Snapshot | How To Keep Your Man Happy

Plus, Why Diet Advice Is Always Changing, Breaking The Dieter's Mentality, & How To Know If You Have Passion For Something

Is there such a thing as a perfect marriage? Now, while that notion may be a long way off from the clutches of science, research on successful relationships are freakin’ everywhere. Throughout decades and decades, studies have shown trends that reveal what may or may not work with your significant others. All of that said, I still believe common sense wins the day in areas such as one’s love life. And ladies, I’m about to get super real in this week’s Snapshot as we jump straight into our headlining chat about how to keep your man happy! In other hot topic conversations sure to grab your attention, you’ll catch: why diet advice is always changing, breaking the dieter’s mentality, and how to know if you have passion for something! Okay, okay… your man is waiting! Let’s GO!


Relationship Chat – How To Keep Your Man Happy

Listen, I know there’s constant debate amongst the most highly educated about whether or not there truly are male / female differences. You know, the whole nature versus nurture thing? Maybe the reason for many (women, especially) is incorrectly equating differences with equality. Like, somehow – because men and women have strengths that are unique onto their gender – that means one is better than the other.

Anyway, call me an old fashioned type of girl – but you can count me as part of the men and women are not the same crowd. And hey, if you ask me, it’s about time we celebrate and honor our differences!

(Of course, now, I’m expressing my views in general terms. There are always going to be exceptions because we, as individuals, are complex creatures.)

The following video gives but ONE such example of how we can honor the men in our lives! Keep in mind, I created it for those of you currently in a longterm romantic relationship. Although, trust me, you would definitely benefit from it if you’re single, too! The more you know, right?



Health Chat – Why Diet Advice Is Always Changing

You’ll find a crazy amount of data online confirming that nutrition / diet advice is constantly changing. It can legit feel like an episode of the Twilight Zone coming to life!

  • Coffee causes / fights cancer
  • Fat is your enemy / best friend
  • Wine slows down / speeds up metabolism
  • Chocolate helps / hurts your heart

And accompanying this endless data, you’re sure to discover varying lists explaining why today’s research continues to fly in the face of yesterday’s.

  • Nutritional science is basically a new thing
  • Headlines exaggerate
  • The nutrition industry is out to make a buck
  • People don’t report their diets accurately

While I’m a fan of fact-finding and trying to stay ahead of the research game, I’m telling you… 99.9% of the time THE most important ingredient (pun intended) is left out of the dietary equation. What is it? You must watch to find out!

Just in case you didn’t watch the video yet (what are you waiting for!?)… I’m not going to contain any spoilers here. But I will tell you that 131 Method has that .1% answer that your infinite Google searches won’t come up with. Isn’t it time you met your best and healthiest self? Sign up TODAY for our next cycle – beginning on Monday, the 9th!


Health Chat – Breaking The Dieter’s Mentality

Let’s stay on the topic of 131 Method for a hot minute. The most challenging aspect for those going through the program is having the ability to break their own pre-conceived ideas of what a diet should be. That – right there – is the first mistake. ONE3ONE is a methodology, not a diet.

Which is why it’s guaranteed to get you and your family on the path to good health. For life. Bold statement? Nah. Just true.

There are 2 kinds of dieters:

  1. “I just need to know all the rules!”
  2. “I want to learn how my body works!”

If you relate to Dieter #1 (and most of you do), then it’s time for a reality check.

To figure out how to let go of dieter’s mentality and WHAT to focus on instead, please watch the next clip!



Personal Development Chat – How To Know If You Have Passion For Something

Search books that specialize in “finding your passion” on Amazon and you’ll come up with over 300 results. While that’s a lot of books focused on one specific theme, it almost seems a little scarce when you consider how many millions upon millions of people are striving to find their why. 

If an estimated 75% of college students change their major (at least once!), then I think it’s very fair to say that few people ever truly know their calling right away. If ever.

When you DO find that thing that motivates you, you’ll know it. How?

As this Snap will attest, we here at Team Johnson have been on overdrive lately. Putting in extra hours to see our dream realized. And our dream is to get YOU living YOUR dream. But why don’t we feel like we’re working longer hours? Well…


If you’re in need of figuring out your passion and/or how to focus on the area in life that needs your full attention, then it would be time to pick up your SmartLife PUSH Journal! They were designed precisely to help you get your life right!

Thanks for hanging with me all the way till the end here! Let me know in the comments your fave takeaways from this week’s Snapshot!

And, don’t forget, all the content you just watched came from Snapchat! AKA my BFF! Follow me there so you’re always in the know!





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10 thoughts on “Snapshot | How To Keep Your Man Happy

  1. Perfectly stated in a world so stacked against men!
    You always hit the nail on the head!
    Thank you for your insight and confirming how I feel and think!

  2. Love you guys! Bret! Hahahaaaa
    Chalene did you ever share your “how to get in the mood” playlist? I could sure use that 😉

  3. Hi Chalene!
    So I just got done watching your advice on passion and the dieters mentality..And your energy is just so contagious !! I love your optimism and just wanted to say that your children are so blessed to have you as a momma. And Brett as their daddyo! I’m 27 and my childhood was slightly different growing up.. not bad. Just different. It’s amazing to see how much you support your babies and just show them how to be good human beings with integrity. Everyone deserves a compliment and I just had to tell you what was on my mind! Thanks for being a positive light in my life!

  4. Thank you Chalene I really needed this today! I am on the 2nd phase of 131 and I was starting to drift and look for the next best thing. You brought me back home and I am totally rejuvinated and ready to take on my fast. Thank you for always looking out for us xoxo

  5. Dang Lady! Your advice on how to keep your man happy was a truth bomb!! I have been in denial that my husband is happy with the amount of sex that we have……yikes! Gotta get busy!!!!

  6. Oh Chalene, Truth Bomb!! You my friend are the I love this tidbit of info that you shared with us on how to keep your man happy as well as the other great inside knowledge you have shared about marriage. Keep keeping it real my friend 🙂