Moonlighting College Student Makes 100K Online

Today’s episode is about passion and financial earnings. We all seek to do something we’re passionate about. But sometimes, what we pursue isn’t financially rewarding. And unfortunately, money is apart of survival, so earning a comfortable living should be important to you, especially if you have other people to support.

I’m going to dive into this topic by talking about a young man named Jake Buddard. He is a sophomore college student and he is determined to finish college without burdening his parents with debt. How freaking noble is that!

Let me just tell you up front, this kid made a but load of money doing things he’s not passionate about. Yes, I said, not passionate about. But what he is passionate about is making extra income. Passive income to be more precise. So he’s found ways to do that.

In this episode, Jake shares EXACTLY how he did this! It’s possible for you too!!! So don’t forget to download this episode so you can listen to it in the car or anytime you want!

What I want you to take away from this episode, is JUST START! Just move forward. Take the pressure off yourself for this to be some huge undertaking!

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