope is a game changer and it’s perfect for my lifers because […]

create a killer freemium from video
July 30, 2015
How to Create A Killer Freemium from Video and Your Periscope

Listen: The most important thing I ever did for my business was to create my 30-Day Push series. I’m not kidding. Simply by recording 30 videos in front of my computer, I was able to generate a freemium that generates 100,000 to 150,000 emails a year. You NEED an email list for your business, so […]

Life altering event like cancer
July 29, 2015
Dealing with a Life Altering Event Like Cancer with Jen Delvaux

  We’ve all experienced that devastating news that knocks the wind right out of you. Sometimes its hard to see the end of the tunnel when traumatic things happen in our lives. But there’s hope. Hope in other people’s stories. Today I interview Jen Delvaux. Her story is beyond incredible and it truly teaches us […]

Niche accounts to grow your business
July 28, 2015
How to Outsource Instagram | Niche Accounts to Grow Your Business

If you’re trying to build your business using Instagram, then you need to be smart about how you spend your time. It’s tempting to want to build up your personal account and then, once it gets big enough, just blast out promotions. However, that’s not how I approach it. If you’re smart (which, let’s face […]

Infomercial-style Launch Formula-8
July 25, 2015
How to Get Massive Energy, Creativity, and Confidence

What if I told you that there’s a drug that exists today that can give you more energy and mental clarity? What if it also improved your relationships and your business acumen? Would you run to your doctor right away and ask for a prescription? Well, that drug DOES exist, but you don’t need to […]

July 24, 2015
My Husband Hijacked My Podcast! | How to be a Supportive Partner with Bret Johnson

For this episode, my wonderful husband Bret took over and provided listeners with some tips on how to support your partner when they’re starting a new business. I’ve always been so lucky to have Bret’s support and he offered some great insight into the process of being a loving and supportive spouse. Here was his […]

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July 24, 2015
How to be Comfortable on Camera | Using Video to Build Your Business

I had a wonderful Periscope session where I answered questions directly from viewers about how to use video to build their business. This is an important topic for me because I truly believe that video is one of the key ingredients to building your business. Since you can talk directly to viewers, it allows them to […]

how to come down from that big event
July 23, 2015
How to Come Down From That Big Event

So, you had the BIG event – a conference, a presentation, a podcast or product launch, a wedding – and now you’re in a funk. How do you get out of the funk and find the energy and focus to take the necessary steps towards your next big goal? Here are 11 tips to help […]

how to be consistently consistent
July 14, 2015
How to be Consistently Consistent

Today, we’re talking about being how to be consistent. Well, specifically, we’re talking about how to be “consistently consistent”. Now, let’s just get this out of the way, being consistent isn’t about being perfect – there’s already a word for that. Instead, consistency is about moving forward with some regularity. There’s going to be some […]

periscope is dope yo
July 14, 2015
Periscope is Dope, Yo!

Periscope is a relatively new app and service from Twitter that allows you to stream live video and audio. It’s really convenient because it integrates into your Twitter account and it gives everybody the ability to interact directly with the world. While this resource may not be for everybody out there, entrepreneurs should definitely spend […]

July 08, 2015
How to Make Difficult Decisions | Goal Setting with a Twist (Part 2)

Today, we’re continuing our conversation about what success should feel like and using those ideas to help create some goals for ourselves. Now, before we go any further, make sure you’ve listened to part one of this topic. You can learn more here. Now that you’ve outlined what you want to feel, we can then […]

Infomercial-style Launch Formula-7
July 08, 2015
When Your Idea Bombs & Learning to Experiment

The true spirit of an entrepreneur is the desire and ability to experiment. When you’re in charge, you can try something new, see how it goes, tweak it, and then move on. With that in mind, there’s no need to get up too upset if something doesn’t work right the first time. Everything you create […]

How to avoid facebook suspensions
July 07, 2015
How to Avoid Facebook Suspensions

Your Facebook page is super important to your business. At this point, you’ve probably spent countless hours learning how to grow your page and use that growth to fuel your business. Now, imagine how devastating it would be to lose access to that page. Imagine the short term and long term impact that could have […]

what success should feel like
July 06, 2015
What Success Should Feel Like

What is success? It’s a question that society pretends to have answered. Our culture would tell us that success is money, power, or fame. But, that’s not quite right. While success is something that you have to define for yourself, I personally think that Tony Robbins said it best: “Success is doing what you want […]

July 03, 2015
Why Your Friends and Family May Not Support You

How do you deal with your love one’s when it feels like they’re trying to sabotage your success? Even if they’re not sabotaging you, they’re lack of support hurts. What do you do when the people who you THINK will be excited for you react negatively? Is this the person you thought they were or […]

July 01, 2015
Help! I have Kids and a Day Job, but I Need to Grow This Business!

How do you raise a family, work full time, AND start your dream business? It requires some strategic planning and a lot of work, but it’s definitely something you can and should do! In this episode, I offer you some starting points that will help you identify what you should prioritize in order to be […]

June 29, 2015
Cellulite FACTS vs MYTHS

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about cellulite. I was listening to a so-called “health” podcast where they were discussing ways to get rid of cellulite and it made me so angry! It’s not just that show, sadly, so I made an episode where I could set the facts straight about cellulite. Here’s the […]

promote your freemium
June 26, 2015
How to Promote Your Freemium & Why Business Cards Are Dead

When you’ve got a great freemium and a great website, where do you send people? I answer a question from a listener about which pages on your website that you should be directing your potential customers to. I also talk about business cards – yes, business cards. But, what I have to say might surprise […]

people who drive you crazy
June 25, 2015
How to Deal with People Who Stress You Out & Drive You Crazy

We are continuing our discussion on toxic people. Lets recap; in part 1 we talk about what a toxic person is and how they make us feel. I highly encourage you go back and listen to that episode >> LISTEN NOW! We all have people in our lives that are quote on quote “toxic”. But […]

TCS how to manage negative influences
June 23, 2015
How to Manage Negative Influences | A New Twist on Toxic People

This episode is all about dealing with toxic people and how to give them less power in our lives. The term “toxic people” is very common. I’m sure you’ve tried to remove toxic people from your life! So what are you saying in your mind when you label someone toxic? I gave this some thought […]

Infomercial-style Launch Formula 2
June 23, 2015
How to use video PRIMING to Blast Your Facebook Reach

Facebook LOVES video. If you want to know how to increase engagement on Facebook, then you simply need videos. There’s no debate. However, Facebook also loves to make it difficult to get your videos in front of the right people. In this episode, I am going to share with you a simple, yet highly effective […]

TCS PART 5 cyber security
June 19, 2015
Part 5: How Your Smart Phone and Email are Telling Thieves How to Gain Access

  This is the final episode of this 5 part series! Darren was my MOST requested guest for the Chalene Show and when you listen to these episodes it’s easy to understand why. I hope that will listen to all 5 episodes because each one provides you with incredible information on how to keep yourself […]

TCS Part 4 Cyber Security
June 17, 2015
Part 4: How Your Cyber Security Knowledge is Dangerously Outdated

Most of our cyber security knowledge is outdated. It’s an industry that’s continually changing and not knowing leaves us open to attacks. This is the 4-part to a detailed series on how to protect yourself online. In this interview with Darren Natoni, a friend and expert in this field, we discuss important facts you NEED […]

Infomercial-style Launch Formula
June 16, 2015
Quest Nutrition’s Quest for Success & How They Used Mirror Marketing To Do It

Can you build one of America’s fastest growing companies by focusing on value and community? Well, based on the success of Question Nutrition, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”. I speak with Tom Bilyeu, the co-founder and President of Question Nutrition – the second fastest growing company in the United States. We talk about mirror […]

hackers 2
June 15, 2015
Part 2: What You’re Doing to Invite Hackers & What to Fix First

Our information is out there. Can we ever protect ourselves 100%? Probably not! But we can be smart about it. So today my guest, Darren Natoni, is going to help us protect ourselves and teach us how to be smart online. Questions addressed in this podcast: How many people in the U.S. have their information […]

June 15, 2015
Part 3: Simple Cyber Security

Protecting yourself online needs to be a priority. Do not dismiss this as something that happens to others. Do not put this off. You need to secure your information…your privacy. Please please please forward this episode to anyone you know whose using the Internet to promote their business! I’m not going to sugar coat it… […]

June 12, 2015
Part 1: Passwords won’t protect you! | How to NOT be Hacked

June 6th 2015, I tweeted – “perfect day, slept in, watched documentaries, ocean front lunch, shopping, and beach tabata.” I was wrapped in a towel just about to hop in to the shower. I propped my phone up so I could see notifications coming in. Right as I was about to get in to the […]

June 05, 2015
Borrowing, Stealing, or Improving on the Business Ideas of Others

What’s truly original these days? That’s really the central question asked by a listener in today’s episode. I break down the distinction between “borrowing”, “stealing” and “improving” when it comes to developing your own business idea. It’s important to understand these concepts so you can protect yourself from undue hardships in the future. Nothing is […]

wake up sleepy head
June 03, 2015
Wake Up, Sleepy Head!

I’ve had many listeners reach out to me and say, “Chalene, you’re right. I know that I need to wake up early, before everybody else, and start my day. You keep talking about the importance of waking up, making your bed, having a moment of gratitude… I KNOW that you’re right. BUT, I just can’t […]

BYT | implement what you've learned
June 03, 2015
Stop, Drop, & Implement What You’ve Learned!

You’re listening to podcasts, reading books, going to seminars and academies… but, when do you internalize the knowledge, asses it, and put it into practice? This is a common problem for entrepreneurs – when are we ready to take that next step? Well, in today’s episode, I explain to you how to grapple with your […]

BYT | TOP 3 morning rituals
June 02, 2015
Top 3 Morning Rituals for Entrepreneurs & Podcast Masterminds vs Bookclubs

Today’s episode has two separate – yet, equally awesome – parts. We’re going to talk a little bit about how to make sense of and organize all of the podcasts in your life and I’m also going to provide you with 3 daily habits for the entrepreneur. So, let’s get started! One of my listeners […]

May 29, 2015
Convicted of Murdering Someone at Age 17: The Ryan Ferguson Story

Chalene speaks with author Ryan Ferguson (“Stronger, Faster, Smarter”) about being wrongly convicted of murder at the age of 17. After spending over a decade behind bars, Ryan learned a lot about the value of both emotional strength and physical strength. In this interview, he explains how he adjusted to a life in prison, how […]

Infomercial-style Launch Formula (5)
May 29, 2015
How to Handle Rejection and Judgement of Your Product or Service

Today, I answer a question about rejection – how do we cope with it? You’ll hear me talk  about some times in my life that I’ve been rejected and how I used those moments to my advantage. It’s not always easy, but it’s very important. Being rejected is an opportunity to propel yourself forward! After […]

andy kelly
May 28, 2015
Meditation for People Who Don’t Get It But Really Need it

Today is the day that I start my journey towards understanding if meditation has a place in my daily routine. I’m speaking Andrew Kelley, a.k.a. “The Boston Buddha”. Andy answers all of my rapidly-paced questions about meditation: Do I have to close my eyes? Do I have to sit with my legs crossed? Where should […]

May 27, 2015
How Much Free Content is Too Much?

You’ve got a podcast, a blog, an awesome freemium, active social media accounts, and a YouTube series, but you struggle with the question of, “How much free content is too much?” In this episode, I talk to you about the important relationships you can develop by offering free materials and, ultimately, I hope to help […]

7 steps to recover from setbacks
May 26, 2015
7 Steps to Recover from Setbacks and Disappointments

“Every setback has served to make you better.” In today’s episode, I explain the seven areas of your life that you CAN control and then gives some suggestions for how to cope with the things you simply can’t control. Everybody encounters setbacks and hardships, what defines us is how we cope and move forward when […]

Scared money dont make money
May 23, 2015
Scared Money Don’t Make Money | Knowing When & Where to Invest Your Money

“When and where do I invest money in my business?” It’s a question that every person who is starting a business must ask themselves. In this episode, I take you through the process of understanding the best time and the best places to invest your money. Topics include email management systems, brainstorming, business masterminds, and […]

pamela peeke
May 21, 2015
Stop Overeating! – How to Gain Control Over Your Impulse to Overindulge with Dr. Pamela Peeke

We’re talking science today, ladies and gentleman. I’m talking with New York Times Best-Selling author, Dr. Pamela Peeke, about food addiction: where does it start, how addictive is it, and how do you deal with it? Dr. Peeke specializes in nutrition, stress, and weight-loss – particularly for people over the age of 40. If you have […]

May 21, 2015
Get Your Videos to Rank & Build Your Email List with James Wedmore

Part two of my interview with Youtube and marketing specialist, James Wedmore. In this episode, we talk about how to make thumbnails to help brand your videos and make your content pop! We also answer: What to do if you have old unpublished content How to place text over your thumbnail and your videos How […]

May 20, 2015
Ninja YouTube Strategies with James Wedmore

Chalene speaks with Youtube and marketing specialist, James Wedmore, who helps dispels some of the biggest Youtube and video myths. James shares how to make a video even if you really don’t like the way you look or sound on video, the best camera to get started, how to start building a following without a website, […]

Infomercial style Launch Formula
May 19, 2015
Informercial-Style Launch Forumla

Today, we’re talking about launching a product properly. In this episode, I take you through a product launch formula that I’ve been trying out this year based on my experience with informercials. Now, before you get ahead of yourself, this episode is second half of Saturday episode titled, “Creating a Plan to Launch”. So, make […]

May 19, 2015
Morning Rituals

Today we’re talking about developing three important morning rituals that you should practice every day. You’ll feel more in control and you’ll have more balance and happiness in your day-to-day life. 1) Make your bed every day (and make your kids make their own beds!) When you make your bed, you start your day with […]

how to complain
May 16, 2015
How to Complain | When and Why it’s Okay to Complain

Even though this episode is all about complaining, I want to start it off by thanking you for your support of the Chalene Show!  I can’t do this without you guys… Seriously! We’ve been taught not to complain…but sometimes the right kind of complaint, with proper intention is not just okay, but down right necessary! […]

EVENT-7 copy
May 14, 2015
The Ultimate Exercise Routine

In this episode I want to talk to you about – what is the “best” workout!? We all want to be doing the latest and greatest… and BEST workout!!! But sometimes the latest and greatest just isn’t right us.  Don’t force it.  Do the workout that YOU connect to and that YOU love!  I think […]

virtual freelancers
May 12, 2015
Avoid Getting Screwed Hiring Virtual Help | Recruiting and Evaluating Virtual Freelancers

For the last week or so, we’ve been talking about growing your business. I mentioned last week, the 4 hour work week and I honestly don’t think the average person can build their business in 4 hours a day. But here’s the deal, I DO believe that it’s an old school mindset to think that […]

personality types
May 11, 2015
Complex Personality Types | How to Understand the Misunderstood

Do you ever feel like you have a little bit of a split personality? Two of the most complex personality dichotomies are a shy extrovert and an outgoing introvert. Yes, these are personality types even though they sound like an oxymoron. Most people understand what it means to be shy versus outgoing. However, a lot […]

knowing when to delegate
May 08, 2015
Smart Business Growth | Knowing when to Delegate and Outsource

There are points in the development of your business in which taking that step to outsource is so important.  Making the decision to outsource can determine whether you experience stressed success or smart success!  If you are unsure if you are at the point of needing to delegate, Chalene dives into this in the episode […]

May 07, 2015
How to Heal Your Issues

After our last few episodes on body issues, Chalene received so many messages that she wanted to bring on an expert; enter Dr. Mcayla.  Dr. Mcayla Sarno is a licensed clinician and EMDR expert, about where our insecurities come from and how we can move forward. Body image is the way you perceive yourself and […]

May 05, 2015
Validating Feeling | How to Say Sorry

Saying “Sorry” to someone can be the hardest thing to do – especially when we don’t see eye-to-eye with them about what we should be sorry about. However, this isn’t about being “right” or “wrong”, it’s about understanding and validating the feelings of the people you love. In this episode, Chalene talks you through a […]

May 01, 2015
Way Too Skinny | Why Skinny Shaming is Accepted

Closing out our week on body issues, today I talk with Kelly Nelson about how our culture treats people that it deems as “too skinny”. Kelly, the found of Carpool Chic, has spent much of her life feeling marginalized and judged by those around her because, while we would never comment on someone being overweight, many […]

mindy lahorne
April 29, 2015
Chubby Kid Mentality

Today’s episode is for anybody who has struggled with body issues or anybody who helps today’s children develop positive attitudes towards their own bodies, especially parents and teachers. Chalene talks with entrepreneur and fitness instructor, Mindy Lawhorne, about her personal struggles with her self-image from childhood. While not the heaviest child in her grade, due […]

EVENT-6 copy
April 27, 2015
Feeling Bad About Your Body

Body Image, physical confidence, body shaming, dieting, excessive exercsing, striving for physical perfection, worrying that you’re too big, too small, too tall or that because you’re brother or sister has a “better body” that somehow you’re just not as loveable. Well, that’s what were talking about in this three part series. This series is sponsored […]

April 24, 2015
Defining Your Success | A Conversation with Author and Former IKEA Leader, Pernille Spiers-Lopez

Today, Chalene speaks with Pernille Spiers-Lopez, the former President and CEO for IKEA North America and the author of the book, “Design Your Life”. She talks about balancing home life and work life all while defining success on your own terms. Pernille worked her way up through the ranks at IKEA and became the leader […]

April 22, 2015
Not About Sex | Writing the Perfect Love Letter

In this episode Chalene shares with you the ultimate template to write a love letter! Words of affirmation are a part of everyones love language, and that’s why it is so important to share those feelings with those you care about.  Love letters aren’t just for lovers, they’re for anyone in your life you have […]

April 20, 2015
Free Your Mind

The world is huge and there are an endless barrage of obstacles that can get in our way as we try to attain happiness. However, perhaps one of our biggest obstacles is our own mind. As the song says, “Free your mind and the rest will follow.” In this episode, Chalene talks about a few […]

podcast recording on budget
BUILD YOUR TRIBE April 17, 2015
Great Audio and Podcast Recording on a Budget

Thank you for writing your iTunes review of this show! Each month we select one lucky reviewer and give them a free life long membership to MarketingImpactAcademy.com Just use the hashtag #IwantMIA in your review so we know you’d like to be put in the drawing! In this episode we discuss the sound quality and minimum […]

THE CHALENE SHOW April 17, 2015
Reverse Dieting, Fasted Workouts and Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Sara Solomon

This is part two of Chalene Johnson’s conversation with Dr. Sara Solomon about Intermittent Fasting (IF): what is it and how does it work? If you haven’t heard part one, you’re definitely going to want to listen to that first – a lot of great foundational information in that episode. In this episode, Chalene and […]

THE CHALENE SHOW April 17, 2015
Intermittent Fasting Flexible Dieting and Macros with Dr. Sara Solomon

Despite America’s calorie-counting obsession, many are still overweight. So, maybe, it’s time to explore some new ideas. In part one of a two-part series, Dr. Sara Solomon talks with Chalene Johnson about intermittent fasting (IF) and flexible dieting. Dr. Solomon, a dentist and former professional fitness model, learned the hard way that an improper diet […]

THE CHALENE SHOW April 15, 2015
Multitasking That Makes Sense

In this episode Chalene takes you on the road with her! (Well..sorta.) This episode was recorded in her car!!! On her way home, using a decide called a Rode Microphone.  She talks to you about multitasking while she multitasks. Pretty neat, huh? When is it appropriate to multitask? When is it NOT appropriate? If you don’t […]

THE CHALENE SHOW April 13, 2015
6 Steps to Bust a Rut

“Rut” is usually what people say they are in when they aren’t happy. We think of a rut is being “stuck in the same routine” but if you LOVE YOUR ROUTINE, you’re happy and most would describe it as a rut, but rather blissfully predictable. The goal is to find balance in all 10 areas […]

THE CHALENE SHOW April 09, 2015
A Day in The Life of Me

You asked for it, so here it is! Chalene takes you through her average day. That’s right, she takes you through almost every minute between 4:30 AM and 9:00 PM. This episode includes very specific ideas that can help you structure your own day: from which alarm app to use on your phone to what […]

THE CHALENE SHOW April 07, 2015
The Power of Passion and Perseverance | How Steve Kamb Built Nerd Fitness and His Dream Life

Nerd Fitness is a website and community built by nerd-turned-entrepreneuer, Steve Kamb. In today’s episode, Steve talks with Chalene about how he got the idea for Nerd Fitness and he also recounts some of the mistakes he made along the way. Despite those setbacks, Steve’s story highlights the power that your passion can have in […]

THE CHALENE SHOW April 03, 2015
Anxiety in Social Settings and Overcoming Shyness

In this episode I talk to you about anxiety in social situations, how to overcome shyness and how to feel more confident and self-assured in social situations. Millions of Americans struggle with social anxiety, nervousness, lack of confidence, and a general discomfort in social settings. Many write and text me saying that they struggle to […]

THE CHALENE SHOW April 01, 2015
You are a Survivor with Steve LePore

In this episode of the Chalene Show, I talk to Steve Lepore, the Executive Director of 1in6.org – an organization whose goal is to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthier, happier lives. Yes, this is a pretty serious episode, but the subject is all too common. Statistically […]

THE CHALENE SHOW March 30, 2015
Diet Success | How to Lose Weight and Kick the Diet Addiction

What’s the difference between being on a diet and having a diet?  Are you addicted to dieting?  How can you get the right mindset to start exercising and stay healthy?  In this podcast, I answer all of these questions, and give you the motivation to take control of your eating habits and reclaim your health. […]

THE CHALENE SHOW March 24, 2015
Identify Your Power Hour | Triple Efficiency with Laser Focus

This show is the 3rd episode of a 3 part series on how to become more laser focused!  If you haven’t listened to the first two episodes: CLICK HERE to listen to part 1 and CLICK HERE to listen to part 2. We all pretty much have to go online at some point for our job. […]

THE CHALENE SHOW March 23, 2015
Focus Like A Laser | 2 Essential Steps to Master Your Focus

Today is all about building a fortress around your focus. Focus really boils down to 2 things: minimizing distractions and maximizing your creative energy. First I want you to focus on illuminating distractions. Distractions cause your brain to decide which one to focus on. Even if you have a T.V. on in the background, your […]

THE CHALENE SHOW March 23, 2015
How to Organize Your Brain | Creating Laser Focus in a Fragmented World

This episode is all about organizing your brain; how to take the science behind how the brain works, and how to use that to turbo charge your focus and efficiency. Did you know that since 1986, we now take in 5 times the amount of data a day! This is the equivalent of reading 7 […]

THE CHALENE SHOW March 23, 2015
Time Saving Systems | Less Stress, Better Results

(Timecode 0:33) What does it mean to productive? I think productivity means getting the desired result in an efficient way. (Timecode 1:16) I’ve been reading this amazing book calledThe Organized Mind. (Timecode 1:51) What I love about The Organized Mind are the success principles. Success principles are found all the way back to the times […]

THE CHALENE SHOW March 20, 2015
Grow Your Brand on Instagram | How to Share Your Messages and Build Your List

Today’s episode is a bit different. Instead of Chalene interviewing someone about their area of expertise, this episode features Amy Porterfield interviewing Chalene about a topic she’s proven she understands: Instagram. Chalene goes into detail about ways to engage with your audience and how to direct their attention towards the messages you want them to […]

THE CHALENE SHOW March 04, 2015
The Money Manual | Rachel Cruze and How to Raise Smart Money Kids

Rachel was born the year her parents, Dave and Sharon Ramsey, lost everything and filed for bankruptcy. She grew up watching the sacrifices they made, and she learned early how to save for the future, spend wisely, avoid debt, and give generously. Rachel grew up hearing people tell her dad, “I wish I’d heard this […]

THE CHALENE SHOW March 03, 2015
Rejection Rocks | How to Embrace your Greatest Fears with Jia Jiang

This show is pure joy! Jia Jiang, a chinese immigrant shares his hilarious journey to tackle his greatest fear…fear of rejection and in the process how he inspired the world, developed a business and actually become rather addicted to getting rejected. Jia shares his journey of 100 days of rejection was all captured on his […]

THE CHALENE SHOW March 02, 2015
Mompreneur with Moxie | How to Start an Apparel Company from your iPhone

You asked for it, you got it. This week, I’m speaking with people who have built – or are in the process of building – a business. In this episode, she speaks with entrepreneur and CEO of Moxie Apparel, Malea Anderson about how she started her clothing company a little less than a year ago. […]

THE CHALENE SHOW February 26, 2015
Making a Dream Life Decision with Dr. Sarah Solomon

Dr. Sara Solomon is faced with a tough decision: continue giving time to her practice as a dentist or pursue her already successful online business. This choice hardly seem possible a mere 13 months ago – that’s when Sara decided to take her passion for fitness and nutrition and turn it into a business. In […]

THE CHALENE SHOW February 25, 2015
Motivation to Exercise | Get the Mojo to Move

Bad news: Motivating yourself to workout can be difficult (#duh). The good news is that, once you’ve driven to the gym or taken that first step on your run, everything else will be a piece of cake! In this episode, I give you the motivation you need to get moving. There definitely are days where […]

THE CHALENE SHOW February 24, 2015
Lies We Tell Ourselves | James Altucher and How to Say “No” to Everything But You

James Altucher is somebody who prides himself on honesty – both being honest with those around him and, more importantly, being honest with himself. This commitment to the truth has helped him become a successful businessperson, blogger, and podcast host (The James Altucher Show). Chalene and James speak very openly about the struggles of figuring […]

THE CHALENE SHOW February 23, 2015
You NEED To Do It | Why You Should Start Your Own Online Business

Today’s episode is about all of the reasons that you MUST start your own online business.   It’s not just about financial security, it’s also an investment in your own happiness.  Do you have a special skill or hobby that you love working on?  What is that one passion that you could spend hours talking […]

THE CHALENE SHOW February 21, 2015
Improve Your Likability | Tips to Improve Opportunities

Let’s face it, likable people have an easier time getting ahead than others. This is because people prefer to be around someone they like, rather than someone they don’t. #duh. While that might sound like bad news for some, the good news is that “being likable” is a skill – that means you can practice […]

THE CHALENE SHOW February 19, 2015
The Protein Myth | Super Foods For a Super Life with Darin Olien

Get ready for an important discussion on eating and nutrition with expert Darin Olien. Darin, sometimes known as “the Indiana Jones of Superfoods”, has scoured the globe finding the foods that can make a real difference in our lives. Chalene asks him about what’s available on the market, what we know for sure, and how […]

THE CHALENE SHOW February 18, 2015
Money Matters | Daily Discipline to Create Wealth with Mel Abraham

In the episode, Chalene speaks with financial expert Mel Abraham, about ways to keep yourself accountable as you prepare for your future and the future of your loved ones.  Mel is able to show how easy it can be to determine your budget and then some tips for sticking to it.  He’s got amazing facts […]

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THE CHALENE SHOW February 13, 2015
Your Adversity is Your Advantage | The Journey from Tragedy to Greatness with Lewis Howes

Chalene Johnson speaks with Lewis Howes about his journey from broke and sleeping on his sister’s couch to a successful podcast host, lifestyle coach, and public speaker. It’s truly an amazing story that you simply have to hear to believe. Also, Lewis shares some of the best advice he’s gleaned from the guests on his […]

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THE CHALENE SHOW February 13, 2015
Get Over Your Past | How to Conquer Your Demons & Find Your Greatness with Lewis Howes

Chalene speaks with Lewis Howes about the extreme challenges he faced as a child and the path he’s taken to, not just cope with adversity, but grow into a succesful and happy adult. Lewis is the host of the popular podcast, The School of Greatness, and he’s made a succesful career for himself as a […]

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THE CHALENE SHOW February 12, 2015
How to Talk to Teens | Influence Our Youth with Josh Shipp, The Teen Whisperer

If you have a teenager, will have a teenager, know a teenager, or if YOU are a teenager, then this is a must-hear episode. Chalene speaks with Josh Shipp about ways to engage and interact with teenagers. Josh knows what he’s talking about – he’s been on 20/20, CNN, TNT… he knows his stuff and […]

The Chalene Show February 10, 2015
You’re Not Good For Me | How to Identify and Separate From Toxic Relationships

(Time Code 2:10) There just seems to be these people in our lives that have a lot of drama… And then there are others in our lives that seem to have no drama and are able to handle situations with a different perspective. What’s important is how we interpret situations. So why do these black […]

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The Chalene Show February 06, 2015
Success Tips from a Top Fitness Franchise | Lisa Druxman and the Story Behind Stroller Stride

Lisa Druxman, founder of Stroller Stride, talks to Chalene about the triumphs and setbacks she encountered while growing her business. There is a lot of great advice in here for both the aspiring entrepreneur and the season veteran! Chalene and Lisa share tips on how to find that right business for you as well as […]

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The Chalene Show February 04, 2015
How to Build a Community and Follow Your Passions with Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn stops by the Chalene Show to talk about his path to success and what we can learn from his experiences. We talk about how to follow your passions and how to take those first steps into building that community that you’ll need if you want to create a secondary income stream. Don’t think […]

The Chalene Show January 29, 2015
Watching Football Makes You Fat

The big game is right around the corner and we all know what that means – lots of food to tempt you! Well, in this episode, I talk you through all of those cravings and I show you the path to victory! Sunday is the second worst holiday in terms of the amount of food […]

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The Chalene Show January 27, 2015
YouTube Success | Secret Sauce with James Wedmore

PART 1: PART 2: Armed with a degree from one of the TOP 10 Film Schools in the Country, James Wedmore set out to utilize the power of Video and Visual Storytelling to revolutionize how we interact on the Internet. After several successful ventures, including an Online Bartending School, James founded Video Traffic Academy: an […]

The Chalene Show January 23, 2015
Social Media Power Tips with Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, a graphics-design online service, and an executive fellow at the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley. Formerly, he was an advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google and chief evangelist of Apple. He is also the author of APE, What the Plus!, Enchantment, and nine […]

January 21, 2015
How to Date Your Mate | Creative Date Night Tips to Improve the Connection Between You and Your Partner with Bret Johnson

Today, together with my husband Bret, we wish to share with you some tips on how to Date your Partner. Whether you are married or when still single I think this is the perfect topic to see on what qualities you should look for a perfect mate. This will highly improve your relationship and never […]

The Chalene Show January 19, 2015
New You This Year | Top 5 Episodes in Review

In this episode I go through the top 5 episode of the Chalene Show!  The links for each of these shows is below. Episode #1:Top 5 Millionaire mantras No one is responsible for your progress except you.  This should empower you; because it’s up to you to make it happen.   You’re in charge! Listen to […]

The Chalene Show January 16, 2015
Think Before You Bite | How to Save Lives and Money with Food Wash

Mareya Ibrahim / ‘The Fit Foodie’ Mareya Ibrahim is also known as “The Fit Foodie,” a nationally recognized food safety and clean eating expert, an award-winning entrepreneur, television chef, author and inventor. She is the CEO and founder of Grow Green Industries, INC. and the patented co-creator of the eatCleaner®, eatSafe™ and eatFresh™ line of […]

The Chalene Show January 16, 2015
Building Your Network | How to Evaluate Meaningful Connections with Jordan Harbinger

“A core principle of my own life, and upon which this company was founded, is that one should leave everything and everyone better than they were before we met. By bringing positivity and abundance to others, you can’t go wrong.” Jordan Harbinger has always had an affinity for Social Influence, Interpersonal Dynamics and Social Engineering, […]

The Chalene Show January 14, 2015
Motivation and Energy on Demand

There are days you just don’t feel like doing anything… you lack motivation you lack energy.  Guess what!? We all have days like that!  I don’t want you to feel like every day you’re supposed to wake up with the energy to take on the world!  However, if you notice that your energy is lacking […]

The Chalene Show January 08, 2015
3 Life Changing Habits | 3 Simple Daily Habits to Improve Every Area of Your Life

In this episode I share with you 3 life improving habits and the actionable steps to execute each of those habits.  This episode is packed full of my favorite go-to apps/programs and helpful tips! Time Codes: 0:00 intro 0:42 I want to share with you 3 life improving habits 1:11 the first one: everyday make […]

The Chalene Show January 06, 2015
How to Be Captivating with Bo Eason

Bo Eason’s Bio: Speaker, performer, author Bo Eason started his career in the NFL, as a top pick for the Houston Oilers. Continuing on with the San Francisco 49’ers, during his 5 year career Bo competed beside and against some of the greatest players of his generation. In 2001, Bo wrote and performed his one-man […]

The Chalene Show January 02, 2015
1 Step Goal Mastery | Never Before Revealed Push Goal Formula

I created my 30 Day PUSH Program to teach people how to live their life by their priorities, work more efficiently, and create goals that are in line with their priorities. One of the key concepts to the program is creating a PUSH goal, which I was noticing a lot of people getting stuck on. […]

The Chalene Show January 02, 2015
How to Balance Hormones Through Your Food | with Magdalena Wszelaki

Magdalena’s Bio: Magdalena is a Certified Holistic Health Coach accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She received her education from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Before becoming a health coach, she had a long, fast-paced career as a strategic planner for the advertising powerhouse called WPP in both Asia […]

The Chalene Show December 23, 2014
Top 5 Millionaire Mantras | with Chalene Johnson

      In this episode I talk to you about my top 5 million dollar mantras. I feel like my education didn’t start until after college. I started studying successful people, looking at those that were stressed success and those that were secure success. The people that fascinated me were the ones that were […]

The Chalene Show December 19, 2014
Family Body Issues | Do’s and Don’ts to Inspire Family

In this episode with Keith and Chalene, they talk about how the environment you’re raised in can affect you on a powerful level when it comes to body image. Topics discussed in this episode: – Keith talks about how seeing his mom emotionally eat, effected him. – Looking at your past and how food was […]

The Chalene Show December 18, 2014
Buying Time by Using Freelancers | Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker and bestselling author of the book, “Virtual Freedom”. Originally from the UK, Chris has lived in the Philippines for 14-years, where he has founded several businesses, including an outsourced call center facility, a virtual assistant recruitment hub and a co-working space, which combined house over 250 full-time […]

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The Chalene Show December 12, 2014
Paleo Primal Diet with Mark Sisson

In this episode with Mark Sisson, we dive into his concepts and theories behind how nutrition is the primary aspect to body composition. Mark Sisson’s Bio: Health and fitness expert Mark Sisson is the bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint and one of the leading voices of the burgeoning Evolutionary Health Movement. His blog, MarksDailyApple.com, […]

The Chalene Show December 10, 2014
Michael Hyatt | Creating Your Best Year Ever

I am the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S. I have worked in the book publishing industry for most of my career. I began at Word Publishing while a student at Baylor University. I worked at Word for a total of six years. […]

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The Chalene Show December 09, 2014
Build Your Tribe Tuesday | Relationships First with Mari Smith

In this episode, social media expert Mari Smith shares tips for using your personal experiences to grow your tribe and social media following. She also shares some of her best tips for using Facebook ads. Covered in this podcast: Put your member hat on first. Think like a social media member when you are marketing. […]

The Chalene Show December 05, 2014
Sleep Off Your Fat | Fit Friday with Keith Harris

These Fit Friday episodes are shorter and geared towards living a healthy fulfilling life!  Todays episode is all about sleep and how it effects our weight. Topics discussed: – How many hours of sleep is optimal – How certain sleep patterns will cause you to gain body fat – Techniques to help you stay asleep […]

The Chalene Show December 03, 2014
How to Improve Your Speaking Voice with Roger Love | Develop Confidence and Influence by Improving Your Vocal Quality

Roger Love Bio: Roger has spent his professional life teaching entertainers, performers, presenters and entrepreneurs how to use their voices to influence their audience, showcase the best of themselves, control the outcome of each communication… and change the world. No other vocal coach in history has been more commercially successful in both the speaking and […]

The Chalene Show December 02, 2014
Build Your Tribe Tuesday on The Chalene Show | Pinterest Pinfinity with Natalie Jill

In this episode of Build Your Tribe, my guest Natalie Jill shares with us how she built her tribe through sharing her story. Natalie has used Pinterest in an incredible way and has been able to build her other social media platforms by creating a Pinterest Challenge. Through sharing her story, she turned her passion […]

The Chalene Show November 28, 2014
Sugar Addiction with JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin is an expert when it comes to sugar and how it impacts the body. According to JJ Virgin, sugar is our greatest enemy! It’s the number one thing in people’s diets that they are unaware of how consumed they are by their cravings. Many suffer from what JJ Virgin calls, high sugar impact; […]

The Chalene Show November 26, 2014
Introvert or Extrovert? | Overcoming Shyness

This episode is all about getting you more comfortable in your own skin.  A lot of the time people associate introvert with being shy, and extrovert with being outgoing.  But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  You can be an outgoing introvert or a shy extravert. Topics discussed in this episode: – The difference […]

The Chalene Show November 14, 2014
The End?

I wanted to keep you in the loop… Unfortunately I may need to take a break from podcasting… I’ll explain in this episode… There’s a lot to the reasoning behind me starting a podcast in the first place and now, after completely falling in love with it, I may need to hang up the mic. Just a […]

The Chalene Show November 10, 2014
How to Cure Adult ADD with Dr. Amen | How to Repair Your Brain in 30 Days

Dr. Amen is a physician, double board certified psychiatrist, teacher and eight time New York Times bestselling author. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts on applying brain imaging science to everyday clinical practice. Dr. Amen is the Founder and Medical Director of Amen Clinics in Newport Beach and San Francisco, […]

The Chalene Show November 07, 2014
Help! I’m So Inflexible | Functional Flexibility For Those Who Hate It

These Friday Fit episodes are designed to give a quick fit tip that is short, easy for you to digest, and exactly what you need to create a better mindset and stronger body. In this episode I’m kicking it Keith Harris. A dear friend of mine who has lost over 100 pounds! In this episode […]

November 04, 2014
Passion and Profits | Affiliate Marketing Without a List with Tiffany Lee Bymaster

Meet Tiffany Lee Bymaster!  She has ben Chalene’s make-up artist for years, and within the last couple of years has figured out how to become a top affiliate without having a list.  She’s done this through heartfelt, passionate marketing, and has figured out how to transform other peoples lives through her own personal story.  She […]

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The Chalene Show November 03, 2014
Tony Horton | Secrets to Sustainable Fitness

Tony Horton the wildly popular creator of the best-selling fitness series: P90X®, P90X2®, P90X3®, Ten Minute Trainer®, One On One with Tony Horton®, and his latest program he calls “The on-switch to fitness” P90®. Tony is a world-class motivational speaker and the author of top-selling books “Bring It”, Crush It!” and his latest motivational book, “The […]

The Chalene Show October 31, 2014
Dump the Slump | Fit Friday Episode with Keith Harris

This episode is all about beating that slump!!! My good friend Keith Harris is currently going through this, I asked him if he’s be okay with me sharing our phone call.  I know you’ll relate to the conversation, because we’ve all been there.  In this episode I talk Keith through this slump, giving him tips […]

The Chalene Show October 30, 2014
Fight Adrenal Fatigue | How to Reboot Your Adrenal System and Improve Metabolic Rate with Dr. Paul Garcia

What is Adrenal Fatigue (AF)?? The adrenal glands are designed to help your body deal with stress. When we are in a constant state of elevated stress, the adrenal glands become depleted leaving you in a constant state of fatigue. To combat this we gravitate towards stimulants such as coffee and sugar! But these only […]

build your tribe
October 28, 2014
Your Business Questions Answered | Chalene Answers Small BIZ FAQ’s

This episode is all about answering your business questions!  So here we go! (1:20 minutes) ELLIE PARVIN Question: What is a good way to request testimonials after an event or service has already taken place?  This is for a person who is fairly new in their business and wants to be able to feature legitimate […]

The Chalene Show October 28, 2014
Breaking a Weight or Fitness Plateau

Plateaus are very natural and are a part of your weight loss journey.  The human body is incredibly adaptive, and this is why I preach to change things up.  Changing your routine continually challenges your body, which keeps your body guessing; and therefore keeps you on track to continuing your weight loss journey. Typically a […]

October 23, 2014
Disciplined Pursuit of Less | Essentialism with author Greg McKeown

In this episode I talk to Greg McKeown, a Stanford graduate and author of one of my go to books Essentialism.   Greg and I both believe that our society is reaching a breaking point… A point where enough is enough.  For years we’ve been taught that if we can fit it all in, we can […]

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Build Your Tribe October 21, 2014
Facebook 2 for 1 | How to Use One Facebook Ad for Likes and List Building with Expert Amy Porterfield

This interview with Amy Porterfield dives deep into how to use Facebook to build your list. If you are looking to build your tribe using Facebook I’d recommend grabbing a pencil and a pad of paper and get ready to take some serious notes because Amy is one of the leading experts in Facebook!  The […]

The Chalene Show October 21, 2014
Secret Weapon to Success | Understanding Thought Experts and Types of Therapy

We go to the doctor once a year and we go to the dentist twice a year, all to make sure our body is healthy. Why don’t we do this for our brain? In this episode I talk to my friend Dr. Mcayla about different forms of therapy in hopes of diminishing any uncertainties towards […]

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Build Your Tribe October 20, 2014
Attracting Better Prospects | How to Build Your Empire by Attracting Those Who Need You

In this episode I talk to Diane Hochman about how she’s been able to create a huge empire around her passion and purpose. Though she’s had success, she is not afraid to say that on most days she feels not tech-savvy and is notorious for experiencing mishaps.  But despite all of that she has been […]

The Chalene Show October 20, 2014
How to Manage Anxiety, Fear, & Panic Attacks

Our beliefs can serve us well or haunt us.  How we handle our thoughts or beliefs can unfortunately lead us on a downward spiral towards an overwhelming feeling of being out of control.  Many people deal with high levels of daily anxiety, and understanding how that anxiety can turn into a full blown attack is […]

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October 16, 2014
Biggest Fitness Myths Dispelled with Lifestyle Expert Chalene Johnson

My goal is to always serve you by teaching you what I’ve learned, in hopes that it brings you clarity and makes your life easier. Today is all about fitness myths because unfortunately there are a TON out there! I think fitness is such an important part of life. It’s more than just weight or […]

Build Your Tribe October 16, 2014
Developing Your Personal Brand

    This episode is all about developing your personal brand.  I decided to this particular episode because I have so many people approach me with the struggle to figure out their personal brand.  So below are the steps you should take to determine what your personal brand is.       Cliff notes of […]

The Chalene Show October 09, 2014
Gluten Free Myths Dispelled with Natalie Jill

This episode is all about going gluten free with my friend Natalie Jill!  Have you ever wondered if your gluten intolerant and may need to transition into a gluten free diet?  Well this podcast provides you with all the helpful tips you’ll need to not only see if gluten free is for you, but do […]

The Chalene Show October 06, 2014
Mastering the Skills of Joy & Happiness with Best Selling Author R. Michael Anderson

  In this interview with R. Michael Anderson we talk about how to find happiness!   Michael was enjoying a life that most would view as a tremendous success, however his life lacked happiness, peace, and purpose.  Through the process he found his calling, his purpose, and now he wants to help you find yours.   […]

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Build Your Tribe October 02, 2014
Hashtags | Big Instagram News & Latest Updates

  This episode is all about Instagram!  About what you need to do to attract your targeted tribe. I know you want to reach new people and build a bigger tribe, and this comes with serving new people and attracting people who don’t know you. So this is all about me sharing with you, where […]

Build Your Tribe October 01, 2014
Facebook Video for Massive Engagement

Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on video, specifically videos being posted directly to Facebook.  We all know organic reach has dropped from 6 to 16% so this episode is all about increasing engagement on Facebook through best video practices. Facebook has had 1 billion video views since June with 65% being viewed from […]

The Chalene Show September 26, 2014
Overcome Overwhelm | How To Do Less, Live More, Earn More, and Pursue The Things That Matter

Bret and I asked you guys if we should make the first video of our 4 part mini series into a podcast, and the response was crazy!! So here it is… This is the LIVE broadcast of Bret and I sharing our story.  How just 5 years ago I hit a breaking point and almost […]

The Chalene Show September 26, 2014
Too Scared To Try | How To Break Free From Perfectionism

Are you overcome with perfection paralysis? Many times our fears hold us back and keep us from moving forward with something. Fear of criticism, fear of being over analyzed, fear of failing at something in someone else’s eyes. Did you know I used to be in a punk rock band!? Yep! I got a guitar […]

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The Chalene Show September 19, 2014
Better than Botox Nutrition with the Nutritionista Monica Parodi | Eliminating 3 food and replacing them with 3 Healthy food to Lose Weight and Improve your Youthful Appearance

  In this amazing interview, I talk to Monica Parodi about her journey from a fast junkie to a leading nutrition expert. Monica teaches that nutrition doesn’t just help the health of your body, but also your beauty. In this episode she’ll share with you her tips about shifting from an unhealthy fast food diet […]

The Chalene Show & Build Your Tribe September 16, 2014
My Story

My Story If we’re just getting to know each other, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I wanted to take this podcast episode to share my story with you. With that said, I want to know about YOU too! Please leave me a comment below, and tell me about you! […]

The Chalene Show September 16, 2014
Weekend Weight Loss

These quick 10-minute podcasts are designed to help you be your best physically! They’re fast, easy to digest and provide you with helpful tips for living a happy healthy life. This particular episode is about weekend weight loss! So many people spend their weekend in gluttony and they end up approaching the week guilty and […]

Build Your Tribe September 12, 2014
How to be Better on Video: Unique Tips to Help You Relax, Connect and Better Represent Your Brand on Video

This episode is all about video! I’m going to share with you my very best tips and secrets to make you become a star on video. Video is where it’s at! Consumers have come to expect video, so it’s important that when you decide to put yourself in front of the lens, you’re ready to […]

The Chalene Show
The Chalene Show September 12, 2014
11 Healthy Eating Habits of the Super Fit | What super fit people might not tell you about how and what they eat

This is about being healthy inside and out. In this episode I talk to you about the 11 healthy tips to keep you happy and healthy for years to come.   11 Healthy Habits of Fit People: 1. Most fit people eat primarily the same things for every meal. 2. Typically starting their day with […]

Build Your Tribe September 08, 2014
Close Webinars Work with Lewis Howes | How Webinars help you build trust, educate and connect with customers

In part one of my interview with Lewis Howes, we dive into how to use a webinar to not only build your list,  but drive sales for your business.  Lewis is considered one of the 50 most influential bloggers, a leading expert in webinars, and has an amazingly successful podcast called School of Greatness.   Once […]

Build Your Tribe September 08, 2014
7 figure Webinar Know How Part 2 with Lewis Howes | The nuts and bolts of how to master Webinars

In Part 2 of my interview with Lewis Howes, we cover how to build excitement and engagement on your webinar before it even begins. This is how you build a personal relationship with your customers or potential customers faster and without the one-on-one communication and back and forth.   In this episode, you will learn: […]

The Chalene Show September 05, 2014
The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: How to Build Inner Strength with Chalene Johnson

In this episode, I talk to you about how to build inner strength.  It doesn’t do us any good to just say “I want to be a stronger person.”  You need to have the tools to be able to build your inner strength and recognize when a situation is effecting your inner strength negatively.   […]

Build Your Tribe September 03, 2014
Build Your Tribe Podcast Show Notes: Instagram for Massive Leads | How millionaire fitness coach Melissa McAllister built an IG following over 250k in less than 6mos and simplified targeted lead generation

  This episode is with Melissa McAllister and how she’s become incredible influential on Instagram. Melissa was born with a birth defect that left doctors wanting to amputate both of her feet.  Her parents refused to take that as an answer so they sought out physicians willing to go an alternative route.  9 surgeries later, […]

The Chalene Show August 31, 2014
The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: Dine Out Stay Lean | How to stay on track and still have a social life

In this episode, I talk to you about how to dine out while staying lean.  I share with you my best tips for how to make smart, healthy, beneficial decisions when dinning at a restaurant. Topics Discussed: Caloric difference between eating at home and eating at a restaurant. Decide in advance where you’re going to […]

Build Your Tribe August 30, 2014
YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THE BRAND: How Michael Stelzner Founder of the Social Media Examiner created a movement without being the brand

In this episode, I interview Michael Stelzner about how he created an incredible following online without being the face of the brand.   Topics Discussed: How to create a movement that people want to support and get behind. How to monetize and grow your business through incredible free content. Tip: your best content should always […]

The Chalene Show August 29, 2014
The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: Fatty Friends Weigh Us Down

This episode actually has nothing to do with what your friends look like… It has to do with keeping the friends in your life that are healthy for you.   Discussed in this episode: You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with…Does this make you nervous? You have the ability to […]

Build Your Tribe August 26, 2014
Build Your Tribe Podcast Show Notes: Social Media Overload

In this episode, I talk to you about how to handle social media overload. It’s hard to keep up with everything going on online, and it’s important that you realize that social media should not take control of your life. I don’t want you to be a slave to your accounts, so I want to […]

The Chalene Show August 25, 2014
The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: Get Motivation When You’re So Not Feeling It

In this episode I talk about my 6 BEST tips that will help get and keep you motivated during those times when you’re just not feeling it. Topics discussed in this episode: The 6 tips I recommend for getting and keeping you motivated! How to set yourself up for success and not failure How to […]

The Chalene Show August 23, 2014
The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: How to Change Someone

In this episode I talk about how to approach getting someone to change. We all have people in our lives that exhibit habits and behaviors that we know they should change. However, it is so important to understand that how you approach that loved one is critical to the progress of change. In this episode […]

The Chalene Show August 23, 2014
The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: Crazy Confidence

  Confidence is something we can all benefit from having a little more of. In this episode, I discuss the actionable steps that I’ve been able to apply in my own life. It’s important that you understand that confidence does not come from physical traits; it’s about experience that is built from overcoming fear. Truly […]

The Chalene Show August 23, 2014
The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: PRODUCTIVITY Hacks!

Lets make this the most productive week ever! Being productive is not about managing time; it’s about managing ourselves. In this podcast, I’m going to give you the tips you need to become more productive. I want to help you learn to manage your life so that at the end of the day you can […]

The Chalene Show August 20, 2014
The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: The 8 Hour Ab Diet with Melissa McAllister: A Little Known Secret for Turning Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine

In this episode of Turbo Charged Life, my guest Melissa McAllister shares a little known secret for turning your body into a fat-burning machine with her free 8 hour diet program.   Melissa is a well known fitness professional and what I like to call “Instagram Famous.” She has a rockin’ body and is one […]

August 18, 2014
Build Your Tribe: How to Get Your Stuff Seen In the Newsfeed with advanced techniques guaranteed to boost engagement

In this episode, I share some of my best tips for using Facebook to grow your business. In 2012, I picked up my toys and stormed off the Facebook playground, and off to Instagram I went. I was frustrated that I was no longer getting any engagement from my fans on Facebook, and my following […]

Build Your Tribe August 18, 2014
Build Your Tribe: BUILD A FOLLOWING WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA with NYT Best Selling Author Brendon Burchard

In this episode, I interview Brendon Burchard to learn how Brendon built a social media following from scratch. He went from 0 to millions of fans in a short period of time by building a tribe and using the techniques discussed in this podcast.   Discussed in this podcast: The difference between a customer and […]

Build Your Tribe August 18, 2014
Build Your Tribe Podcast Show Notes: How to go Viral on Multiple Social Media Platforms at once with Brendon Burchard

This is part 2 of my interview with Brendon Burchard where he discusses how to build, grow and specifically target your social media.   Discussed in this podcast: How to do less but maintain a huge presence How to chose which posts to use repetitively and as targeted adds Brendon’s #1 tip for growing a […]