Snapshot | The Biggest MLM Mistakes, Lashes, GMO’s & More

This week on Snapchat, we hit on just about everything! From BIG mistakes to avoid as a network marketer, to lashes, GMO’s and documentaries, we covered it all – check out the highlights below! Side note: I’m currently in New Orleans for the big Team Beachbody Coach Summit.  If you’re here find me and say “hi”!

Marketing & Sales Chat: The Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make
If Attraction Marketing was the way to Build awareness in 2016, Curiosity Marketing is where it’s at in 2017!…especially if you’re a Network Marketer or have an MLM business. Different standards apply when sharing a product YOU created versus sharing a product you affiliate for or represent. When other distributors are repping the same product as you, there needs to be an element of curiosity. Check out what I mean in this video example.


Documentary Chat: Life-Changing Food Documentaries
If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know I’m obsessed with watching documentaries.  If you haven’t started watching documentaries, you’re missing out! We watch all of ours on our Apple TV, and we get them from iTunes, but you can stream them on your computer as well. Here are my current favorites.

This is the latest documentary I want you to watch, What’s With Wheat.  It’s fantastic.  Farmers, scientists and nutritionists weigh in on how gluten intolerance came about — and find modern processes may be the culprit.

Here’s one of my all time favorite documentaries , At the Fork, just released this year. You need to watch this if you haven’t yet. I love this one because it offers up a timely and refreshingly unbiased look at how farm animals are raised for our consumption.

Looking for a non food related documentary? I loved Finding Garcia and Alive Inside.

As it relates to business – have you seen Becoming Warren Buffet?


Food Chat: Where to Find High Quality Meat (Especially Bacon) & Must Follow Guidelines
Right now, the number one question I get on Snapchat is, “Where do you get you find quality meat?” I eat a primarily plant based diet, but I do include animal protein if it meets certain requirements. Given that National Bacon Day was this week, I thought I’d share the answer to this question as well as my “meat guidelines.”

There are two ways you can get high quality, healthy meat:
#1: Get to know your local farmers and their farming practices.
#2: Butcherbox – this is the service we use. It’s convenient and meets all of the recommended criteria.

If you’re going to eat meat (especially bacon), look for these guidelines:

  • Heritage Bred
  • Humanely Raised, Free Range
  • Nitrate Free
  • Uncured
  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free

*Butcherbox meets each of these requirements.

If you want to stock up on some high quality, healthy meat selected by a father of 3 who works closely with the farms he uses to source meat, use this link. Butcherbox is hooking you up with a killer deal. If you sign up for any of their subscription services now through Sunday, July 16th, you’ll get a free package of bacon with every order for the LIFETIME of your subscription! Kinda crazy, I know. Get yours now and feel confident that you’re getting your meat from a legit source.


Personal Improvement Chat: Tips to Feel Happier
It’s true when they say, “Happiness is a choice.” There are actions you can take and habits you can put into place to increase your level of happiness. In this snap series, I share tips for what to focus on and what to not waste energy on to boost your overall happiness.


Beauty Chat: My All-Time Favorite Lashes
I don’t know about you, but I truly believe a good pair of lashes are a girl’s best friend! People are always asking what eyelashes I use, so here goes…I like to buy my eyelashes in bulk from Amazon, and my favorite styles are #415 by Christina, #WSP by Christina and #43 by Christina. The glue I use is Callas Eyelash Adhesive. It’s the best I’ve found so far!


Health Chat: What’s the Deal with Infrared Saunas & Would You Benefit?
Even though being super hot totally isn’t my thing, I’ve been doing some research and looking at studies of using infrared saunas and WOW the research is insane. Check out this video to see if this is something you should consider finding in your area.


Podcast Chat: GMO’s – The Scientific Crime of the Century
Not long ago I interviewed a pro-GMO scientist. While he brought up an interesting perspective, and I tried my best to take an unbiased approach, there were quite a few points in his argument I strongly disagreed with. It’s only fair that I present both sides. And now, here’s the rebuttal…This is my latest podcast, and you MUST check it out!

Hot Topics Covered in this Episode: 

  • Glyphosate or RoundUp: when it was created, and who currently owns the rights.
  • What is a genetically modified seed and how are they regulated.
  • The correlation between an increase in GMO’s and an increase in health problems.
  • The EPA’s stance on Glyphosate.
  • The World Health Organization came out and classified Glyphosate as a possible carcinogen, and yet the EPA is still allowing them.
  • What we know about dosage of glyphosate.
  • When glyphosate was categorized as an antibiotic and the repercussions of this.
  • Eric shares the physical/health complications he’s uncovered in his research.
  • The lack of testing around GMO’s.
  • Mutagenesis – mutating the cells with chemicals and radiation.


Beauty Chat: The Ultimate Beauty Hack for Short Haired Girls
Short hair styles seem to be all the rage lately. While they’re super cute, they can also be difficult to style…trust me, I know first hand. I’ve found the ultimate hair hack when it comes to getting short hair into a ponytail! Check out this video where I break it down!


Event Chat: Join at the Success Magazine Event!
If you’re looking for a super inspirational, transformational event to add to your calendar this year, this is it! I’m so honored to be a speaker here! Join me in Long Beach on September 8 – 9 by clicking here.

I will be sharing the stage with 15+ other thought leaders, speakers, and SUCCESS teachers where we’ll be sharing our favorite strategies, tactics, and more! Tickets are 50% but hurry this offer ends July 22nd!


If you’re loving these Weekly SNAPchats please leave a comment below.  Let us know what your favorite tip was and feel free to make suggestions for what you’d like to see me SNAP about in the future. Oh and if you do follow me on Snap, swipe up and let me know you enjoy these recaps!

– ChaleneOfficial

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22 thoughts on “Snapshot | The Biggest MLM Mistakes, Lashes, GMO’s & More

  1. I LOVE these weekly updates! I’m also doing the diet beta test right now and it’s helped figure out so many foods that were making me feel awful and helped me find awesome plant-based meals to cook! I like the updates because they’re not all about one topic and it’s all interesting and a quick way to learn new information. Thanks!

  2. Love catching up on your snapchats!! Hair piece for short hair = gamechanger!!! Have had short hair a few months now!! Also I’m in your diet beta group currently keto with 23 hr fast/1 meal x last 3 days!! Feel great!! Embracing the mandate to experiment with what works for me and why!! Thank YOU!!😘😍

  3. Hey girl! I am digging these Snapshots! 😉 As a mother of a one year old I appreciate being able to find out important things like your favorite eye lashes! I saw your Snap but was called away to an important meeting with my precious boy Q before I could take a screenshot. Thank you for putting these together! Xo! Christy

  4. Although i rarely miss a snapchat of yours, I am loving these snapshots, then i don’t want to worry if i miss a screen shot, or if i do end up missing something.

  5. I do follow you on Snapchat, and I love these email recaps! Thank you for always wanting the best for others. You are a rare gem in this world! Love you so much!!

  6. You snapped about journaling food and if the way you like it is how we like it. I just wanted to add….I like the option of meal 1, 2,3 and snacks just as a mind jogger. I would also like a square on the same page just labeled “tracking”. Because some months I may be tracking calories, others carb intake or workouts completed. People may also track water intake or sugar intake. That would be a great consistent place in your journal to look back at. Just thought I’d share. Love love love following you on snap chat, instagram and Facebook. I also have PIYO and your Push Journals. I also listen to your Podcasts. You are amazing!!

  7. Yep I am a follower and probably one of your lifers. I really do not know how you do it all. Wonder woman! Thanks for always sharing. I was super bummed I could not be focus after I signed up for your Diet Beta group. I wish it was open longer but I understand you want to apply ourselves and get results.

  8. Love, Love, Love everything about what you do. Such in inspiration!

    So I thought I chose to watch the documentary on What’s With Wheat and accidentally ended up watching What The Health. Makes me never want to eat animal products. Scary who funds these companies.

  9. I do love these snap recap emails! Please keep doing them 🙂 My favorite was the tips to happiness. after watching that one, it led me down a rabbit trail of other youtube videos about changing the way we think and being more positive! Thank you Chalene 🙂

  10. Great tips! Definitely going to try the hair extension pony tail look. Thanks for all the information you share.
    I’m a podcast follower of yours, they’re the best! : )

  11. Chalene, I was introduced to you via infomercial right after my daughter was born during a 3am feeding 🙂 I ordered Turbo Jam & it is by far still my favorite work out for the past 10 years! I have alllll of your videos & absolutely adore you! I cant wait to watch the two documentaries you suggested & am heading straight to my bathroom after typing this to try the hair extension thing! Why didn’t I think of that? I’m so excited! Keep ’em comin’ sister! You rock!