SNAPshot | What’s THE BEST Diet & Why Some People Always Gain the Weight Back

There’s been lots of “health” and “diet” talk here lately, but it’s for good reason! This time of year, so many people put their health on the back burner only to go on a crazy guilt trip and yo-yo diet the first of the year. I want to help you break the cycle! Whether you’re […]

SNAPshot | How Your Gut Can Make You Fat & Stupid

Thanksgiving Recipes, Productivity & Why You Need to Ditch the Diet

Listen – it doesn’t matter if you’re here for business, productivity or health tips…EVERYONE benefits from being in better health. The better you feel, the more productive you are, and the faster your business grows. No matter your interests, the information in this Snapshot is stuff EVERYONE needs to know…Learn how your gut can make […]

SNAPShot | THE #1 Diet Tip That Actually Causes Weight Gain

Plus Steps to Heal Workout Injuries, Parenting Advice, Book Club & More!

Oh Snap! Did you know that the #1 diet tip, the most general tip that just about everyone follows actually CAUSES weight gain? Yikes! I break that down and more in this week’s Snapshot – plus some tips for gut health, healing workout injuries, parenting, book recommendations and more! AND, I’ve got BIG news! ONE3ONE […]

SNAPshot | Halloween Shenanigans, Health & Productivity

Here at Team Johnson, we go HARD on Halloween. We had a blast dressing up this week! We also fit in talk about increasing productivity, the importance of massage and how to reap the benefits even if you can’t get one regularly, why you need to wash your produce thoroughly (even if it’s organic), as […]