How To Get A Money Mindset

Your money mindset might be holding you back in your business, in your life, in your relationships.

For most people, unbeknownst to them, their experiences from childhood will lead them to associate money with negativity. Perhaps relating it to a time in life where their parents struggled financially.

Movies tell us that money:

  • Leads to power corruption
  • Causes people to lie and do evil things
  • Exploits other people
  • Makes people work too hard (and for superficial things)

You’ve also probably heard the phrase before, “Money is the root of all evil”.

But you know that is a misquote from the bible, right? It is actually the love of money can be the root of all evil. Not money, but the love of money! In the same way that the love of just about anything can cause corruption.

What happens, then, is all that is associated with money (from childhood to media) is stored in your unconscious mind as a very bad thing.

Money is currency, which means it’s energy. And how can you have a healthy relationship with this powerful energy source when all that is communicated to you about is is seemingly destructive?

It all comes down to a scarcity mindset.

The scarcity mindset is constantly worrying about people who are being phony and constantly looking over our shoulder and constantly judging other people because of the way they are with their money and constantly looking at how other people are making money and making judgment calls about it.

Who cares?

Let me tell you, the thing that you feel you don’t have enough of is the thing that you should be giving away.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time, you should probably give a little bit more of yours away. If you feel as though you don’t have enough of money, then that is your mindset saying, “I am not abundantly blessed.”

But the moment you say, “I am abundantly blessed. I have more than I could ever possibly need. I have too much. I should give more away” – the more will rain down on you.

People with an abundancy mindset are generous because it keeps coming back to them. Yep. In order to have this kind of mentality, you have to have a deep sense of your personal worth.

Be much more careful about recognizing when people are in a position to receive your help – whether it’s money or education or mentorship or kindness. Be conscientious of these people who are ready to use what you have to offer.

Here is my call to action… I want you to give today.

Would you like more praise? Would you like more affection? Would you like more of your friends to reach out to you and just tell you what it is they love about you? Would you like more money? Would you like more time? Would you like more mentorship? Whatever it is that you want more of, give it.

Let’s start in the comments below! Please share an area of your life where you feel you’re lacking and HOW you might be able to pay that specific thing forward.

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