5 Tips to Finding True Happiness

Every day is an opportunity to change the tone of your attitude and the direction of your life.  An overall sense of happiness starts with feeling more gratitude for the things you have… not feeling unfulfilled by the things you don’t. Social media, television, and advertisements tell you that you need MORE to be happy; […]

Radically Improve your Life by Knowing your Sleep Type

Sleep and its affects on weight loss and metabolism. Plus top sleep tips, supplements, determining your sleep type and optimizing your productivity!

I had the honor of interview Dr. Brues, one of the leading experts in this field.  He has helped countless people get more sleep and optimize the quality of their lives by understanding their sleep patterns.  In my interview with him, I learned everything from how sleep affects weight loss, the best time to workout […]

How to Identify Emotional Eating and My 3 Day Fast with Dr. Mcayla Sarno

Mcayla is a wealth of information! She is a licensed psycho therapist, a brain training and mindset expert, and a specialist in EMDR therapy; which stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. Dr. Mcayla is the creator of several online programs, including – End Emotional Eating, and is a consulting expert who’s been helping me […]

How to Stop your Sugar Cravings

Have you ever had an awesome day in regards to your nutrition? You’re denying junk food left and right! You’re making all the right choices! You’re feeling motivated! You’re feeling strong! You’re putting all the right things into your body… then all of a sudden 8 pm rolls around. Panic sets in as the irresistible […]

Boost your Metabolism with Lemon Ginger Water

Your hydration directly effects your metabolism.  If you want to rev up your metabolism, then you should be drinking an optimal amount of water every day.  Water is involved in pretty much every function in the body, so if you’re dehydrated, it’s no wonder your metabolism is going to be effected.  Almost 80% of your […]