#YOURDOINGITWRONG – Hashtags and Titles

This is all about using the proper hashtags and what titles you should be giving to your videos, live feeds or podcasts. When it comes to customer attraction, trusting your instinct works a lot of the time… even if it’s not directly in line with what the industry leaders are doing. Once you see what the experts are doing, ask why. Don’t just do what they’re doing and expect it to work out in your favor. So this is all about what YOU should be doing.


So lets just get to it, and dive right into hashtags. Should you be using them in your periscope? Yes! How many? Up to you! But the more you use – hashtags, emoji’s, words, etc – the less likely people will share. So when someone shares your periscope, there is a portion of that title that is automatically added in front of your periscope title. As you know on twitter, only 140 characters are allowed. So make your title brief, bright and to the point. You DO want your titles to intrigue. So don’t stray away from catching peoples interest. Also, think about what people are googling. What are people typing in to google? That should drive the direction of your title. Some great one’s off the top of my head are: quick tips, how to, fast hack, action steps, etc. I think you get the idea. Yes, there should be hashtags in your periscope title. Even though this is something that isn’t currently occurring, you know periscope is a second away from implementing them. So a relevant hashtag is beneficial. Limit is to no more than 2. Many people ask if they should use a brand name as a hashtag.   My opinion varies a bit on this topic. I personally think that the only people you’re attracting when you use a brand hashtag are people who are already familiar with your brand. And you should want newbies! There are certain sinarios in which this changes. For example, I will in certain circumstances use the hashtag piyo because I am trying to capture those who follow me for fitness, but maybe don’t know the business aspect to what I do.


So here’s one of my biggest and most helpful tips when it comes to hashtags. Find 5 accounts of your ideal customer and stock their account. What hashtags are they using? This is a great place to start!

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