The Benefits of Decreasing Animal Protein and Eating a Plant Based Diet

Put down the knife, and pick up a fork… it might be time to transition on to a plant based diet.

The debate continues…. the more research I read and the more experts I interview, the MORE I understand the importance of a plant based diet. Specifically in the last few weeks, I have dramatically decreased my consumption of animal proteins. My goal is to eat whole, unprocessed food that hits all the colors of the rainbow. The focus is Micronutrient dense food that fuels my body on a cellular level.

My recently interviewed Dr. Dan Witkowski. He is a plant based medical doctor that started incorporating diet and nutrition into his practice when he realized 10 years into his practice that his patients weren’t getting better with conventional means and medication.

I know that this interview will leave you feeling inspired to put down the knife, and pick up the fork.

Dr. Dan breaks down:

  • What does plant based really mean?
  • Is plant based the same as vegan or vegetarian?
  • What is a whole food, plant based diet?
  • How to free yourself of food labels
  • Why restriction isn’t sustainable
  • Should we avoid grains and gluten?
  • Why we need to get away from labeling foods as “good” and “bad”
  • What do you eat on a plant based diet?
  • How to get your family to make this transition with you
  • Can you get into Ketosis on a plant based diet?
    And so much more!

This is a really eye-opening approach to a plant based diet, and a great one to dive deeper into.

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2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Decreasing Animal Protein and Eating a Plant Based Diet

  1. This is great! it’s good to know that there’s at least ONE M.D. that still believes in actually treating the person to help them get well–instead of keeping his pockets lined by way of the pharmaceutical company kick-backs…which seem to be the way that most doctor’s are approaching their treatment of patients.

  2. Love it! Thank you, Chalene! The more I listen to you, work out with you, and read your posts, the more I love you! Thank you!