Snapshot | Shocking New Way To Boost Energy

Plus, Tips To Becoming A Better Public Speaker & How To Keep Your Voice Healthy

If you’ve ever attended a weekend (or longer) conference before, then you know the amount of energy needed to survive! Well, this past week saw one of my biggest seminars of the year come to life, Marketing Impact Live. We’re talking days’ worth of insane motivation and serving others in all their entrepreneurial needs. But […]

How To Find The Perfect Customer

7 Questions To Help Attract Your Ideal Customer

What we know about the laws of the universe is that when we think about what it is we want – when we clarify that – it magnetically attracts to us. But too often, people in business think, “Well, I just want customers! I need traffic! Pay attention to my product!” They don’t consider, specifically, […]

How To Focus In Your Business

Three Questions That Can Change Your Finances

Years after I graduated from college, I began to wonder why my hard work wasn’t paying off. I just wasn’t getting ahead nor moving anywhere near the direction I wanted to be at in my life. It was the same arduous routine, day after day. So tired hours before bedtime. And not at all inspired […]

Why (and How To) Become An Affiliate Marketer

Wouldn’t it be great if we could reward those people who won’t stop bragging about our products or services? I mean, they’re sending us our most loyal customers! Well, as a matter of fact, you can compensate them! And that person is your affiliate marketer. In short, an affiliate is someone who refers people to […]