There is a way to be on social media and not become a slave to it. You see, I don’t believe that you should be spending your ENTIRE life in social media or that your social media should be controlling your life. Rather, you should build your social media around the life that you live so it doesn’t interfere. It does require setting up a system, a formula, a framework. If you don’t do that, then yes, you do become a slave .

So let’s start with the basics. First of all, should you really be using social media? I think you probably know my answer is yes. But it’s not as obvious as you might think. Now, clearly, I have a business and I met you on the Internet. I meet most of my customers on the Internet. It’s how I connect with the world. It’s how I share my message without having to travel around the world. Thank the Lord that I’m blessed with that opportunity, but so are you.

When it comes to social media – I will just tell you, and I’m sorry if I offend you – I don’t understand spending hours and hours in social media just to be social. That I don’t understand. I think if you’re going to be on social media, why not give it a purpose? Why not find a way to make a secondary income? Why not find a way to put a little extra money in your bank?Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.02.41 PM

I don’t understand spending five hours on Facebook looking at people’s pictures and posting silly memes and sharing videos. I think that has become a serious waste of our brains. I really do… I think if you’re going to be on social media, it should be to be a value to other people. Share a recipe, teach people something that you’ve had to struggle with a figure out and you’ve got the short cut.

Find a way to use your knowledge, your passion, your strength and the things that you’ve been through to help other people and then learn more about how you can use that knowledge, that passion, that interest to create a secondary income, passive income for yourself.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love social media but I think something has happened where it’s turned into this thing where we constantly have to be looking at something. We can’t just sit still.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.06.31 PMIt’s like a glass of wine from time to time. It’s great but if you do it all day every day, Houston, we have a problem. One of the best ways to avoid that, is by asking yourself this very simple question: What is my goal? What is my purpose when I’m spending time in social media? Is it to connect with other people? Is it to escape? Is it to build my business? Is it to build my brand? Is it to figure out if I want to start a business someday?

I hope that I can push you. I’m pretty pushy. I’m pushy because I know everyone of us has tremendous potential and greatness inside of us. So I hope that this is your decision to spend time in social media to build your brand or your future business. Having said that, what’s your goal?

Start with your goal because once you know what your goal is, each time that you log in and check your likes and your follows, subscribers, tweets, and re-tweets, you can ask yourself, does this relate to my goal?

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