SNAPshot | Tip #1 Will Change Your Life

Doing What You Love, Food Talk, Life Hacks & Podcast Chat

Your world is about to get turned upside down in the best way possible! There’s all kinds of good stuff in this week’s Snapshot, but might I suggest you pay particularly close attention to the first tip/highlight on this page. I threw in a special video this week with everything you need to know about creating […]

SNAPshot | Fasting 411, Your Brand & A New Podcast Addiction

Okay, okay – I MAY have gone a little “snap crazy” this week, but there’s just SO much stuff I’m excited to share with you! Whether you want straight talk about diet, personal development, social media and business tips…or a podcast story you absolutely cannot stop listening to…it’s all right here in your weekly Snapshot! […]

On Sleep, My New Perspective

As my lifers know, I’ve been on a journey to enhance lifelong health. But it’s only been the last few years that I woke up (pun intended!) and had to get real. I lied to others, but mainly to myself. What was the result? Self induced moderate brain damage. FREAKIN SCARY. My husband, Bret, defines […]

SNAPshot | Huge News, Relationship Advice, Workout and Lifestyle Tips!

I can barely contain my excitement for this week’s SNAPshot!  SO much happened over on Snap, so there is a lot to recap for you!  I’m sharing very exciting news, some relationship advice, my recent podcasts, and workout and lifestyle tips.  So lets get right to it! Something HUGE That Will Completely Change How You […]

The 5 Reasons Why You Should Workout Together

Why sweating together helps you stay together!

You’ve heard me say it many times, “only workout on the days you want to be in a good mood!”  And I totally believe it!  This means that I move my body every day.  This doesn’t mean I go max force, balls-to-the-wall everyday.  Some days my workout is extremely intense, and other days I go […]