How to Get Unstuck and Where to Start

Today we are talking about how to get unstuck!

The first step… GRATITUDE.

And now… I know you’re gonna tell me “Chalene, I’ve tried that and I’m still stuck!” And that is why we’re gonna dig a little deeper.

First things first, IDENTIFY your reason for being stuck.

  • Are you in fear of something?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost your “mojo”?
  • Are you lost in deciding what to do next?
  • Is a belief or condition holding you back?

It is common to feel unhappy when you feel stuck. When you want to do something so badly, yet you feel paralyzed and unable to make a move… that can be a real stressor. So, I think we can establish that if you’re here… you most likely want to move or you want change. AGAIN, what is closing in on you or holding you back!!??

I want you to pick one area or element of your life (something that may be causing you to feel stuck) that you want to change… Maybe your job? Maybe your marriage? Maybe your relationship with your parents? (Just throwing some ideas out there).

If you feel stuck to the point where you have no idea how to get yourself to move, don’t ya fret! If that’s the case for you, don’t feel ashamed or worried. We’ve all been there before. In this episode, I will teach you how to create a list that will take you out of that darkness.

It is oftentimes habitual for people to constantly allow obstacles to cloud their mind. BUT, we can change that with practice. Changing your thinking is difficult, but it CAN be done. I’ll tell you some of my secret tips on this if you listen in.

It’s so easy to feel lonely, unhappy, and full of anxiety. Not saying this works for everyone, but just by changing your physicality, you can change your way of thinking.

Today, it’s time to START. I need you to make it messy and just experiment. The only way you can fail is by doing nothing!



-IDENTIFY why you are feeling stuck.
-Take it one thing at a time. Pick one area of your life you want to change and start from there!
-Remember, MOVEMENT creates MOMENTUM.
-Your first step doesn’t have to be a leap!
-Change your reality (what you focus on/believe)… DON’T tell yourself you are stuck! A positive mentality is key to change.


I hope you enjoy this episode and that you can now find a little relief in knowing that you will be stuck no longer!

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Simple Steps for More Peace

Today’s episode is quite special. It is straight from the heart, recorded live from the car alongside my dear husband Bret. If you enjoy this episode, definitely keep an eye out for more “live from the road” episodes on Fridays!


We want to share with you some simple tips to bring more peace and calm vibes to your everyday. This is something I have been working on personally for quite some time and I’m excited to share with you what has worked for me to restore my energy mentally.

Bret and I have coached so many individuals, providing them insight and our personal advice in a relaxed way. I will share you some stories (experiences we’ve made as a couple helping others) that have truly impacted our perspectives on stress, decision making, and relationships with loved ones or friends.

In order to invite more peace…

YOU MUST learn that you don’t have to control the direction of the paths of others OR win every argument.

When you offer your opinion to another individual, no matter how factual you make your opinion, you are technically attacking his or her identity. Therefore, you must be more careful. Or else, you may come off as argumentative (which can sometimes be pretty cold).

Our beliefs firmly hold hands with our identity. With that said, you must be gentle when approaching the beliefs of another person. Especially with sensitive topics, you have to realize that it is not simple to change the way someone passionately feels about something.

LISTEN IN for my greatest tips on how to restore more peace in all situations and relationships, and I promise you these little tricks will help you to feel less depleted, heated, and lousy at the end of your everyday conversations.

Another little tip, JUST BREATHE.

Remind yourself that if you don’t agree with someone, you don’t have to argue or change their mind. Just show them your love and understanding.

Hope you can listen in for more!

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My Diet Dilemma Part 2

Today’s podcast will be a continuation (hence the “part 2”) of the podcast released prior to this one! SO… HOLD IT RIGHT THERE. If you haven’t listened to My Diet Drama Part 1, make sure you go back and do that first to catch you up to speed. If you have listened to Part 1 already, I promise you that this second episode will settle any confusions you may have developed from listening to that first episode.

TO DOWNLOAD PART 1 >>>> My Diet Drama Part 1
TO DOWNLOAD PART 2 (this episode) >>>> My Diet Dilemma Part 2

First things first, I truly appreciate everyone who has shared their feelings and thoughts with me after listening in to Part 1. Your words have impacted me in ways I can not even begin to describe, and they have helped me to shape this episode that I bring to you now.

Throughout this episode, I will share with you a segment of my story, touching on my experiences and struggles that I’ve had with my health over the years. I have been confused and mislead many times, especially when consulting with medical professionals, and in turn have taken poor approaches that have put my health at (sometimes) a worsened state. I intend on sharing with you what did NOT work for me, especially in regards to the healthcare system that stands today.

After spending an exorbitant amount of money out of pocket to have lab tests performed and to see results that actually made sense, I have learned some things about myself (and countless other individuals just like me) that are truly unsettling to my mind. I found that I was experiencing malnourishment, and when I asked WHY, I was told that it was because I had Leaky Gut.

80% of the American population suffers from Leaky Gut without realizing they have the symptoms. Furthermore, it is really hard to get diagnosed with it, for it is very expensive to have these tests done. If you listen in to this podcast, you may discover that you have some of the symptoms! I urge you to pay close attention as I discuss with you the symptoms of Leaky Gut and take a body scan as you listen. Leaky Gut causes inflammation, and inflammation serves as the root cause of numerous other diseases.

From what I have experienced and overseen, I have come to realize that if you cure your Leaky Gut, you may be able to fit into a smaller waistband. BUT, in order to make an effort to cure it, you must familiarize yourself with how your gut and digestive process works, and I plan on teaching you just that!

Bottom line, I truly want to bring awareness to dieting and why it may be time for you to stop forcing yourself onto the latest and greatest fad diets. Dieting is not a permanent solution. I will express to you why you should simply learn HOW to be healthy instead of jumping on the bandwagon.

The past couple of months have been uniquely transformative for me. If you are one of my close followers, you may be somewhat familiar with what I’ve been up to with my team. In this podcast, I will be sharing with you briefly about the 131 Method (NOT a diet) that my team and I have been working around the clock to deliver to you, and you will learn some of the reasons behind why we felt the need to create such a program.

I urge you to head over to (after listening to this episode) to learn more about the 131 Method and listen to my story in greater detail. There, I will dive deeper into why my heart is deep in this method and why I feel it is my sole purpose to educate others.

Now I want you to think…

-Have you cut out countless things in your diet AND exercise daily, yet you still don’t like what you see in the mirror?

-Do you get prescribed pills or supplements when you visit your doctor, but you don’t really know why you need to take them?

-Do you want to get to the bottom of your vitamin deficiency and figure out WHY you are deficient, rather than resort to taking a supplement or pill?

-Do you know what your gut really is and what it consists of? Do you want to know if your gut is inflamed?

-Have you come to accept the fact that migraines, headaches, and a lack of sleep are normal?

-Have you ever wondered HOW the environment is worsening your state of health?

My Diet Drama Part 1

So yes, It is widely-known that to be successful with growing your company, you must be reliable and consistent with releasing content. That especially is true with podcasting. For me, within the past few months I have been lacking in the consistency department (I’m sure you all noticed).

I made a decision to step away from podcasting as well as doing some things on social media. I had to turn down lots of interviews and projects (and YES it did cost me financially). I had all of this in mind, but honestly I was very fortunate, for I was in a position financially where I could set aside everything and focus on simply building what my heart longed to build.You all are amazing and I appreciate that you are understanding of where my priorities have been lately.

SO, I’m sure you’ve been asking where the heck I have been!! In this podcast, you will learn what I have been up to within the past few months.

I will be detailing the new program that my team and I have just released called (DRUMROLL PLEASE….) The 131 Method, and you can head over to (after listening to this podcast) to check it out and read all about it.

I have never been a huge fan of dieting, and I never intended in my life to build a diet program. So to clarify, this is COMPLETELY different. If there’s a simple way to explain The 131 Method, I would word it as the “anti-diet”.

You may not be aware of this, but 95% of individuals who go on diets do indeed lose a lot of weight, but they gain it ALL back and then some. NO one-size-fits-all approach is gonna be a permanent solution, I promise you that.

Throughout this episode of The Chalene Show, I will dive into my prior experiences with my health and why I feel so strongly about educating individuals to restore their health in a personalized way.

NOW, let’s talk about our guts. That sounds odd, I know. BUT REALLY. My mind was completely blown after learning about all of the things our gut is responsible for. Gut health is MORE important than anything else. It affects every part of your body and most of our illnesses can be repaired through restoring your gut health. Hopefully, if you listen in to this podcast, I can perhaps blow your mind as well.

Here’s an update:
After listening to this Part 1 podcast, make sure you go and listen to My Diet Dilemma Part 2! Part 2 will continue this discussion and will inform you of all you need to know to repair your gut health.

I will even help you to determine whether you may have symptoms for Leaky Gut. Definitely check it out. Leaky Gut is the root cause of countless other illnesses, and it is often hard to be diagnosed, because it can be rather costly to have tests done. Part 2 will for sure clarify any confusion you may have after Part 1.


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Most Popular Types of Story Content for Instagram Stories and SnapChat

This is a follow up episode to the last one I released on Build Your Tribe where I talked about the 20 things that are thought to be the most annoying things to do on Instagram stories and SnapChat.

There might be a little confusion in this episode, so I want to preface this by saying that there are some topics I’m going to discuss in this episode that are actually listed as an annoying form of content, from my prior episode.  SO know this….. I got this information by surveying over 10,000 of my followers.

So here we go!

To get these in detail, make sure you download the episode here >> Most Popular Types of Story Content for Instagram Stories and SnapChat

    1. Anything funny! We love funny!
    2. Food prep and cooking.
    3. A good story.
    4. Re occurring characters.
    5. Anything motivational or inspirational.
    6. A theme or story line.
    7. Family interactions.
    8. Provide organization.
    9. Ass kicking pep stalks.
    10. Gadget recommendations.
    11. Talk about what you do, why you do it, and how!
    12. Sharing outfit ideas and decor.
    13. Productivity hacks.
    14. Workout tips.
    15. Adorable pets.
    16. Adorable kids.

So what do we do with this information? How do we know which topics to cover? Especially with the ones that are on the “good” AND “bad” list?

Here’s my advice… moderation. If ALL you do is post about your baby… sorry, but that gets annoying after a while.  So it’s about self awareness!