Top Productivity Podcasts | Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

Here’s to getting more done in less time!  I’m sharing my top productivity podcasts to help you focus and accomplish more.

Let’s start with a QUICK tip from me!

Quick Tip: Not only do you need to write out your goals weekly, but you need to brainstorm every little thing you must do, to achieve them. Then, you break down each of these to-do’s into even smaller steps. We’re talking small tasks you can complete each day in just a few minutes. Make it a goal for yourself to complete at least 2 of these tasks each day. I don’t want you to just think your going to do this, I want you to pull out your calendar and actually schedule time for you to complete these tasks. THIS is how you build momentum and keep your motivation going! This is how you accomplish big one-year goals in just a few months.

Below are some of my top podcasts on productivity and increasing focus!  They are all free and easy to download!

Time Saving Systems >>

Don’t Quit Yet! >>

Motivation, Discipline, and Habits >>

The Key to Getting Organized, Productive, and Happy >>

Reset Your Time Management >>

Productivity Hacks >>

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