How to Stop Dieting | Why You Should Have No Rules With Food

WARNING: I’m about to preach about dieting! Food Rules are for Fools. There I said it. There is no universal truth when it comes to nutrition. Some can live off bread, Doritos, beer and French fries and still look and feel amazing. Others can walk past a bakery and gain 10 pounds.

I can enjoy a handful of nuts, while that snack could prove fatal to the little boy who lives next door. What is off limits to one can be enjoyed daily by someone else. This may be an over zealous undertaking on my part, but I am trying to revolutionize the way we view nutrition as our individual path to wellness and weight management.

I get messages constantly from women in my new nutrition program, asking over and over again for the rules! “Can we eat this or that?” “When will you be telling us how much and when to eat and what we can drink?” (Wait, first you have to know I have made it very clear this was not going to be a program where I do the thinking for you).

There are hundreds of diet books that will give you a singular plan to follow. And we have been conditioned to believe that someone else SHOULD tell us exactly what to eat. We have been conditioned to believe that a singular plan will give everyone the same results. But isn’t it time we recognize the fallacy in that thinking?

I know it’s hard to admit that the body is complex, but how well has the alternative worked?

Life is not a diet. This is not a diet. It is a process of empowerment where you get to look at the science, test it for yourself and decide what’s best. It’s not for people who love jumping from diet to diet and downloading the next new meal plan.


That would be too easy and I’m not about to compromise my integrity on that’s which is easy. There are food suggestions and their are exceptions. This is not a diet. This is a journey to find your answers. You must be willing to truly understand how your engine runs if you’re ever going to fix it.

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3 thoughts on “How to Stop Dieting | Why You Should Have No Rules With Food

  1. I know I missed your recent Diet Beta Test, but would love to get into it if you are taking any late comers? I am ready and would love to keep learning on what works for me.

    • Hi Mary! Unfortunately the diet beta is no longer open for registration, however, we are hoping to roll out the program soon so lets stay connect on social so you are in the loop of when you can join!!!

  2. Hi Chalene! I just started piyo, for about 2 weeks now… and I am obsessed with it! I find myself wanting to workout everyday to improve on the moves and my strength. It means so much much to me to be active and feel so good about myself. Also, your positive attitude motivates me everyday. I’ve struggled for a long time with my weight and sticking to something. So a HUGE thank you for the new hope you have gave me!
    Love Jade