Close Webinars Work with Lewis Howes | How Webinars help you build trust, educate and connect with customers

BUILDIn part one of my interview with Lewis Howes, we dive into how to use a webinar to not only build your list,  but drive sales for your business.  Lewis is considered one of the 50 most influential bloggers, a leading expert in webinars, and has an amazingly successful podcast called School of Greatness.   Once a former professional athlete, he ended up at a point in his life where he had no job and no college degree.  Sleeping on his sister’s couch, Lewis started spending hours a day on LinkedIn.  Eventually he became an expert in this social media platform, and people started contacting him about teaching them how to use LinkedIn to grow their business.


Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How to build your empire online through stimulating webinars
  • How to use a webinar to build your list and drive people to a sale LEWIS HOWES
  • How to execute a webinar
  • How to get people to watch your webinar when you don’t have a list
  • How to find the confidence to call yourself an expert
  • Owning your story and being proud to lead with it