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Last week was insanely busy, but also incredibly fulfilling. A lot went down on my Snap, but don’t sweat, because I got you! Here are the top moments from last week, in all their glory!! Oh, and HEY…. don’t forget to connect with me below this post by leaving me a comment!   Food Chat: […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brain Bombs

These PB Brain Bombs... are the BOMB!!!

This looks like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup but tastes even better and will keep you full for hours!  The ingredients and directions are below.  But if you scroll down in the recipe you will see my link to download the recipe card so that you can save it! Ingredients: 2 scoops of your favorite […]

Infused Water Recipes | Staying Hydrated with Delicious Fruit Infused Water

Hold up! Seriously! How can water taste this good!  Drinking enough water every day can be challenge, because in all honesty, water can get really boring.  But with recipes like these, your water is ANYTHING but boring! My rule of thumb, is you should be drinking half your body in water, in ounces, everyday.  So […]

Guilt Free Memorial Day Recipes

Memorial Day is practically synonymous with cookouts, but you don’t need to indulge in unhealthy recipes and be over the top simply because there is a bunch of unhealthy options in front of you. Rather than depriving yourself, I have a cool gift for you! My husband Bret (also known as the Hangry Chef) and […]