What Comes After Turbo Fire or ChaLEAN Extreme?

People always ask me, “After I complete Turbo Fire or ChaLEAN Extreme, what comes next?”  Well, for starters, keep going!  Just because these programs come with a workout schedule for a set period of time doesn’t mean you can’t continue on afterwards.  You can start over and do the program at a greater intensity.  Or, you can do what I personally do and highly recommend: a hybrid of the two!


ChaleneJohnson_TurboFireHybrids Take it to the Next Level

Hopefully, if you’ve completed one of these programs, you’ve found your soul mate workout – a workout you actually enjoy, look forward to, and can stick to.  That’s great!  But, keep in mind that our bodies are quick to adapt to any type of exercise.  To avoid hitting a plateau, you have to keep your body guessing and change things up.  You can do this by adding greater intensity or modifying your routine by adding something new. 

A hybrid program is a great way to keep your body guessing, and a combination of killer cardio and serious strength training is guaranteed to give you results.  If you’ve already completed Turbo Fire or ChaLEAN Extreme, adding the other will only take your fitness to the next level.  Let me share how this helped me…


MY Results with Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme

I’ve been doing Turbo for years and years.  I specifically created Turbo as my soul mate workout, something I really enjoyed and could do over and over and over. When I first started doing it, the amount of calories I burned during my workouts was obscene!  Well, after years and years of doing the same workout every day, I noticed the amount of calories I burned had decreased. 

My body was adapting to the workout.  While I noticed that adding greater intensity increased my calorie burn, it wasn’t until I added strength training that I noticed a big change in my body.  Yes, I was in good shape already by doing just one program, but adding strength training to my regular cardio-crazy workout schedule totally changed my body and took my fitness to the next level.  The combination of the two kinds of workouts shocked my body and therefore caused it to change as it tried to adapt.  The funny thing is, my body STILL can’t figure it out. 

The hybrid of Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme works!  Simple as that!  So, if you’ve completed one of the two (or even both), and you’re wondering where to go next, a HYBRID is your answer!  You’ll be amazed at the results!

(Contact your Beachbody Coach to locate the schedule for combining these two workouts.)