Stuck in a Rut? Get “Unstuck” and Motivated to Move Forward

Don’t get Stuck in a Rut

It’s not uncommon to hear people talk about feeling “stuck” or being in a rut.  In fact, you may have experienced these feelings yourself from time to time.  When you get into an unproductive routine or let healthy habits fall by the wayside, things can become monotonous, and you can lose a sense of motivation and self confidence.  Don’t get stuck in a sea of sameness.  Keep pressing forward!  You have to change things up from time to time in order to keep your momentum and continue personal growth.

stuck in a rut 

Do Something Scary

To build confidence and continue moving forward in life, do something that scares you.  The scarier, the better!  What one fear is holding you back – a fear that if overcome would enable you to accomplish so much more in life? Is it public speaking?  A fear of rejection?  Whatever it is, it’s time to conquer it!


Trying something scary and living through it will prove to you that you’re capable of more.  Getting over this fear will not only give you more confidence, but it will motivate you to take it to the next level; thus, giving you a sense of momentum helping you get “unstuck” and out of your rut.


Seek Knowledge

When you gain knowledge, you gain confidence.  Learning something new can also reignite a passion and bring excitement to your life.  Become an expert in whatever you’re passionate about or whatever brings you joy.  Learn a new skill by enrolling in a class, reading a book, or just doing a Google search.  Knowledge brings confidence and growth.


Play Up

In the words of Oprah, “Surround yourself only with people that are going to lift you higher.”  If you’re hanging out with people that are Debbie Downers or people that dislike themselves and lack motivation, whether you realize it or not, you’re taking on their negative belief systems. 


Find a group of friends that embody the amazing person you’re becoming.  Hang out with people that raise the bar and challenge you to be the best version of yourself.  If the people around you are stuck and aren’t going anywhere, you’ll probably be stuck in a rut, too.


Change it up

Change things up and try something new!  Try a new hair style, or add a new accessory or piece of clothing to your wardrobe that’s different from your usual style.  Rearrange your surroundings or hang something on your wall that inspires you.  Read a new book!  Little changes like this can make you feel fresh and get you moving again.


Find ways to build your confidence and motivate yourself to get unstuck and out of your rut.  Remember, change is growth, and growth is good!  Every day is an opportunity for growth – take advantage of it!