How to Lose Belly Fat and Loose Skin

The most common area where people want to lose weight and look slimmer is their belly.   I’m constantly asked how to lose belly fat and loose skin.  Many people don’t realize that the amount of belly fat and loose skin you have is often a result of several different factors.  So here are some reasons why you may have belly fat and loose skin and how to get rid of it!

How to Lose Belly Fat

If you want to see your abs, you have to decrease your body fat.  Simple as that!  Unfortunately, we have no control over where we lose weight, so really, decreasing belly fat is a result of decreasing your overall body fat percentage.

While exercise helps, losing belly fat has more to do with your diet than anything else.  Ever heard the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen?”  Eating clean accelerates the process.  So pay close attention to what you’re putting in your body and eat clean!  Avoid processed foods, and go for dark leafy greens, red fruits, and whole grains.


How to Lose Loose Skin

This one’s all genetics.  You either have great skin, or you don’t.  Some skin has a ton of elasticity and snaps right back, while other skin gets stretched out and stays there. 

So you’ve done all the hard work and lost the weight, but you still have loose skin?  Before you get discouraged, consider this: as a rule of thumb, it takes up to a year for your skin to shrink to your capacity.  If you’ve had a baby or lost a large amount of weight, give it a little time.

If after about a year, you still have all that extra skin, and it really, really bugs you, why not fix it?  I know many people are opposed to plastic surgery, but if it’s something that REALLY bugs you and even affects your self-esteem, and you’ve done all the work and have the money, I say go for it.  You worked hard for those results!


Your Weight Does Not Define You

Overall, your weight has nothing to do with who you are as a person.  Having abs does not make you a good person… You might look great in a bathing suite, but what’s the point if your relationships and your personal life is a wreck?  While it’s great to be healthy, don’t forget to focus on being healthy on the inside, too!

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10 thoughts on “How to Lose Belly Fat and Loose Skin

  1. Thank you so much for being so positive about everything you write or talk about. I love the fact that your teachings are so simple so I can relate to them. Also thank you so much for sharing so much with all of us so we can feel good about our inside and out too.!!!!!!

  2. Chalene, You are a true inspiration to me and I work out with you every day from home. I model my life off of a positive outlook and your workouts and advise keep me going!! You truly are my idol!! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!!- Cristina 🙂 You ROCK GIRL!!

    • This is so inspiring to me!!! I am about 5’6″ and about 220 podnus. I reached disgusted with myself in May of last year. I joined Weight Watchers online, then stared to lose weight. I lost 12 podnus and then left for a month vacation trip in June. Now, we have been back for a couple of months, started school, and back to all the same “survival” habits. I haven’t gotten on the scale, but I am sure the 12 is back on and then maybe some more. You inspire me that I could actually do this! CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!! I like that you just added one thing at a time, and that you started with exercise. I have never done that, but it makes A LOT of sense! Hopefully I can get myself going. It seems so out of reach and impossible! I need to start…..

  3. Thank you for being honest and so inspiring! I get this question a lot! I struggle with huge giant Stretch Marks, but I had to come to the understanding that it doesn’t define me and I am in the BEST shape of my life and Feel Amazing! I am happy, confident, serving others and learning to balance a life that I am proud of! Thanks for helping me in all of these areas!

  4. Thank you!. I have terrible scars on my tummy from previous surgeries. While Chalene Extreme and Turbo Jam have helped me to reshape my body, no amount of exercise is going to make my belly normal again. I am thankful to GOD for this option.

  5. Thanks for this article about the loose skin! I have it on my legs and it has gotten a little better (must have been the year to adjust thing) my husband is always getting on me about it but I use his mean comments as motivation to keep moving LOL! My legs may not look to good in a pair of shorts but I still look pretty darn good in a nice pair of jeans and at age 43, I will take that! 🙂 And that’s thanks to my husband who keeps harping on me about my flabby legs! hee hee hee! oh and hard work also 🙂

    • Very inspirational!! Thanks for ltinetg me know this was here. I have decided I need to lose the weight for myself so I can be the me I should be 🙂 I do use the excuse of not having enough time alot because it takes as much effort to make time to exercise as it does to exercise itself. I am trying to squeeze in little things like even parking at the end of the row at the store. Thanks for the encouragement. Guess I should take some before pics. UGH.

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    • Chalene is very involved in many aspects of the site, but I if you know Chalene, she is a huge fan of outsourcing to sites like Elance. Crazy what you can do with Elance!