Valentine’s Date Night Tips & Raspberry Skinny Margarita Recipe

Want the perfect Valentine's Day? The Hangry Chef shares how he makes Valentine's Day Special

Hey – it’s Bret the Hangry Chef! In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have 4 date night tips for you. Trust me people…I’ve been married for 20 years, and this works every time.  Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on you to go all out, but it’s the little things that make all […]

How to Make her Feel Special

What every woman wants you to do on Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend?  Or maybe you need to make up for not spoiling her enough… Either way, these tips can and SHOULD be done outside of this national holiday.  They will make your marriage stronger and more connected.  These come to you straight from Bret Johnson himself… so these are Chalene approved!! Hey! […]

How to be Strong Partners in Life

This guy!  He’s my rock and my partner in life.  Over the last 20+ years we’ve learned a lot about what works in our relationship, and what doesn’t.  As our relationship has grown, we’ve realized that the personality traits that used to drive us nuts, are actually what makes our relationship strong. I don’t think […]

Simple Tips to Eliminate Self Doubt and Boost your Confidence

When you think of someone with confidence you may think of a person who is a little loud, who isn’t afraid to stick out, or when they walk into a party they practically shout, “Hey! I’m here!” While this person seems confidence, the reality is that they are probably lacking confidence and need to overcompensate […]