Snapshot | How Many Friends Should You Have?

Plus, How To Heal Faster After An Injury & Why Bodyweight Workouts Are Important!

Memorial Day is upon us and we Americans, no doubt, will be celebrating a well deserved long weekend with friends, family, food, drinks, and good times. It’s quite convenient, then, that your headlining chat in this week’s Snapshot is all about friendship! To be exact, we’re going to explore how many friends should be in […]

Change: How To Get Someone To Change

5 Don’ts That Will Help Your Relationship

Prevailing thought is that you can never change someone and/or shouldn’t want someone you truly love to ever change. But let’s be real, shall we? Often times we would very much like for people to change. Maybe not necessarily for us, but, rather, because we think we know their life could be better. It’s got […]

Snapshot | How To Keep Your Man Happy

Plus, Why Diet Advice Is Always Changing, Breaking The Dieter's Mentality, & How To Know If You Have Passion For Something

Is there such a thing as a perfect marriage? Now, while that notion may be a long way off from the clutches of science, research on successful relationships are freakin’ everywhere. Throughout decades and decades, studies have shown trends that reveal what may or may not work with your significant others. All of that said, […]

Snapshot | How To Break Free Of Diet Cults

Plus! How A Mom’s Self Confidence Affects Her Daughter, #1 Trick To Increase Productivity, and Why You Should Set Ambitious Goals!

Saint Patrick’s Day, tomorrow, ranks #4 on the list of biggest drinking holidays (behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas, & the Fourth of July). And while it’s often a fun night out with friends, it’s usually followed by hangovers, bloat, dehydration, and… well, you know the rest. Look, if you’re still suffering from all the partying when at […]