Snapshot | Should You Exercise Every Day?

Plus, Why You Shouldn’t Multitask, How To Handle Uncomfortable Situations, and How To Manifest Your Dreams!

As the spring brings in warmer and longer days, it seems everyone starts to fantasize about the summer and all that entails. A big part of this daydreaming is sure to include lounging – with those you love most – by the pool, ocean, lake, or patio. And just what do these particular activities often […]

Snapshot | The Most Dangerous Prayer You Can Pray

Plus! How Diet Affects Acne, How To Not Always Think About Dieting, & How To Get A Calm Mind!

Just like a black cat crossing one’s path, shattering a mirror, or walking under a ladder… millions of people stick to the belief that Friday the 13th, TODAY, brings bad luck. While we don’t know for sure exactly when this tradition started, it is – in its own way – a certain kind of faith […]

Snapshot | How To Keep Your Man Happy

Plus, Why Diet Advice Is Always Changing, Breaking The Dieter's Mentality, & How To Know If You Have Passion For Something

Is there such a thing as a perfect marriage? Now, while that notion may be a long way off from the clutches of science, research on successful relationships are freakin’ everywhere. Throughout decades and decades, studies have shown trends that reveal what may or may not work with your significant others. All of that said, […]