Attracting Better Prospects | How to Build Your Empire by Attracting Those Who Need You

diane 3In this episode I talk to Diane Hochman about how she’s been able to create a huge empire around her passion and purpose. Though she’s had success, she is not afraid to say that on most days she feels not tech-savvy and is notorious for experiencing mishaps.  But despite all of that she has been able to transition from a very successful marketer to teaching other home based businesses how to build profitable businesses on line.  She loves teaching people how to “sing their song” and have the right people find you.



Topics discussed in this episode:diane 2

– What is attraction marketing?  And how can it benefit you’re your business?

– What Diane did that attracted an incredibly loyal following.

– How to target and bring the customer to the content.

3 best tips for writing emails:

1. People read down not to the side.  So write short snippets and leave a lot of space between paragraphs.  This makes it easier to read.

2. Write like you talk.

3. After you’ve written something, read it out loud.

** Important Tip: You need to know who you are and what your message is.


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