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There are endless opportunities to make money through an online business. Or if that feels like too scary of a commitment, there are tons of ways that you can bring in a healthy secondary income! I preach this message constantly, and my biggest hurdle is getting people to believe it’s possible. Typically within the first few moments of me talking about starting a business or creating a secondary income source, people check out. If you don’t believe its possible, I put some amazing referencing below this blog that will take you directly to some podcast episodes I recently released on moonlighting. These are stories of amazing people, just like you, who decided to go for it, and this will show you its possible.

We recently had a live event in which I helped 700+ people realize WHAT they should go after in their business or secondary stream of income. I taught them exactly HOW to do it and they are having amazing results!

It’s called Marketing Impact Academy Live and what makes this event different from any other is the fact that we do the work. I’ve attended tons of events where I end up leaving more confused than when I walked in. Or I leave feeling completely overwhelmed by every little step I now have to go home and complete. So at my live events I like to do things a little differently. I like to have you do the work! So when you leave, you know that you’ve accomplished some big hurdles.

I also make it a priority to bring in tons of experts to teach my students how to build their business on multiple platforms. I understand that all businesses are unique, because you are unique, and because of this, there is not 1 sole approach to building your business.

What Our Students Learned

At our most recent Marketing Impact Academy Live event, our students learned:

– How to create a new or secondary stream of income online. A complete blueprint was provided on the exact steps, because I believe in creating an environment in which my students know exactly how to move forward.

– How to maximize your personal magnetism so that you attract lifelong customers.

– How to use Snapchat to grow your business.

– How to source products, and build a secondary income on Shopify.

– How to use YouTube to build your business.

– How to create and promote your business through podcasting; and how podcasting creates the personal relationship that most consumers are looking for.

Why I Love Live Events!

I love live events because they:

1. Create an unstoppable creative environment. There is something incredibly special about being surrounded by hundreds of people who are motivated and inspired to go after their big dreams. Some of the best ideas and epiphanies happen at live events because the energy is indescribable. I almost feel like it activates a different part of your brain.

2. Provide you with the latest and greatest information on all recent updates to the field! Program you buy online could have outdated info since online marketing changes everyday. So live events are the BEST place to get the latest and greatest info!

3. Build lasting connections. The people you meet at live events are those that will support you for years to come. Why? Because they are on the same path as you, and know the importance of having a strong support system. I have continued to stay in contact with the people I’ve met at live events. We reach out to each other for advice, and stay in contact about the things that are and are not working in our business!

4. Put you in direct contact with potential customers. Live events are one of the best environments to network!

Find out more about our amazing Live Events >>

The Benefits of Attending a Live Event

The benefits of a live event are endless. If you are thinking about attending one, or are attending one in the near future, here are my tips!

Take copious notes! Bring a large notebook and take notes until you can’t feel your hand. Your notes are like gold!
Bring a clean, empty notepad to each event you attend.

Leave the first few pages of the notepad blank. I like setting these pages aside for action items that come to mind throughout the event, or for me to bullet the things I must follow through on after the event.

Go with an open heart and mind. The more open you are the experience, the more you will get out of it.

Do NOT plan anything else or agree to outside commitments. Invest all of your time and energy in the event. You can have dinner with friends another time.

Show up early! It’s true that the early bird catches the worm. Sit close. Be excited for knowledge and growth. Show up and connect!

Network! Every live event is filled with amazing people and incredible connections! Make eye contact. Smile. Talk to the people around you. Network!!!!

– Some basic tips – Dress in layers, bring plenty of snacks and water, do not bring your kids (that should be obvious), and stay as close to the event as possible.

Interested in attending one of our live events! Marketing Impact Academy Live is around the corner, and we would love to see you there! Get more info at >>


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