Dump the Slump | Fit Friday Episode with Keith Harris

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 4.32.44 PMThis episode is all about beating that slump!!! My good friend Keith Harris is currently going through this, I asked him if he’s be okay with me sharing our phone call.  I know you’ll relate to the conversation, because we’ve all been there.  In this episode I talk Keith through this slump, giving him tips and exercises to pull himself out.





Time Codes:

1:30 I’m in a slump

2:00 developing a habit

2:35 first tip to get out of the slump, identify that its happened

3:30 the power of habit

4:15 write down how you feel when your done working out

5:10 the feelings we experience after an intense workout

5:45 recognizing this will give you the strength to maintain striving for this feeling

6:50 how fitness becomes a lifestyle

8:00 realizing that you need to reprioritize

8:50 how to identify your priorities


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