Easy Vegan Chili Recipe for Beginners | Featuring the Hangry Chef

Alright people! I’m taking over the blog today so I can share my Vegan Chili recipe with you. I make this for my daughter Cierra all the time, and it has now become a staple at the Team Johnson Headquarters.

What’s makes this recipe beyond insane is the fact that it’s VEGAN!!! Did I lose you? I hope not, because this recipe is good enough for the meat lovers. Trust me, because I am one!
The trick here people, is the patty. My daughter Cierra found this amazing vegan burger patty that breaks apart into, basically ground beef! Well… okay, not really ground beef. But you get it!

So lets get to it!


– 2 cans of black beans
– zucchini
– sweet potatoes
– 1 box of vegetable broth
– 2 cans of fire roasted crushed tomatoes
– small can of tomato paste
– white mushrooms
– 2 packages of sweet earth veggie burgers
– your vegan cheese of choice!

Spices and other ingredients:

– Everything Spicy Flavor God
– Vegetarian chili spice packet (I purchased it at Whole Foods)
– Red pepper flakes
– Avocado oil

Let’s cook this Vegan Chili!

1. Pre heat your over to 350 degrees.
2. Lay your diced sweet potatoes out on a try and toss them in some avocado oil. Hopefully you’re intelligent enough to eye ball this, and I don’t have to give you exact measurements here. Just drizzle over the sweet potatoes and then toss with your hands or spatula. Then sprinkle the red pepper flakes, and Everything Spicy Flavor God over the potatoes.
3. Put them in the oven until golden brown – about 20 to 25 minutes.
4. Place a large boiling pot on the stove over med to high heat and a couple tablespoons of avocado oil to the bottom.
5. Dice up your vegan burgers patties into small cubes.
6. Sauté your diced burger patties in the avocado oil.
7. While the burger patties sauté, dice up your 2 zucchini and add to the pot.
8. Next chop up your mushrooms! Don’t dice them too small, then add them to the pot. Continue to stir the pot as you go.
9. Add your packet of vegetarian chili seasoning and stir. Let that all sauté for a couple minutes.
10. Drain and rinse your black beans, then dump them into the pot and stir!
11. Add your fire roasted tomatoes, the vegetable broth, and your can of tomato paste. Stir everything together.
12. Next, pull out your sweet potatoes. They’re not done yet! Get a large sauté pan, add some avocado oil, and heat it up!! Add a pinch of red pepper flake to the oil. Once that warms up, add the sweet potatoes. The goal is to blacken them a bit, which takes about 10 minutes.
13. While your working on your sweet potatoes, make sure you are continuing to cook your chili over medium heat so that all the ingredients come together.
14. Once the sweet potatoes are blackened, pull them out of the pan and put them into a bowl.
15. It’s time to plate! Scoop your vegan chili into a bowl, add some nut cheese, the blackened sweet potatoes, and top with fresh avocado to take it to the next level!

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