SNAPshot | What’s THE BEST Diet & Why Some People Always Gain the Weight Back

There’s been lots of “health” and “diet” talk here lately, but it’s for good reason! This time of year, so many people put their health on the back burner only to go on a crazy guilt trip and yo-yo diet the first of the year. I want to help you break the cycle! Whether you’re […]

SNAPShot | THE #1 Diet Tip That Actually Causes Weight Gain

Plus Steps to Heal Workout Injuries, Parenting Advice, Book Club & More!

Oh Snap! Did you know that the #1 diet tip, the most general tip that just about everyone follows actually CAUSES weight gain? Yikes! I break that down and more in this week’s Snapshot – plus some tips for gut health, healing workout injuries, parenting, book recommendations and more! AND, I’ve got BIG news! ONE3ONE […]

SNAPShot | Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income & Where to Start

This is not your typical “Snapshot” introduction because I had to set something straight… (but don’t worry, you’ll still get all your fun tips and highlights below…) Creating extra streams of income was a hot topic this week because Marketing Impact Academy is open for enrollment (but only until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT 10/27/17). Someone on Snapchat was […]

How To Get Good Bacteria In Your Gut

Simple Solutions To Get Your Gut Right

Last week I dropped an ecosystem truth bomb on y’all! And, you know me, I’ve been practicing my preachiness. I recently got back from Michigan – where my parents had their 50th wedding anniversary (OMGOD Bless Them!) – and I took in as much as I could from my not everyday surroundings. Brought home new […]