Water: How Much Water Should You Drink A Day?

Plus, 6 Symptoms Of Dehydration

Magazines, blog articles, diet books, and fitness experts love to tell you exactly how much water you should drink. Most of them will say six to eight cups per day. Or, sometimes, you’ll hear that you require 50% of your body weight in ounces. Whether it’s because of our busy schedules, or all the caffeinated […]

Snapshot | How To Wake Up With Fresh Breath

Plus, How To Get Stronger At The Gym, How To Balance Your Hormones After The Pill, & How To Create Perfect Selfie Lighting!

Last week’s Snapshot was dedicated to your health. Which is, as you know, an ongoing passion project of mine! You simply can’t live your dream life without feeling your best – inside and out. So, this week, we’re staying the course with more chats centered around your overall well-being! Game changing How-To’s await you, like: […]

Snapshot | The Secret Sauce To Weight Loss

Plus, The Best Health App, Stop Dieting & Start Phasing, and How To Get Inspired Quickly!

According to a recent study by Gallup, under 3% of Americans meet the core qualifications for a healthy lifestyle. Factors included in this research are: exercise, nutrition, body fat percentage, and smoking. This is some serious stuff right here, Lifers! Because these findings are obviously alarming – and you mean so much to me – […]

Weekend Weight Loss Tips

9 Tips To Shed Pounds Over The Weekend

While a healthy lifestyle is something many people try to adhere to seven days a week, it seems there’s one time, specifically, they let it all go. The dedication, the plan, the consistency… gone! And that, Lifers, is on the weekend! Can you relate? It seems the majority of society simply decides to give themselves […]