How to Transition to a Plant Based Diet with Dr. Dan Witkowski

In this episode I interview Dr. Dan Witkowski about transitioning into a primarily plant based diet. We bring light to disruptive patterns in the medical industry, changes and shifts happening and medicine, and how being a plant based Physician fits into all of that. In addition to that…

Topics in this episode:
– What does plant based really mean?
– Is plant based the same as vegan or vegetarian?
– What is a whole food, plant based diet?
– How to free yourself of food labels
– Why restriction isn’t sustainable
– Should we avoid grains and gluten?
– Why we need to get away from labeling foods as “good” and “bad”
– What do you eat on a plant based diet?
– How to get your family to make this transition with you
– Can you get into Ketosis on a plant based diet?

And so much more!

This is a really eye-opening approach to a plant based diet, and a great one to dive deeper into.

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