Snapshot | How To Break Free Of Diet Cults

Plus! How A Mom’s Self Confidence Affects Her Daughter, #1 Trick To Increase Productivity, and Why You Should Set Ambitious Goals!

Saint Patrick’s Day, tomorrow, ranks #4 on the list of biggest drinking holidays (behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas, & the Fourth of July). And while it’s often a fun night out with friends, it’s usually followed by hangovers, bloat, dehydration, and… well, you know the rest. Look, if you’re still suffering from all the partying when at […]

How To Recover From Setbacks

6 Steps To Help With Life’s Disappointments

Today I want to share with you six tips to help you recover from life’s setbacks. Surely, there are more – but this particular list is my go-to as it has really guided me through the years.  Number ONE: It’s not personal. You can’t take whatever happened personally, so stop feeling sorry for yourself. There’s zero […]

What Is Therapeutic Complaint?

Welcome to the third and final part on our series revolving around the topic of complaining. We’ve already covered constructive criticism and the most dangerous type of complainer. Today, I’d like to bring to your attention… therapeutic complaints – as I like to call them. These are complaints where you, at your core, really don’t […]

What To Do When You’ve Hurt Someone

There’s really no way to deny someone’s feelings about an issue they have with you, but yet we do this all the time. It’s very dangerous and will always hurt the offended party. A person’s perception of what’s going on is always accurate to them. All of this would just be handled and resolved so […]