Snapshot | How Many Friends Should You Have?

Plus, How To Heal Faster After An Injury & Why Bodyweight Workouts Are Important!

Memorial Day is upon us and we Americans, no doubt, will be celebrating a well deserved long weekend with friends, family, food, drinks, and good times. It’s quite convenient, then, that your headlining chat in this week’s Snapshot is all about friendship! To be exact, we’re going to explore how many friends should be in your inner circle. In other topics of conversation, you’ll find how to heal faster after an injury and why bodyweight workouts are important. But listen, before we get to the blog, let’s take a moment of silence for what Memorial Day is all about…. those Americans who have lost their lives for the freedoms we enjoy (and often take for granted) today. May God bless their souls. 

Personal Development Chat – How Many Friends Should You Have?

Friends bring happiness, improved health, and – as the TV theme song confirms – will be there for you when the rain starts to pour! And experts agree that having no friends and/or shallow relationships is a recipe for loneliness, leading to an increased risk of death. So, yes, we know that friends are a crucial element to our human experience. But is it possible to have too many? Too few? Or is there actually an ideal number?

Dr. Robin Dunbar, Oxford University Anthropologist, has made it his life’s mission to study human relationships. He concluded that humans are able to be friends with about 150 people. This number, now popularized as ‘Dunbar’s Number’, may seem like a ton, but there are layers.

Each layer is identified by amount of contact. Which kind of speaks to common sense, right? I mean, better friends are going to require more quality time or they’ll eventually become acquaintances. AKA, subjected to an occasional like or comment on Facebook!

Okay, onto the good stuff. According Dr. Dunbar, the most intimate friendship layer consists of 3 to 5 people. The following layer has 15, then 50, and on it goes. That inner layer of 3 – 5 are your true close friends. They are the individuals you see (or touch base with) on a regular basis. You talk freely about anything, sustaining deep emotional ties. If you’re able to manage a tight-knit group of 3 to 5 friends, you are far more likely to lead a long and fulfilling life.

How many friends are part of your inner circle? Let me know in the comments below! For me, I’ve been blessed in the friendship category and would have to consider my close layer of friends as exceeding the 3 – 5 count. At the end of the day, I have one major criterion for a BFF… ya gotta make me laugh. And this clip right here more than proves it! I hope you have friends who make you laugh, too…



Health Chat – How To Heal Faster After An Injury

Obviously, every injury is going to be different. That said, you ever wonder why some people recover faster than others? While some reasons for this are simply beyond your control, like genetics, there are definitely things the majority of us can do to help speed recovery…

  • Regular exercise (finding what works for you in your current injured state)
  • Quickly seek medical attention (early diagnosis, for the win)
  • Seek a specialist for your exact injury
  • Come up with a plan (do you research) for healing and stick to it
  • Good sleep
  • Proper nutrition
  • Supplements

As some of you might know, I suffered a hamstring avulsion (literally torn off the tendon in 2 places) a few weeks ago. I opted to go the unorthodox route and heal without surgery. The doc already says I’m a month ahead of schedule in my healing! Check out HOW to use pain as your guide and WHY pumping blood into your muscles is important to recovery in this next video…

As mentioned above, getting proper nutrition is HUGE for recovery. When you understand how certain foods work for you and how they affect YOUR hormones, you’ll definitely heal faster!

Look, because of my current injury, I had to modify my food game slightly. But the knowledge I have acquired, after years of research, resulting in 131 Method, made the entire process easy breezy! Becoming a 131-er caters to your whole life, from the everyday to sudden emergencies. It’s that missing link in your inner circle group of friends… you. Be your own best friend and SIGN UP FOR 131 METHOD TODAY!


Fitness Chat – Why Bodyweight Workouts Are Important

For many, the gym can be seriously intimidating. Especially when you’re a beginner. That’s why just getting started with fitness, however and wherever you feel comfortable, is ultimately the most important element. And bodyweight training is a fantastic option for pushing you past that often elusive start line.

Bodyweight training was rated the #2 fitness trend (2016) by the American College of Sports Medicine. According to the report, “Body weight training uses minimal equipment making it more affordable. Not limited to just push-ups and pull-ups, this trend allows people to get ‘back to the basics’ with fitness…” 

When I was a full-time personal trainer, I found it super helpful to start my clients off with bodyweight exercises. This would help ensure correct movement patterns. To this day, I have found using my own bodyweight, often with the assistance of specialized equipment, ideal for building strength and endurance. One such piece of equipment is in the following vid. Check it out for recommendations on where/what to buy (with a discount code), and sample exercises!

Ideally, you’ll incorporate weights into your workout at some point, but it’s always good to have fun fitness toys around that’ll inspire you to get the job done! Click Here for the Lebert Equalizer Bars you just saw in the video and get your 20% off with “Chalene20”!

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Wishing you a happy, healthy, joyful, and meaningful Memorial Day Weekend!



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