SNAPshot | Tip #1 Will Change Your Life

Doing What You Love, Food Talk, Life Hacks & Podcast Chat

Your world is about to get turned upside down in the best way possible! There’s all kinds of good stuff in this week’s Snapshot, but might I suggest you pay particularly close attention to the first tip/highlight on this page. I threw in a special video this week with everything you need to know about creating […]

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Why you should hire a virtual assistant and tips on how to do it!

If your business is starting to grow and you are at the point of needing help, you’re in the right place. So how do I hire a virtual assistant? What is so great about hiring a virtual assistant is that there are amazing people out there who want to do great work for your company, […]

Insider Tips on Live Events | How to Get the Most Out of a Conference

There are endless opportunities to make money through an online business. Or if that feels like too scary of a commitment, there are tons of ways that you can bring in a healthy secondary income! I preach this message constantly, and my biggest hurdle is getting people to believe it’s possible. Typically within the first […]

Grow Your Following | Why You’re Losing Followers with Instagram Stories

How do you use Instagram stories and get the most bang for your buck?  In this post I’m going to talk to you about the new Instagram feature, Instagram stories, and then how to use this new Instagram update to populate your other social media platforms.  These systems are what has helped me not only […]

STOP Doing Instagram Stories Until You Master These Tips

Instagram Stories versus new Snapchat features. So what’s the latest and the greatest in the biggest updates? You’re probably wondering, like many people are, “Is Stories going to take over Snapchat? What’s going to happen to Snapchat? Which one should I be on? How’s this going to affect Instagram? How will this affect Snapchat and how […]