Simple Tips to Quickly Improve Focus and Concentration

We live with technology all around us; phones in our pockets or purses, tablets on the nightstand, and computers at home and at work. This technology has created a sense of urgency with every beep, ding, and buzz. It’s no wonder we can’t focus and complete our daily tasks. MULTI-TASKING IS A MYTH We’ve all heard […]

How to Make her Feel Special

What every woman wants you to do on Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend?  Or maybe you need to make up for not spoiling her enough… Either way, these tips can and SHOULD be done outside of this national holiday.  They will make your marriage stronger and more connected.  These come to you straight from Bret Johnson himself… so these are Chalene approved!! Hey! […]

Organization Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Life Changing Closet Organization

Time for a life hack – closet organization and closet organization ideas!  These tips and tricks to organize your closet will eliminate the chaos you experience in the morning when you are trying to get ready.  This organization system is what you need to create a closet where you know exactly where everything is!  Home organization […]