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Plus! The Most Harmful Ingredient, Eye Makeup Tutorial, Relationship Chat, & Zero Calorie Dessert Recipe!

Did you know that getting healthier is the #1 New Year’s Resolution year after year? And, from every study I’ve read, 2018 is no exception! Sadly, even though we’re barely 2 weeks in… most people have already given up. Why? Because they’re lacking the tools, accountability, motivation, and knowledge needed to see their health goals realized. Even if it’s something relatively small, like losing 5 pounds. Well, not today! I got you covered with easy tips on how to lose 5 pounds the fast & healthy way. It’s what you need to begin the year on point! You’ll also find extremely useful talks about harmful ingredients on food labels and how to keep in touch with loved ones when you’re busy. Oh, and did I mention an eye makeup tutorial YOU made go viral, and a zero calorie dessert recipe you have to see to believe?! Let’s. Do. This.


Health Chat – How To Lose 5 Pounds the Fast & Healthy Way

While I don’t believe in a one size fits all mentality for losing weight and getting healthy, there are definitely generalizations that can be made. Here are 5 easy tips that will make a difference for everyBODY in shedding unnecessary fat in record time.

1. Give yourself a reality check.

Let’s be crystal clear on what it is exactly you’re putting into your mouth by tracking the foods you’re eating. In other words, write it down. And note how specific foods make you feel (inflamed, not settling well, etc.).

2. Intermittent fasting.

There is plenty of data now that shows we should not be eating every 2 – 3 hours, but, rather, giving our bodies ample time to rest in between meals. This will reset your hormones, gut health, and digestive system.

3. Every little swap matters.

Take a look at what you’re currently eating and consider ways you can make it healthier. Maybe it’s swapping out your high carb / empty calorie oatmeal, bagel, or pancake breakfast with eggs and avocado (good protein source and healthy fat). What if you’re drinking lemon water in place of diet soda? Throw monk fruit (a healthy sugar replacement) into your coffee instead of Splenda (artificial sweetener). Drink tea at night instead of wine. Eat out once a week instead of five. These swaps might seem inconsequential in the moment, but they really add up!

For the remaining (shocking) 2 tips, check out the video by our very own ONE3ONE Movement!

Losing weight and getting healthy entail several aspects in life you have to get right:


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The SmartLife PUSH Journal is the ideal way to plan & keep track of your daily food intake (water, too!) – with designated pages (and instruction) just for this!


75% of the population suffers from chronic dehydration resulting in bloating, premature aging, dry skin, diminished cellular function, weight gain, inflammation, and more. This is obviously a serious issue that must be addressed. What is the answer, ultimately? Forming a habit! That is precisely what I needed and why I created your ONE3ONE Hydration System!

Also, make sure you’re getting amazing daily tips and surprise weekly LIVE lessons (like the one above) by following ONE3ONE on Facebook!


Relationship Chat: How To Keep In Touch with Loved Ones When You’re Busy

It can be crazy challenging to keep in touch with the most important people in your life. Which seems entirely ironic in today’s time with the advent of social media and technology! I mean, even though there are more ways to stay connected than ever… it can really feel like you’re floating apart. That personal factor often feels removed. Facebook updates and texts are lovely, but don’t you think someone truly important is worthy of more? YOU deserve more. Whether the culprit of your lack of communication is a busy lifestyle or plain old long distance, I have a new trick I’ve been using to keep up to date with close friends and family. It’s literally a full on conversation that happens on YOUR OWN time. Please watch the next video because I think you’re going to be obsessed with this tip! You and your loved ones deserve to have the best relationship possible.



Health Chat – The Most Harmful Ingredient On Food Labels

There’s a lot of things you can look at when checking out food labels. These days, especially! It can be a little overwhelming, right? In addition to the forever usual suspects, like: calories, fat, sodium, protein, etc… we now have a whole new world of organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and the list continues to grow. While all are uniquely critical for a whole bunch of reasons, it really is up to you decide on which nutrient your body needs most and least — as each of us, individually, has different ways we digest, absorb, and process foods. For me, there was a time all I cared about was fat content. I would pick up whatever food, flip it around, and automatically scroll my fingernail down Nutrition Facts to investigate the amount of fat grams. Legit, nothing else mattered to me! Well, I’m happy to say, my priorities (and education) have seriously evolved! I follow a new, personal, pecking order of what I consider unhealthy. And there’s ONE infamous item I look for now that takes the cake (pun intended). To find out WHAT & WHY, watch the video below:



Just For Fun Chat – The Zero Calorie Dessert Recipe

Let’s stay on the topic of ingredients for a moment, shall we? Please allow my husband, Bret, to demonstrate for you what is perhaps the first ever delicious ZERO CALORIE dessert. He graciously gave of his time this past week to show you, step by step, his most secret (and family favorite) recipe! What is positively insane about it is that it will literally satisfy EVERY dietary restriction, picky eater, and loyal diet tribe. We’re talking:

  • Nut Free
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Low Fat
  • Sugar Free
  • High Carb (can you believe it!?)

You’re going to want to watch this ASAP before Bret changes his mind and pulls his super classified recipe off the internet!



Personal Development Chat – We Are Here To Serve Others

There are almost too many reasons – most of which we simply can’t know – why we are here in this lifetime. Each of us has our own battles to overcome, victories to savor (and learn from), qualities to strive for, negative traits to work on, and gifts to share. It’s critical to love and,  perhaps even more-so, be loved. But above all things, I believe there is ONE purpose to strive for above all else. And that, dear Lifers, is to serve others.

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”  1 Peter 4:10

Listen, sometimes, we don’t know what form helping people will take. How being of use can totally present itself in mysterious ways. There are times it might be impactful and life-changing… other times just fun and trivial. One such example of the latter is in the next video. And, hey, I may not agree with this particular skillset Lifers wanted me to drop knowledge on (Eye Makeup!), but I imagine that might be the point. Oftentimes, we don’t know where we shine. For real! Outside forces (e.g., friends, family, co-workers, fans, etc.) are usually needed to help shed light and show us how we can benefit others.


Now, whether you’ve been following me for many years or mere days, I hope this message of serving others has shone through most. That is my #1 mission in life and without you it wouldn’t be possible. So, thank you!

And, in case you didn’t know, the ONE place on Social Media I make myself most present and available to you is… (drumroll)… Snapchat! Make sure you’re following me on the Snaps because it get’s real. #Snapfam

I truly hope your New Year is off to the best start ever! Just in case you’re already feeling a little off (don’t worry, it’s normal!), check out SmartLife PUSH Journals for that kick in the butt you need!





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