How to Overcome Negative Body Image

I hear from women all the time that they struggle with their body image — they hate their inner thighs, they want to decrease belly fat, or want to get back into shape after not working out for years! I hear from women who are in great shape, but are dissatisfied with their bodies.

So I’m sharing my tips to improve your body image and increase your confidence.

No. 1 – Realize that you’re normal

Everyone struggles with this so please please please do not feel like an outsider because you need help improving your body confidence.

Have you ever searched.. how to get in shape.. or how to lose fat.. or how to lose cellulite.. or how to flatten your tummy.. or how to get a six pack.. or how to tone your thighs, then guess what! you’re just like everyone else… and most likely you’re a woman!

For some reason we think that if our body is better, then we will be better. We tie so much of our acceptance, our love, and our overall happiness to how we feel we look.

No. 2 – YOU are your best coach!

If you had a coach following you around all day that repeated the stuff you said to yourself, you would think they were the worst coach in the world! So stop talking to yourself that way! You have the impact to change your life by changing HOW you talk to yourself. Even if it doesn’t feel natural at first, I promise that positive self talk will start to feel more natural the more your do it.

  • So recognize the negative thought.
  • Acknowledge the potential power it has.
  • Then combat it with at least 3 positive thoughts, even if you don’t fully believe what you’re saying.

No. 3 – Acknowledge the truth

Your value is not measured in body fat. Your worth is not determined by the number on the scale.

Your value is determined by what’s inside!

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