How to Create a Strong and Confident Inner Voice

We’ve all felt the prison of shame and guilt.  When we get stuck there, our perspective on life, and the beliefs we carry about ourselves are debilitating and keep us from progressing forward positively.  Our negative inner voice causes us to become less confident. Whatever you believe about your abilities, your luck or misfortune, your […]

A Complete Mindset Shift

How trusting in the journey allows your mindset to completely change

Last year the family went on our yearly trip to Hawaii and I learned a major lesson on shifting my mindset. We arrived on the island and I instantly started not feeling well. My head was throbbing, my throat swelled up and was soar, and my body felt tired and achy. When my fever spiked […]

Complete Guide to Goal Setting | Set Yourself Up to Achieve Any Goal

Don't just set goals this year, achieve them!

Taking time for goal setting and putting forth the effort to create an effective habit will take your life in the direction YOU want and not in the direction others are telling you.  Success is being able to live the life you want in pure pursuit of anything and everything you want. Because of that […]