Get More Organized, Increase Productivity, and Feel More Peace

Let’s get more organized, productive and HAPPY in 2017! Shall we? Face it, no matter how much you accomplish, if you feel like your life is out of control, it’s so much harder to feel happy. Watch this video where I take you through the step-by-step process for simplifying goal setting and accomplishing more in […]

How Often Should you Get on the Scale? Tips for When to Weigh Yourself

The scale can be a great tool when it comes to tracking progress.  However the relationship with the number can become an unhealthy one.  Regardless of how often or when you weigh yourself, if your relationship with the scales starts to take an unhealthy turn, don’t get discouraged. It’s common to start relating your happiness […]

Want to Lose Weight in 2017? These 3 Tips will Boost your Metabolism and Help you Shed the Pounds

Here are my 3 tips to boost your metabolism and lose weight without dieting.  Yes! It’s possible.  Some of these tips might make you serial dieters a little uncomfortable, however I want you to go into this video with an open mind.  I don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older, I feel like […]

Why New Year Goals Don’t Work | How to Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

It’s almost 2017, a great time to set new goals…but the typical goal-setting system doesn’t always work. I want to help you reach ALL of your goals all year long with a proven 90 day system I’ve finally made available to the public after years of testing. After trying planner after planner, I created the PUSH […]