Valentine’s Date Night Tips & Raspberry Skinny Margarita Recipe

Want the perfect Valentine's Day? The Hangry Chef shares how he makes Valentine's Day Special

Hey – it’s Bret the Hangry Chef! In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have 4 date night tips for you. Trust me people…I’ve been married for 20 years, and this works every time.  Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on you to go all out, but it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Check out my video and click here to download the perfect date night cocktail recipe – the Raspberry Skinny Margarita. Your spouse, partner, or date will thank you!

Hangry Chef Raspberry Skinny MargaritaClick here to download my Hangry Chef Raspberry Skinny Margarita Recipe.

Tip #1: Write Notes of Appreciation
Listen people…anyone can buy a card. And flowers are nice, but they die. Instead, do something that tells your partner how much they mean to you. Right where they brush their teeth in the morning (or somewhere you know they’re going to see it), plaster the mirror with post-it notes, so they are reminded of how much they mean to you first thing in the morning and start looking forward to your date later that night. Get creative with it and maybe even mix it up with some multi-colored Post-It Notes. It will blow your partner away.

Tip #2: Text Your Partner About the Date
Randomly text your partner in the middle of the day and tell them how flippin’ excited you are to spend time with them on your date later and how fun it’s going to be. Or give them a little tip about what’s going to happen and how much you’re looking forward to it. It’s called building anticipation, people…it works!

Tip #3: Create a Date Night Playlist
Make yourself a great playlist – you know, like back in the day when you made your high school sweetheart a mixed tape. You and your partner have your songs you like to listen to together. Go put them on a playlist and set the mood. Everything is better with a little music!

Tip #4: Make a Date Night Cocktail
This tip seals the deal… And don’t worry I got your back – you don’t even have to think about it. I’ve got the perfect recipe for you right here. Just click here to download my date night cocktail recipe, get the ingredients and go make yourself a drink. This one’s perfect, and it works every time.

If you liked this recipe, click here to download my Hangry Chef Snack Guide. And for those of you calling our office and sending me all kinds of tweets and emails about my ebook – yes, it’s on the way! I’ve been cooking away and adding all kinds of awesome features like videos and coaching mp3s where I walk you through each recipe. So stay tuned – if you’ve downloaded any of my Hangry Chef guides, and you’re on my email list, believe me, you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready…In the meantime, enjoy this awesome cocktail recipe I’m sending you and invite your friends to download my Hangry Snack Guide, so they can get in on all of this, too.

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Date Night Tips & Raspberry Skinny Margarita Recipe

  1. Yup! He was spot on! I hope the guys out there take this advice and make their partners feel noticed and loved. To sum it up..It’s the little things that catch a girls eye. Well, and shoes.. You can’t go wrong with shoes!

  2. Love these tips. Can’t wait until I have a someone special to share them with.
    When you are squeezing the citrus, hold it skin down. You will catch any seeds.

    Thanks for being fun to watch.