How to Monetize SnapChat with Brock Johnson

SnapChat is a game changer!  You have the ability to make such an amazing impact on SnapChat, and it is currently one of the top platforms for growing your business!  It’s the preferred platform for consumers and ads on SnapChat do 1.5x better than Instagram ads.

Benefits of SnapChat:

  • It allows you to easily repurpose content.
  • It’s a very personal platform so followers feel very connected to you.  This is great when it comes to sales because a personal connection builds trust.
  • SnapChat teaches you how to speak in soundbites. You have to be brief and be bright.
  • It provides an environment that teaches you how to be stronger on other platforms.
  • You can create sales videos directly on SnapChat.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The amazing benefits of SnapChat.
  • How to use SnapChat to create a sales video that brings in sales.
  • The amount of snaps you should be doing everyday.
  • The demographic on SnapChat and their behavior on the platform.
  • How to increase your SnapChat views.
  • MUST avoid mistakes on SnapChat.
  • How to track your sales on SnapChat!
  • When to plan a snap and when to do be sporadic.
  • How to give a call to action on SnapChat.

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